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Better Birth Companion CD

A new addition to the Natal Hypnotherapy product range – The ‘Better Birth Companion’ is a virtual, personalised birth support and therapy toolkit for parents-to-be. “This toolkit is a pocket-sized course and therapy session in one! I felt as if someone was sat with me talking through each chapter. This was a life changing read and should be on every mum’s essential purchases list.“ (Mum-to-be, Shona Kitchener) It comprises:
• Natal Hypnotherapy’s one of the award-winning ‘Birth Preparation’ CDs RRP £11.99
• Natal Hypnotherapy’s new ‘Effective Birth Preparation – a practical guide to a better birth’ book. RRP £8.99

The ‘Better Birth Companion’ provides a comprehensive and affordable way to train the mind and body to fully prepare for labour. The portable programme gives pregnant women a significantly better chance of having a more relaxed, less painful and interventionist birth than using only traditional antenatal services. This is because, unlike many of the pregnancy books and antenatal courses available, the Companion gives parents-to-be a holistic yet affordable physical and emotional toolkit of techniques and exercises. They can practise these in private to enable them to trust their instincts and build confidence in the woman’s ability to have a healthy pregnancy and positive birth, whether at home or in hospital. The Companion is both down-to-earth and inspiring, and is based on an easy-to-follow, five-step programme. It includes a range of heart-warming stories by mums who have used the tools, tips and techniques plus interesting facts about childbirth through the ages.

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£20.98 Available to purchase online

Better Birth Companion CD Reviews

Product Tested by: Laura Stewart – Baby Callen 9 Weeks

Product Tested By Laura Stewart – Baby Callen 9 Weeks

Laura Awarded the Better Birth Companion CD 4/5

I was indifferent at first when I received this product, it’s not something that I would have previously considered but I was willing to give it a try. It was nice to have helpful instructions with this too; it’s not really my sort of thing so I was in need of some assistance. We went through CD a few times, only to then find out we required a C section. This was a shame, was looking forward to putting the CD into action. I was skeptical of the product quality at first but now I am impressed. Having listened to the CD I would rate it value for money but I would not have paid for it otherwise. Enjoyed the CD once I got into it, unfortunately didn’t get to use it in the end, fingers crossed for next time. Laura Stewart – Baby Callen 9 Weeks

Product Tested By Nichola Tucker – Baby Eleanor 9 Weeks

Nichola Awarded the Better Birth Companion CD 4/5

I was quite taken with the idea of a CD to help with the whole process of pregnancy and labour. However, I was skeptical that a book and CD could really help! The book which accompanied the CD was fairly well written. I was initially put off by the size of the book – especially as I was only a few weeks away from giving birth. This was my second pregnancy. I certainly felt more relaxed the birth approached, but whether this was due to listening to the CD or whether it was because I was more aware of what would be happening, I can’t really tell. The CD probably helped relax me more than it did my partner. He was very skeptical about the whole concept of natal hypnotherapy. However, I did get him to have a good look through the book and I think he found some useful information in there. I felt more relaxed about the birth, but whether this was because I was a second-timer or whether it was the influence of the CD, I can’t really tell. I like to think that it was a combination of the two. I felt as though I gained positive encouragement and I was definitely more relaxed as the birth came closer and closer. The birth itself did not go to plan, but that was not the fault of this birth preparation CD! The CD was very good, but there were a few spelling/typing errors in the book. I used the CD on the day of delivery and was fully dilated by the time I went into hospital. I like to think that listening to the CD was one of the main factors in helping me to achieve this. Nichola Tucker – Baby Eleanor 9 Weeks

Product Tested By Frances-Anne – Baby Kayleigh 8 Weeks

Frances Awarded the Better Birth Companion CD 4/5

This arrived in a lovely purple gift bag and looked great. It was very easy to open and I thought the bag was a great idea for storing the CD and book together. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow and I found that the product helped me through my pregnancy and I found that it answered a lot of my questions. It also showed me a lot of different views on cultures and how they cope with birth differently. I felt a lot more able to channel my feelings towards labour with using this, although I have been through labour before. I feel more relaxed every time I listened to the CD. The quality is great but I did notice a few spelling mistakes in the book! I would recommend it, however I think the price is a bit high. I thought it was great. It helped me to relax and understand more about the process of labour and how I was in control of my own body. Frances-Anne – Baby Kayleigh 8 Weeks

I was skeptical of the product quality at first but now I am impressed. Having listened to the CD I would rate it value for money.


Laura Awarded the Better Birth Companion CD 4/5

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