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Belo + Me Reusable Food Pouches

Fill your reusable food pouches with yummy yogurt, perfect purees or scrumptious smoothies for lunch and snacks on the go!

Belo + Me reusable food pouches can be filled with any homemade goodness, they are not only good for your hungry little human, but they are also good for the planet and good for your bank balance too.

Suitable from 6 months onward, these handy pouches are easy to fill and easy to clean (just rinse and put in the dishwasher).

Batch cooking? No problem…. you can store your homemade purees in the pouches and keep them in the freezer until needed.

Designed by Belo + Me, you can be sure that our pouches are free from nasties…. they are BPA free, PVC free and phthalate free. Making them 100% safe for your little ones.

The strong double zipper fastening ensures against leaks meaning they can be used time and time again.

Just fill… eat… wash… REPEAT!

Important stuff….

  • Do not microwave – heat in hot water instead.
  • Keep cap away from young children under 3
  • Remove packaging before giving to a child

PRICE: £9.99 Available to purchase online here

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Belo + Me Reusable Food Pouches Reviews

Product Tested By Kerry Tatton – Son 10 Months

Kerry Awarded The Belo + Me Reusable Food Pouches 5/5

I thought the product was very girly rather than a neutral design not that it matters really. Looks like good quality.  I think its amazing idea as my little boy loves spaghetti Bolognese so I’m able to freeze it for other meals.  Easy to follow instructions.  Easy to fill but can get messy if you aren’t organised.  I mainly used this for Spaghetti Bolognese my little boy’s favourite.  He found this very easy to use just squeeze out and feed.  I want safe products for my child. I don’t want my baby to have any health problems due to the chemicals that are in other products. If one seal doesn’t work the double zipper fastening is perfect as double fasten means no leaks.  I used this every day. I wouldn’t say they are easy to clean maybe if you used a bottle brush to clean with that may help. They stained but that isn’t a problem. Very good quality. I loved the option to put in freezer and wash in the dishwasher. Value for money as you can cook and freezer homemade baby food rather than buying expensive supermarket brands. And also save the environment but reducing waste. I would purchase as can stock up freezer with homemade baby foods and reduces waste for the environment. I would definitely recommend and I already have to 2 friends with babies to help with weaning.  We blended spaghetti Bolognese as were in between stages of weaning meaning not to large lumps. Easy to squeeze out and feed no mess. Overall very pleased with product. Kerry Tatton – Son 10 Months

Product Tested By Elisabeth Jones – Thomas 7 Months

Elisabeth Awarded The Belo + Me Reusable Food Pouches 4.2/5

Very appealing-neat and stylish. I liked the illustrations on the pouches and the colours (lots of stuff for babies is really garish but these pouches are lovely muted pastels). Great idea, especially with recent focus on how damaging single use plastics are. Also a great idea for saving money on convenience foods while also retaining control of what you’re putting in the food-a win win for me.  Brief instructions but so easy to use they weren’t required. They are easy enough to fill, but more difficult to close if you accidentally get food on the seal.  I used these most for yoghurt /fruit purées. Annoyingly my baby isn’t keen on purées generally so I was limited with what I could test as we are generally doing baby led weaning. However the fact that these are freezer safe was great so I could prepare a number at once with a batch of fruit and store until needed in the freezer -saving waste.  I squeezed onto spoon as Thomas is too young to use himself. It was easy for me to use though! I am not sure I would remember to check BPA, PVC Free etc. when I buy stuff, but it’s reassuring to know someone else has thought about this and it made me feel happier about using the pouches. The double zipper fastening worked great when I was especially concentrating on getting both zips locked. When my mind wasn’t fully on the task it was more risky!  I used these once or twice per week (as baby largely does baby led weaning) if I used more purées I would definitely have used them more. When cleaning they are a bit fiddly getting into all the nooks and crannies but when I got the hang of it was good. Seems good quality and that they would last a while-I’ve used each pouch a handful of times now and they’ve survived fine. I love the reusable eco-friendly idea and they look really nice and are super practical. Great for out and about as well as at home which means one less thing to think about as I could just grab from the fridge /freezer on the way out saving lots of time. It’s also a great cost saver to be able to make my own food, having control of what’s going in while still having the convenience of the pouches that you buy. Great cost saving while using but I would think about whether to buy priced at £9.99. I would not purchase these only because my baby is more into baby led weaning. If he was keener on purées I would definitely buy. I would recommend as they are a great solution for storage and taking food out and about. Really happy with the product but not as useful as they would have been if I had spent more time giving my baby purées.  Elisabeth Jones – Thomas 7 Months

Product Tested By Kayley Budd – Emilia 7.5 Months

Kayley Awarded The Belo + Me Reusable Food Pouches 3.9/5

Nice packaging, product is of a nice design and appears good quality.  I think it’s a great idea. Would be really useful for making up your own puree’s etc., also good for the environment as reusable. I actually could not find any instructions.  As I couldn’t find/there weren’t any instructions I did struggle to understand how to fill them, I was thinking I had to fit it through the spout! After realising the pouches opened up at the bottom it was much easier to fill. It was a little messy with very runny purées and yoghurt but got easier with practice.  I tried yoghurt and blended avocado and banana to put in these pouches.  My child was able to suck yoghurt out easily and quite happily.  It is very important to me items are BPA, PVC and phthalate free when considering my child’s health. The double zipper fastening is brilliant, no leaks at all.  I would use these about once a week. Quite easy to clean, although with the thicker purées I found I had to spend quite a bit of time cleaning to ensure all food was out the corners etc. High quality as did not leak at all! I liked being able to take out my own homemade food rather than relying on store bought pouches which saved me money. As the product is high quality and reusable I think its good value.  I find the time it took me to create food to put in the pouches took away from the convenience of the pouch. I already buy baby food pouches and yogurts in these so aside from saving me a bit of money I found it more hassle! I would recommend to my friends who are into making purées. Good quality product that does not leak makes it really easy to provide your baby with your homemade purée and yoghurt mixes. Could do with clearer instructions and advice on how to fill. Nicely packaged and appealing design. High quality as does not leak and easy to use (once you get the hang of it!)   Being able to open the pouches at the bottom to fill is good and gets less messy as your practice. Purées appeared to stay fresh and my baby was able to suck yoghurt out independently. Kayley Budd – Emilia 7.5 Months







I would purchase as can stock up freezer with homemade baby foods and reduces waste for the environment. I would definitely recommend and I already have to 2 friends with babies to help with weaning.  We blended spaghetti Bolognese as were in between stages of weaning meaning not to large lumps. Easy to squeeze out and feed no mess. Overall very pleased with product.


Kerry Awarded The Belo + Me Reusable Food Pouches 5/5

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