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Benecos Natural Trio Blusher

Benecos Natural Powder Blush Trio in the colour.  Fall in Love has three gorgeous natural powder blush shades to create a fresh, glowing complexion. Matte peachy pink gives a glow to your cheeks, use the slightly shimmery rose-champagne to highlight your cheeks and the matte rosewood to contour creating a flattering healthy glow.You can either use each shade of the natural powder blush on its own or mix the trio powder blush together giving a fresh rosy cheek tone for an every day look. Whichever way you choose your cheeks will look fabulous.

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£5.95 Online at or in selected health stores nationwide

Benecos Natural Trio Blusher Reviews

Product Tested by: Danielle Judge

Tested By
Danielle Judge

Awarded The Benecos Natural Trio Blusher 4.5/5

looks cute, clean and sparkly. I thought the packaging was easy to open and
also recyclable. The instructions on the back of the pack state how to apply the
blusher to get the desired effect. They are accurate. This is a real good
quality product, very clean looking because of the transparent case. The
product itself looked really sparkly too which made me excited to use it. It doesn’t
feel cheap when using. Lasts well. This is a great price for the product. I
would consider buying this product again; I really liked it although it was a
little "pink” for me. Although it did give my cheeks a nice tone and it didn’t
feel heavy to wear. I really liked that about it, it blended really well when I
used my own brush as it didn’t come with one. I probably would recommend. I have only marked it down half a point
because it said you could achieve different shades, but I found I always got a
similar shade, maybe because I was using a medium size brush therefore mixing
the 3 shades in the tub. But I really liked the product none the less. I have
to say I liked this product because with there being 3 shades in 1 pot,
although I didn’t get a variety of shades, I didn’t get a block colour stuck to
my cheek, it blended really well and seemed to last whilst I was out. With a 1
colour blush I find they make harsh lines if not blended well or if a little
too much is applied but with this product I didn’t find any of those issues. It’s
pretty to look at, small enough to take with you and easy peasy to apply. I
would recommend. And I will probably buy a replacement. Thank you. Danielle

Tested By
Caroline Davies

Awarded The Benecos Natural Trio Blusher 3/5

was really looking forward to trying this product; however, I have to admit
that I was disappointed in the overall product. It required several
applications to get any colour on my cheeks, a bit too natural for me. Packaging
wasn’t anything stand out, I would necessarily spot it on a shelf, it doesn’t
look expensive, luxury, it looks a bit cheap. Instructions Basic but what do
you need for applying blusher! I thought the powder was very light, you can’t
feel it, however, it is literally too light, and I had to rub my blusher brush
into the powder quite a bit and consequently it the powder made a real mess in
the pot. The blusher I normally use is much better quality for only £2 more. Great
for work, wouldn’t wear it for going out or meeting up with friends. Caroline

Tested By
Anna Tait

Awarded The Benecos Natural Trio Blusher 3/5

nice, like the colours. Packaging is
fine. This is a blusher so simple enough to use. Personally I did not like this product. It had a slightly odd aroma and the blusher
itself did not the morning let alone the afternoon. The price is low but I feel this reflect the
lower quality. The product felt cheap,
didn’t last and had a smell that I didn’t like at all. After a few uses I couldn’t actually bear to
wear it again! Anna Tait

It’s pretty to look at, small enough to take with you and easy peasy to apply. I would recommend. And I will probably buy a replacement. Thank you.


Danielle Awarded The Benecos Natural Trio Blusher 4.5/5

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