Saved In Organic for Men and After Shave Cream/Balm

Benecos Organic For Men Face & After Shave Balm

Soothe your skin after shaving with our Natural Face and Aftershave Balm. Organic aloe vera helps to soothe any irritation while organic sunflower oil adds moisture back into the skin to hydrate and nourish skin, leaving it smooth and supple and smelling great.

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Price: £6.95 Available to buy online

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2019 After Shave Balm and Organic 

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Benecos Organic For Men Face & After Shave Balm Reviews

Product Tested By Anthony Devaney

Anthony Awarded The Benecos Organic For Men Face & After Shave Balm 5/5

I like the look. The bottle looks sleek and cool although small. I like the balm. I feel it’s an important step in the facial care regime. I like the design. It looks traditionally masculine. It’s very symmetrical and loaded with clear and concise information. very easy to apply. Although there are no instructions on the bottle. I believe some people, especially people who’ve never used a product and may not have a way to ask or learn or not think to search the website, may not use the product to its best potential. Does it go on dry? Does it go on wet? Do I apply it then wash off? Perhaps reference the website for instructions if space is too limited. Or attach a fold out label. This seeps in and feels refreshing almost instantly. After shaving my skin felt soft and fresh.  After some time using it I feel my skin looks a little better. More youthful I dare say. I had no stings or feelings of dryness and irritation. I do like the smell of this product. It is floral and sweet but certainly not overwhelming at all. It has retained what I would think of as a traditional men’s aftershave aroma too. However I do think, due to the natural ingredients like lavender, rose and elderflower, mixed with alcohol, it smells a lot like gin. I’m not sure if gin is what I want to smell like. I used this every 2-3 days as I grow my beard and only shave the edges now. I like the product. I like the process used to make it. I like the policies of the company and I believe the highest standards cost extra. But £6.95 for a small bottle does restrict some customers. I feel that if used every day it would cost me about £25-£30 a month. If I then replaced blades regularly and used shaving foam products regularly it could be around £50 a month easily. It only cost £60 per month for Merlin passes for our 6 strong family. To give perspective. But for some people this is a luxury item and worth a nice price tag. I like the style of the bottle and the feel of the balm. But I like the natural approach most. To be COSMOS certified, every product in the brands range must be organic. The standards are high and internationally recognised. The product has also not been tested on animals. Benecos have certainly tried very hard to make this product. Using, learning about and reviewing a product made by Benecos has inspired me. I do think this is a more luxury brand, however I do think it’s worth it. No chemicals and no suffering have made it into this product and you can feel pride in that. It’s a great product for that reason. And I’m impressed that it has a two year expiry with just natural ingredients. If And when I decide I will now go shaved and smooth, I will probably use the Benecos range of products. I like what they stand for and believe in. I like the look and feel of the product too. From the financial perspective, cost comes with priorities. Right now I prefer a beard with semi scruffy hair and more days out with the kids. I have recommended and will discuss with people what I’ve learned about the COSMOS certification process. I like what Benecos stand for. I like the product. I would recommend this to any man. the only slight negative for me was a more luxury price tag. But it’s perhaps more of a priority thing in reality. I think it’s certainly affordable but more importantly it is worth it for what you get. This is a fresh feeling, great looking, lovely though slightly gin smelling, totally organic and kind to animals, natural product that works beautifully. I am a convert to Benecos as a brand. I would recommend them to anybody. I am slightly kidding when I suggest I have a beard as it’s cost effective. I do believe this product is a little expensive and I believe a lot of men I know with children try to minimise their daily skin care expenses so they can enjoy life in other ways. But men in general have certainly begun taking more care of themselves and their skin. I would like to see more products that are both organic and kind to animals. But I’d also like to see some of my favourite brands reduce their margins a little, to maximise their customer range. I believe everyone should use organic products. I believe we should end animal testing. I will continue to use Benecos Aftershave balm. I will look into their full product range too. This is a great product. Anthony Devaney

Product Tested By Paul Lloyd

Paul Awarded The Benecos Organic For Men Face & After Shave Balm 4/5

Looked like a standard after shave balm. Didn’t look anything special. I like the idea of it but it’s doesn’t feel like anything new. The tube design was OK. Didn’t stand out so blends in with all the other similar products. This was easy to apply.  This did blend into skin with ease. This did soothe skin after shaving. I think it works well. Goes on nice and easy keeps skin feeling hydrated.  Certainly helped to keep my skin feeling smooth and supple. I liked the aroma. It does have a premium scent like some of the more expensive products. I would use this every few days. I think it’s competetivly priced compared to similar products and although the packaging is bland it is a good product. I liked the scent of it and the fact that it is none greasy. I would buy this as a nice product. I would recommend as I think it is a good quality cream compared to others I have tried. The product itself is high quality and I love its scent. It isn’t greasy and is really easy to apply and a little goes a long way. I feel its let down a bit by the packaging. It’s a bit bland and none descript and it’s name seems a bit generic so it doesn’t really stand out from other similar products. Paul Lloyd

Product Tested By Charles Harrison

Charles Awarded The  Benecos Organic For Men Face & After Shave Balm 4.5/5

Liked the style, the look and colours used on the tube.  Would attract my attention in a store. I liked the idea of this as I have sensitive dry skin so lets see if works. This was easy enough to use and easy to apply.  This did absorb into skin well.  I found this worked well for me and my skin did feel better after shaving using this and not so dry. This is a good natural product and kept my skin hydrated and felt good too.  I was impressed with the aroma and enjoyed using this. I used this every 3 days. For the quality of the balm it does represent good value. I liked how well it worked on my sensitive skin. I had not heard of this brand before and I will be buying more. I would recommend if anyone asks about a good after shave balm. This has worked well and been one of the better ones I have tried recently. This is a high quality balm, easy to use, lasts well and worked well for me.  I would recommend giving this a try.  Charles Harrison

I will continue to use Benecos Aftershave balm. I will look into their full product range too. This is a great product.


Anthony Awarded The Benecos Organic For Men Face & After Shave Balm 5/5

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