Saved In Teethers

Belo Teething Mitt

The Belo Teething Mitt is here to help to rescue you and your little teether!
Light enough to be picked up by smaller babies, it’s the saviour of little fingers and with all over chompability it gives them something safe yet satisfying to chew on.Say goodbye to painful gums as the Belo Teething Mitt can have a soothing effect as those little peggies start to make an appearance, plus it protects baby’s hand from getting red and chapped.The cute cloud has lots of different textures to munch on leaving smiles all round!Suitable for babies aged 3-12 months, but we’ve had babies younger and older all enjoy using our mitt.

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Belo Teething Mitt Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Gemma Roberts – Jessica 4 Months

Gemma Awarded The Belo Teething Mitt 4.6/6

The product was well packaged, attractive and looked
to be good quality. It is something which would appeal to me had I seen
it in a shop and I was looking forward to trying it with my daughter. The packaging was attractive and
secure but still easy to get into. It gave a good, clear overview of the
attributes and benefits of the product and it was easy to see the actual
product through the packaging. The product didn’t require detailed
instructions but what was provided was clear and easy to understand. They
included cleaning guidelines so that you are able to look after the teething
mitt and ensure that it is safe for your child. I was very impressed with
the design of this mitt. I have previously used a different teething mitt
and found that it did not stay on my baby’s hand well and was difficult for
baby to get the right bit in her mouth. This mitt was well sized and
adjustable so that you are able to get the right fit on baby’s hand. The
idea of a teething mitt is a great one I think as often babies require a
teething toy before they are able to hold one themselves and this solves that
problem. The fit of the mitt allows you to get it a good way over the baby’s
hand so that there is no worry of it falling off and baby still has a good
amount of control over the mitt. My daughter got used to it very quickly
and found it easy to hold and control. My daughter did seem to get some relief
from this mitt. She is still very young so I think will benefit from it
more as she grows as the silicone section which is meant to be chewed on is
quite large so she wasn’t always able to get enough of it in her mouth.
Over the testing period, she has got better at using the mitt so I’m confident
that the benefits she gets from it will increase soon.The mitt protects
the hand perfectly from dribble and chafing. The material of the main
part of the mitt is nice and thick and gives great coverage of the hand so no
dribble comes into contact with baby’s hand. The fabric of the mitt and
the silicone of the teething section are joined securely and the interior of
the silicone teething section is also lined with fabric to give added
protection for baby’s hand. The mitt is bigger than most teething toys
but is still easy to pop into a handbag or changing bag meaning that it can be
used when out and about.The mitt can be put in the washing machine
which is a great feature in my opinion! It’s great to know that it has
been thoroughly cleaned and meant that I was always confident that it was safe
for my baby to have. The design of the mitt is simple and clean which
makes cleaning of it when out and about nice and easy too. I just carried
some antibacterial teether wipes with me so I knew I could use the mitt
wherever I was. Obviously I have only used the product for a month but so far I
am very impressed with the quality of the mitt. The teething part is 100%
BPA free and made of food grade silicone and the fabric of the mitt section is
lovely and thick and soft. The Velcro used to adjust and secure the mitt
is of a good length and means that a good fit is easy to achieve. The
lining inside the teething section is a great addition which adds to the
overall high quality feel of the mitt. At £12.99, the mitt is more
expensive than a lot of other teething products available but the fact that it
is a mitt and therefore usable by younger babies extends the possible length of
use which in turn improves the value for money. The recommended age for
the product is 3 months to 12 months so you are able to benefit from the mitt
for a good length of time. The quality of the product is high and I
definitely felt that it was worth the price tag.I loved a lot of
things about this teething mitt but the thing I liked best was probably how far
I was able to get the mitt onto my baby’s hand/arm. This made it feel
really secure and gave my daughter a really good level of control over the
teething part of the mitt. Had the teething section simply been an
extension at the end of the fingers, it wouldn’t have been so easy for a young
baby to get it into the mouth. But because the hand can go all the way
into the inside of the teething section, there are no awkward extensions to
make it harder to control. I would definitely consider buying this teething
mitt. It is an ideal solution for younger babies who are teething but
can’t yet hold or control a standard teething product. I think the price
is good considering the quality and potential length of life of the
product. I would recommend the mitt to friends and family. Having
tested out the mitt, I have confidence in its quality and efficacy which means
I would not hesitate to suggest it to a friend looking for a teething
product. Overall I would say that the mitt works well for the purpose it
is intended and is very good quality. It has an attractive and appealing
design which really makes the mitt superior to others on the market. The
security and comfort of the fit are again better than others I have
seen/used. The only reason I have not given the mitt full marks is that
the teething section is quite large and therefore harder for younger babies to
get into their mouth. However I am confident that the more my daughter
uses this mitt, the easier she will find it. I have enjoyed testing this mitt
and will definitely keep using it. My daughter doesn’t have any teeth yet
but has been showing signs of teething for a while now so this product came at
just the right time. She definitely seems to get some benefit from using
the mitt and as mentioned before, I think this will only increase as time goes
on. I have also had positive comments from friends when using this mitt
which shows that it is likely to appeal to others as well. Gemma Roberts – Jessica 4 Months

Tested By Stephanie Brennan – Ailsa 5 Months

Awarded The Belo Teething Mitt 4.2/5

Loved the colours
and that it was clear to see what was included. Packaging was kept simple liked that you could see the product.Good
instructions and it does say suitable
from 3 months but it’s big.Think it is a great idea considering babies
always have their hands in their mouth. This protects their fingers (especially
if they have teeth). My little
girl is coming up for 6 months and the mitt is a bit big so falls off a bit and
she gets frustrated.As the product was too big this did not help my
daughter because the rubber teether wasn’t fitting in her mouth. This product would definitely help poor
fingers from being nibbled as well as preventing teething rash on hands. I also
found it stopped sleeves of clothes getting wet. This is nice and small easy to take with you on your
travels. Easy to clean. I put it in the washing machine and was perfect. Nice
and soft material. Plenty of padding to keep small hands protected.I think it is good value but not for
the age advertised think it is more suitable for 6months Plus. I loved the
colours. I find it hard to get toys of pale natural colours so this was lovely
to receive. I would buy it
as it is great for what it’s intended for and lovely and soft.I would
definitely recommend this as it’s handy to have for out and about. Easy to
store in changing bag. Product
overall is great. Really good quality and love the different textures on the
rubber bit for helping to bring through little pegs 🙂 the only downfall with
the product is it’s a bit big. Stephanie Brennan – Ailsa 5 Months

Product Tested By Lisa Fairley –
Lane 6 Months

Lisa Awarded The Belo Teething Mitt

I was excited to use it and it was also bigger than I thought it would
be. Arrived in a lovely box and well packaged.Instructions are pretty straight forward.Very
good idea. Especially as babies like to chuck stuff. My baby found this very easy to hold. I wouldn’t
say it eased the pain but did give her something to chew on. This certainly
helped protect her hands from dribble and chaffing. This is easy to take out with you. I took it everywhere as it was easy enough to
stick in the baby bag. Very easy
to keep clean just used to rinse under
tap but did get food stains on it. Quality is excellent as it is very
well made and no string coming away. The
price is high end and other similar products are about £9.99. I liked the
fact you could strap it too the babies hand and they could have a good chew
without dropping it. I would buy this as my baby loves it. I would recommend as
it is a great product for teething. Excellent
product and is fit for purpose. The silicone is perfect for baby to chew on and
the mitt is soft on baby’s hand. Only thing I did have trouble with us trying
to get it on a flappy hand which did get a little frustrating at times but all
in all a fab product. Lisa
Fairley – Lane 6 Months

My daughter doesn’t have any teeth yet but has been showing signs of teething for a while now so this product came at just the right time. She definitely seems to get some benefit from using the mitt and as mentioned before, I think this will only increase as time goes on. I have also had positive comments from friends when using this mitt which shows that it is likely to appeal to others as well.


Gemma Awarded The Belo Teething Mitt 4.6/6

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