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Belle Panel Apron

A beautifully designed panel apron that creates a stunning shape, available in many different designs that makes you feel like you should be heading out rather than heading to the kitchen.

Wash at 40°C or below to protect colour and fabric.
Handmade in England
Lovingly designed and made in Norwich, England.

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£24.95 Available to purchase online

Belle Panel Apron Reviews

Product Tested by: Karis Madden

Tested By
Karis Madden

Karis Awarded
The Belle Panel Apron 5/5

I had the
apron in red spotty print. It’s a really lovely print. The fabric is thick and
a great quality and it came nicely packaged. The fabric is a great quality, the
print is beautiful and really girly without being pink, which is great and the
fit is lovely. It has a 50s feel to the apron and is really feminine. It’s designed
to be worn by an adult, and therefore exactly fit for purpose. The fabric is a
really thick and good quality material. It washed well and felt great to wear.
It feels like it will last a long time despite taking a bit of a bashing in the
kitchen when I am cooking. This item washed well in a normal wash with other
coloured clothing of a similar colour. No need to iron if hung straight from
the wash which is even better. At first I thought £25 for an apron was a bit
pricey since I wouldn’t usually buy an apron. But the quality and the design is
worth it in this case and I would definitely consider buying another one. I
will certainly continue to use this. I wouldn’t
usually wear an apron but this has changed my mind. No more food splattered and
stained clothing from cooking while wrestling 3 children. I will definitely recommend this apron for the
feminine design, style and quality. I love this product and will definitely be
using it regularly and probably purchasing more in the future. A beautiful
apron that I didn’t think I needed but now wouldn’t be without. Karis Madden

Tested By
Davina Fox

Davina Awarded
The Belle Panel Apron 5/5

The apron is
made from a thick quality material. Packaging shows the product off well with
no excessive packaging. Clearly showing it’s made in England which I liked the
idea of. I love the way the apron is shaped to fit around lovely. It fitted me lovely not too long like my
other unisex aprons I have. Also a nice fit at the top no extra material
hanging around. This apron is made for quality thick material and feels well
made, it will last for years. The apron was a great fit for my 14 and 11 year
olds too. It can be washed in the washing machine up to 40 degrees c and then ironed
if needed. The quality and price is great value for money. I love it and look
forward to looking great in it while cooking many different dinners! I would
definitely recommend and would make a great gift for any woman. Great product, great price and does what it
is meant to do. Davina Fox

Tested By
Adeela Hussain

Adeela Awarded
The Belle Panel Apron 5/5

Looks really cool. A fun design, really
nice. I think it’s suitable for all ages. My 11 year old loves it. Feels good
quality. Strong material. Looks long lasting.
It was very comfortable to wear and my daughter loved it. Very easy to launder. This is well worth the
money. Will most definitely continue to use this. My daughter loves it and has
used it every time she has baked. I
would recommend as this is a good quality apron. A smartly designed apron.
Really lovely to wear and looks really pretty when worn. My 11 yr. old loved
it. It feels to be of good quality and will last long. Lively bright colours
too. Fab! Adeela Hussain

I love this product and will definitely be using it regularly and probably purchasing more in the future. A beautiful apron that I didn’t think I needed but now wouldn’t be without.


Karis Awarded The Belle Panel Apron 5/5

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