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Benecos Men’s 3 in 1 Body Wash Gel

Multi-tasking made easy. Our Natural 3 in 1 Body wash for men cleanses the body, face and hair in one go. Bursting with natural and organic ingredients, skin is left feeling smooth and hydrated while hair is soft and nourished.

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Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2019 Men’s Toiletries, Shower Gel, Shampoo & Facial Wash 

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Benecos Men’s 3 in 1 Body Wash Gel Reviews

Product Tested By Dan Hughes

Dan Awarded The Benecos 3 in 1 Body Wash 5/5

Packaging and graphics on the tube gave a high quality initial impression. Good design and graphics.  Very easy to use and apply. Because the tube stands up on the lid when not in use, the gel gathers a little in the lid, but nothing too much to worry about and I think would always be the case with that style of lid. This was an effective face, hair and body wash. Not that foamy, but that didn’t seem to affect the product and it was still thick enough not to be quickly washed away. Skin felt really good and revitalised… Actually very useful after little sleep! Was a nice face wash.  I used this daily and still am using this. I didn’t notice an improvement in my skin, but also didn’t have any detrimental skin affect. Aroma was nice not too ‘male’ but nice. Being organic not important to me, I would rather the packaging be more ethically considered. Nice product which is high quality. Very fairly priced. I liked the smell and the after wash feeling. Would buy this and change from my current product. Happily recommend. A nice product, last well and would happily swap from my existing product. Dan Hughes

Product Tested By Robert Pearson

Robert Awarded The Benecos 3 in 1 Body Wash 3.8/5

My initial impression was good. The packaging was nice with a well-presented and thought out logo / nice fonts etc. looked very professional and appealing, a premium product. I liked the size as well, looked like it was a good amount to last a good few weeks. As mentioned, very professional design. The colour scheme with the green and the logo / fonts made this a very eye catching product. I can see it is targeted for men and looks like a very premium product. At least the Mrs won’t pick up the wrong one! As easy to use as any other shower gel. Simple click up / click down lid.  Easy to squeeze, easy to apply. I would say I’ve had sudsier body washes before but that’s the only drawback. Just means you have to use a little bit more. As a three in 1 product I can see this performing well with perhaps other people. As for myself I have quite sensitive skin when it comes to body washes. The hair it did fine, the body was okay as well (if a little dry), but it left my face feeling very, very dry. So for that reason I’d have to say it didn’t perform that well for me in this area. As mentioned before, quite sudsy but I did find myself having to use a little bit more to get coverage. I have no doubt it cleaned well, maybe a little too well as it left my skin feeling extremely dry afterwards. Lovely fresh scents though and other than the dryness, it was overall pretty pleasant to use. I’d say it’s effective as a hair wash. Fresh scents!  I found the opposite. My skin was left feeling very dry and as such I reverted to my normal body wash after a week or so. I suppose this one is just not for my skin type. I used it every day for just over a week. I can’t say I noticed an improvement, no. Oh yes, the smell is great. Can’t fault it there at all. Not particularly important to me organic. I mean I get that the Vegan thing is a good selling point in today’s economy but you can be sustainable in other ways. So no, it’s not something I’d majorly look for, all be it a good thing! It would be a higher score as the quality is good. It’s just it dried out my skin a bit too much and as a result I can’t score it higher. When I think about other products that you can pick up for around £2, it’s certainly not the cheapest at around £6. I guess if you’re focused on going vegan and sustainability, it might definitely be worth that to you. I suppose it is a pretty premium product also so I can see this being a price people are willing to pay. Just as I said, there are other ways to be sustainable and cheaper options. I liked the smells and the packaging. Well-presented product smells good and is making an effort to be environmentally friendly. I think it’s just not suited to my skin type unfortunately. Furthermore, it’s a bit pricey for me. I would not recommend as it just didn’t do the job for me on the skin front and ultimately that’s what it all boils down to. Professionally presented product. Smells great. Looks great. Little bit pricey but I can see why due to its target audience and sustainability etc. But, it just didn’t help my skin and dried it out a bit too much.  All of the above. I think if you have sensitive skin, try another one. But I guess everyone’s skin is different, and it might work for you? Robert Pearson

Product Tested By Richard Philpot

Richard Awarded The Benecos 3 in 1 Body Wash 4.2/5

Looked good quality, professional design and good size.  Very Easy to use and apply.  This is easy to get out of tube when required and fairly good lather. A versatile product as does hair, face and body and worked fairly well in all areas. Good body wash left skin feeling clean and refreshed.  Fairly good hair wash, but personally I would stick to my own brand as performed better.  Worked well as face wash and left skin feeling good. I used this every 2 days. Would not say I noticed any improvement in my skin but generally this worked well. I did like the aroma. I am not worried about a product being organic just that it works well for me and works well on my skin. Certainly good quality, well presented, good consistency and effective. When you take into account it does hair, body and face then yes reasonable value and on a par with other products I buy. I liked ease of use and the smell. Now I have been introduced to this brand I would look at purchasing again and look at some of the other products.  If I was asked about 3 in 1 for men I would recommend. Good quality product, well-presented and works well as 3 in 1.  Richard Philpot

Very fairly priced. I liked the smell and the after wash feeling. Would buy this and change from my current product. Happily recommend. A nice product, last well and would happily swap from my existing product.


Dan Awarded The Benecos 3 in 1 Body Wash 5/5

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