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Benecos Natural Foundation Stick

This highly pigmented, ultra-creamy formula provide light to high coverage. The creamy texture blends with the skin perfectly and can be used for a natural look or layer up for a high coverage look. A great addition to your make-up bag as they can also be used as a concealer or use the darker shades for contouring.

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Benecos Natural Foundation Stick Reviews

Product Tested By Emma-Louise Kirkland

Emma Awarded The Benecos Foundation Stick 4/5

Arrived and thought nice packaging. Like the concept of it being natural. Good design and applicator very easy to use.  Very easy to apply to skin. This blended into my skin reasonably well. The colour became too dark as I built the coverage. I would not say this gave me a natural flawless look. I didn’t wear it the whole day as the colour didn’t match my skin. This is a good size and very easy to carry around with you.  Much much better size than big foundation bottles.  I only used this a few times.  It is a lot cheaper than most foundations on the market. I did like the ease of application. I personally would not buy this as did not suit me. I would recommend as it is a good product for those with a slightly darker skin tone. Good product, unfortunately just didn’t meet my needs. Emma-Louise Kirkland

Product Tested By Suzie Chalmers

Suzie Awarded The Benecos Foundation Stick 4/5

Looked really nice when arrived and liked the design and look of the applicator. Always good to give something a try that is natural and not full of chemicals. This was very easy to use and apply. It did blend into my skin but not as easily as my present foundation.  I found it thicker and took a while to rub in. The coverage was good but I could really feel it on my face. It is easy enough to use and get the coverage you need, but I did not like the way it felt on my skin.  Once applied it did last the whole day. This is a great idea, a really easy to use foundation and it does do its job well.  Unfortunately my present foundation is like a light powder I can mix to suit my skin tone and I brush it lightly on and it gives me a lovely clear complexion and hides all the blemishes without feeling heavy on my skin.  I applaud the company for making this a natural foundation with such a lovely applicator as you can take it with you and top up when required.  Unfortunately it was not for me.  If you want a natural foundation that does give you good coverage then I would suggest giving this a try.  Just not for me.  Suzie Chalmers

Product Tested By Aimee Hamer

Aimee Awarded The Benecos Foundation Stick 3.4/5

Arrived and looked nice as small and compact. The concept is good, the fact it uses natural products makes it very appealing. Compact design and easy to store. I found it very hard to apply even when using a sponge.  This did not blend into my ski as it was very thick and hard to blend in. as it was hard to blend in you needed to apply a lot to cover. I did find this foundation to be very thick. For me when applied I found it created a thick layer of foundation.  I did find it stayed on well. I would say using this my skin felt soft but also felt very clogged. The size of the tube and how compact it was made it very easy to transport in my bag. I did use this daily. For me this foundation is too thick so would not represent good value for me personally. I did like the design and the compact tube. For me I found it hard to apply and thick on my skin so I would not buy this.  Easy to transport and store however not great to apply. Aimee Hamer

I would recommend as it is a good product for those with a slightly darker skin tone.


Emma Awarded The Benecos Foundation Stick 4/5

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