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Ben & Anna Strawberry Toothpaste For Kids

Toothpaste with Fluoride
Brushing your teeth in harmony with nature. Natural tooth care in a glass – 100% ingredients of natural origin.
Kids Strawberry Toothpaste with Fluoride: Adding to our ever-popular toothpaste range with a natural children’s toothpaste in strawberry flavour. The fruity-fresh flavour is gently effective for teeth cleaning and refreshing for the breath and taste (100ml). 500ppm fluoride content
Suitable 4 Years plus

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Price £8.95 Available Independent Health Shops and online

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2023 Toothpaste for children category

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Ben & Anna Strawberry Toothpaste For Kids Reviews

Product Tested By Claire Brain – Katie 6 Years

Claire Awarded The Ben & Anna Strawberry Toothpaste For Kids 4.5/5

I was surprised how high quality it was with the jar being glass and it was bigger than I expected. I was also pleased to see the colour of the toothpaste. It wasn’t too bright which was a nice change for children’s toothpaste. I liked the tub design, it was bigger and sturdier than I expected. Instructions were very easy to understand, my child looked herself and knew what to do and didn’t need my help. My daughter said it was pretty easy to apply to her toothbrush. She was able to do it on her own. If she got too much it was easy to put a bit back. Absolutely loved the taste, it wasn’t too strong and she was happy to clean her teeth with and didn’t get bored of the taste. I have been very happy with how this has cleaned her teeth. It is not very strong, it is quite mild which is nice as children’s toothpaste flavours sometimes are too strong and don’t smell great coming from their mouths afterwards. I wouldn’t say it was a fresh smell as such but it was pleasant. Used every morning and evening. No other children used the toothpaste. She likes that it tastes good and the little stick that comes with it. I liked that it didn’t seem to leave as much bits on the sink as other toothpastes she uses does. Also that she was happy to use it every day and didn’t need any help to do it. I also like that she doesn’t use too much as she can get the right amount out. I think it is getting a little expensive but it is very good quality and doesn’t make as much mess as a tube. It is still going so it does seem to last a long time as it is easier to not use too much. I am very impressed with the quality. It is in a lovely glass jar, easy to use and keeps her teeth lovely and clean. I would buy this. It is a little expensive and I wish it was cheaper but I am already thinking I don’t want to go back to using a tube. I would recommend. I would explain although it is more expensive it is actually lasting longer as there can be so much waste with a tube. She is able to do it all on her own and it is better for the environment. It is great and easy to use, I just wish it was tiny bit cheaper. I have really enjoyed Katie using this. She is able to get it out so easily, she doesn’t have to worry about getting too much. She likes the flavour so is happy to use it twice a day. The jar is very good quality. Claire Brain – Katie 6 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Humphries – Ella 8 Years

Sarah Awarded The Ben & Anna Strawberry Toothpaste For Kids 4.4/5

My first impressions were that the box looked really lovely, eye catching, presentable, professional, trustworthy, informative, cute and I couldn’t wait for my daughter to open it up and start using the toothpaste. I loved how the box explained everything it needed to about this toothpaste, the colours and font were also very appealing. The tub design is very unique, different, quirky, easy to use and open, even for children. It keeps the toothpaste staying fresh, hygienic, dust and messy free, less or no sticky residue like tubes and it’s a lovely design on the tub too. The instructions are very easy to read and understand, my daughter managed fine reading them too. I like how it explains to brush teeth for 2 minutes and how much to use of the toothpaste as this important where children are concerned. I feel this was a great set of instructions. My daughter had no problems at all, especially with the little wooden applicator, this is a fantastic idea. The applicator was easy to use, easy to take toothpaste from the tub and place it on the toothbrush. My daughter enjoyed doing that bit and got excited because of how different it was. The applicator was small enough and easy to use and wash too. My daughter much preferred the taste of this toothpaste to her original tube of toothpaste. Usually some of the toothpastes she’s used in the past do make her heave, but this one didn’t. She explained it had a lovely, strawberry taste which wasn’t sickly or too sweet and didn’t make her feel sick. It cleaned her teeth well, but I didn’t notice much difference in them being much white as compared to her original toothpaste, this generally cleaned her teeth the same, which isn’t a bad thing as it still cleaned her teeth beautifully. After use her breath did smell lovely and fresh, clean and hygienic, no problems at all. Used this every night and every morning as she usually does every day, this is her normal routine. My other daughter who is aged 6 used the toothpaste too, sadly she didn’t like the taste or texture of the toothpaste so she didn’t continue to use it. It did clean her teeth lovely too, but she just wasn’t as keen. Ella liked the strawberry flavour, the tub and the applicator. She also loved how it didn’t make her feel sick, and that it was easy to use. I liked the fact my daughter didn’t feel sick using it so she was happy, which makes me happy. I loved the packaging, the design, the fact it’s easy to use, instructions easy to understand and they are really informative. I loved the product is vegan friendly, recyclable packaging, the fantastic applicator with easy usage and cleans well. The fact there is no stickiness or residue left like with tubes and that the toothpaste can stay safe from germs in the tub with easy to use lid. It’s a great flavour by all accounts and cleans my daughters teeth well. It is a great toothpaste. I think it is value for money, the only concern I do have with everything becoming so harder to manage now, money wise, I don’t think I could afford to pay for another tub for a while as my wages are very low in the occupation I have at present. This is definitely worth the money, but possibly more expensive than some brands and people will no doubt think about the cost more now, with the cost of living increasing. Definitely great quality. It is a well-established product, well made, well presented and such lovely packaging. The quality is so much better than other brands and a lot of thought has gone into it, the evidence is clear. The tub is well made and the lid. The box is perfect and not too big for the tub, so no wastage. It is a very good brand and I am really impressed. Regarding purchasing this I have to say yes and no, yes because of the high quality of the product and how well is made, as well as the great design and aspect of it. But no, only because my budget wouldn’t stretch right now, due to my wages being so low. I would recommend it yes, due to the fact it is a really great product which has been made well and good quality. Some family members may well be able to purchase this without the cost holding them back. I know a lot of my family would choose this for the fact its vegan friendly and eco-friendly. Also how well it cleans teeth and it’s a great brand. It’s easy to use and has great packaging. It’s easy for children to use and understand the instructions. This is a fantastic toothpaste and does a fab job of cleaning children’s teeth. It’s branded so well, its informative and fun to use at the same time. My daughter has enjoyed using it because of the little applicator and the taste doesn’t make her feel sick. The only thing I would say for me personally is that the cost at this time is too much for my budget. This has been another amazing opportunity to test such a wonderful, fun, interesting, exciting and well established product, which has made my daughter happy. She has really enjoyed trying the toothpaste and loves it. It doesn’t make her feel sick, it’s a nice texture, consistency and flavour. It is vegan and eco-friendly, easy to use and easy to store. The applicator is fun and easy to use, clean and store. Overall it has been a wonderful test and review, and I have one very happy little girl with lovely, shiny, clean, teeth. The packaging and design are spot on and the box is very informative and easy to understand instructions helped a lot. Thank you so much for this opportunity, it’s been fun. Sarah Humphries – Ella 8 Years

Product Tested By Lucy Little – Heidi 9 Years

Lucy Awarded The Ben & Anna Strawberry Toothpaste For Kids 4/5

It looked very different to what I was expecting from a toothpaste. It was well presented and looked appealing. The packaging was very attractive and made it look like a good quality product. Instructions very clear and easy to follow. Initially they found it easy however the lower the toothpaste went down, the trickier they found it and towards the end they were depending on me more to help put the toothpaste onto their brush. They did like the taste and were quite pleasantly surprised. My daughter said that it felt nice on her teeth and she commented on them feeling shiny. I didn’t notice her breath smelling overly minty fresh like I would usually expect however it did smell clean. We used this twice a day. My younger daughter aged 6 also tried out however she didn’t like the taste of the toothpaste and said it had the taste of flour. My older daughter (Heidi) enjoyed the strawberry taste. The initial taste of the toothpaste is what appealed to my daughter, she mentioned that it was a similar taste to candy floss. She is extremely fussy about toothpaste so it was a big deal to find one that she liked. I don’t think I would make this a regular purchase due to how much it cost – there are a wide range of toothpastes available on the market which all offer similar results but at a more affordable price. Well-presented and a nice quality product but not necessarily practical for a toothpaste. I would not buy this, it was a lovely product but as stated above there are more affordable toothpastes on the market which offer the same benefits. I would recommend as it had a lovely flavour and was well presented and would be appealing to others. I really liked the way in which the product was displayed with the small scoop, it looked high quality and I can see how the cost reflects this however I also feel that it is slightly too much to pay for a toothpaste which offers the same benefits as a regular toothpaste. My daughter really enjoyed using this toothpaste, she was extremely pleased to find that she actually liked the taste of the toothpaste and commented that it made her teeth feel nice and clean. I really liked the packaging however didn’t always find that it was very easy to use, my daughter is used to a tube where she can squeeze the paste out independently – with the tub as the paste got lower it became more difficult to get an appropriate amount out to brush her teeth. This was a lovely product however for me and my family I don’t think it would be something I would purchase again as stated above. Lucy Little – Heidi 9 Years

I would explain although it is more expensive it is actually lasting longer as there can be so much waste with a tube. She is able to do it all on her own and it is better for the environment. It is great and easy to use, I just wish it was tiny bit cheaper. I have really enjoyed Katie using this. She is able to get it out so easily, she doesn’t have to worry about getting too much. She likes the flavour so is happy to use it twice a day. The jar is very good quality.


Claire Awarded The Ben & Anna Strawberry Toothpaste For Kids 4.5/5

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