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Beyond Organic Beard Oil

The Beard Oil – a superior organic blend to condition the hair and moisturise the skin.

100% Organic and Natural formula with Argan, Macadamia and Apricot to soften the hair and moisturise, regenerate and soothe the skin.
Rosehip, Vitamin E, Rosemary and Coriander that penetrate deeply to help nourish, restore and protect – leaving the beard and skin beneath radiant and satin soft but without any greasiness. It has a gently, calming scent derived from organic essential oils.
Plant oils effectively retain moisture, with Anti-Ageing, Antioxidant, and Anti-Inflammatory properties.
Suitable for all skin types. Soil Association Organic Certified.
At Beyond, we strive for the highest quality standards to reach unparalleled results. We have secured Soil Association COSMOS organic certification for all our Organic Range including our Beard Oil.

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Price £10.00 Available to purchase online

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Beyond Organic Beard Oil Reviews

Product Tested By Shakeel Ahmad

Shakeel Awarded The Beyond Organic Beard Oil 4.8/5

It came packed nicely and safely. Small bottle with a yellow substance and easy to use and easy on the eye. It is a really good concept. My beard hair was getting dry and coarse so this was perfect. I think the packaging needs to stand out more it, maybe another colour on the dropper. It’s too plain. Instructions easy to follow. This was easy to massage into my beard. The oil came out nicely wasn’t too thick or too thin and really provides hydration to my beard without a greasy look/ feel. Once applied my beard did feel softer and hydrated. My skin felt the same really. I used it 3 or 4 times a week. I noticed improvements within a week or so in. My beard hair looked healthier. I did not mind the aroma and it did not cause me any irritation or headache. I like the dropper and it doesn’t spill out. I also like that it works! Definitely good value as it last for ages. This is very good quality with good oils used. I would buy this because it really gave a gloss and moisture to my beard. It makes a difference. I would recommend to anyone who has a beard. I am drawn to organic and natural products. I am using the item on my face so it has to be the best ingredients. Really good item, a staple in every males bathroom! Started and saw improvements in one week. Beard hair was not as coarse and looked healthier. Shakeel Ahmad

Product Tested By Jonathan Hamer

Jonathan Awarded The Beyond Organic Beard Oil 4/5

I like the simple minimalist packaging. I have used beard oils for many years and the concept and appeal works well. I liked the minimalist and simple packaging, I would be more drawn to this style that an overly in your face design. Instructions simple and easy to follow. Easy o massage into my beard and I used it after a morning face wash. I found early on it left my face and beard feeling more oily than previous ones I’ve used. I had more spots appear around my moustache line and lips during my first week of using it. I used this often daily, sometimes missing a day due to routine change. I found my beard to be softer and healthier colour, however I do feel it caused an issue with occasional spot outbreaks. This has a subtle yet fresh aroma. I like the size of the bottle, and the way it bought out my different colours in the beard. For the price it is about on par with what I’d look to pay for this product. It worked to make my beard look healthy and full. I would buy this. The price is around what I’d be looking to pay and the organic side of it is always a plus. I would recommend as it what a beard oil should, and what they would expect it to. I don’t actively seek organic products but if they are around a similar price point to non-organic I will tend to go for the organic product. Without the spot issues I experienced with this product I would have given it a 5. The only issue I had was I found it a little too oily and that I did suffer with spots around my moustache and lips after using this product, My main positive comment is how this oil bought out the different natural colours in my beard. Jonathan Hamer

Product Tested By James Pearson

James Awarded The Beyond Organic Beard Oil 4.9/5

Arrived in a nice box, well presented and neat bottle. I have quite a full beard now and it needed some care and attention. Bottle design simple and worked for me. Instructions clear. Easy enough to massage into my beard after morning shower. The dropper ensured just right amount of oil used. It did make my beard feel softer. I did not notice improvement in my skin condition but beard looked good. I would use this a couple of times each week. After 2 weeks of using this beard looked a lot softer and healthier. Aroma was subtle. I liked the bottle design easy to carry around and easy to use. This does last a while so good value. Definitely good quality. Once this is finished I would buy another one. I would recommend to friends who have beards as works well. I am not really drawn to organic products just need the product to work for me. Worked well for me and beard much softer and looks great. James Pearson

I am drawn to organic and natural products. I am using the item on my face so it has to be the best ingredients. Really good item, a staple in every males bathroom! Started and saw improvements in one week. Beard hair was not as coarse and looked healthier.


Shakeel Awarded The Beyond Organic Beard Oil 4.8/5

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