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Beyond Organic Mama, Papa & Baby Gift Set

Our Mama, Papa and Baby Gift Set with a free pouch – perfect for current or to be Mums and Dads

Organic Foot & Muscle Reviver (50ml) Shea and Macadamia to moisturise, regenerate and soothe skin. Refreshing Spearmint & Rosemary extracts stimulate blood circulation, whilst relaxing nerve and muscle spasms. Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Antirheumatic, Spasmolytic, Anti-Microbial and Antiseptic properties giving the foot and muscle everything it deserves. Recommended for mild pain, musculoskeletal pain, muscle tension or soreness, venous problems, joint pain, rheumatism, athletes’ foot. It may also help ease hypertension and mental fatigue, aid concentration and ease depression.

Organic Stretch March Cream (50ml) Shea, Cocoa, Rosehip, Rosemary, Calendula, Chamomile, Vitamin C and E to moisturise, replenish and regenerate the skin. Omega-rich oils and macerated plant extracts to help prevent and heal stretch marks. Natural Salicylic Acid to help scar and wound healing whilst Chamomile and Calendula soothes irritation associated with all other skin conditions. This product is rich but rubs in easily, leaving no greasy residue. No essential oils therefore can be used during pregnancy (after the first 3 months).

Organic Happy Baby – Nappy Rash Cream (50ml) Chamomile, Calendula, Marigold and Vitamin E to moisturise, regenerate and soften the baby’s delicate skin. Vanilla, Shea Butter, Macadamia with Omega 6, Omega 7, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to sooth and calm the skin.  Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial and Antiseptic properties to keep the skin happy and protected.  Due to presence of Natural Vanilla Pod extract you may find chocolate speck in the balm – it is not necessary to remove these.

Products are Natural and Organic – suitable for all skin types including sensitive or dry skin and those prone to Rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis as it promotes tissue repair and reduces inflammation.

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Beyond Organic Mama, Papa & Baby Gift Set Reviews

Product Tested By Jessica Twyford – Henry 2 Years 5 Months & Baby on Way

Jessica Awarded The Mama, Papa & Baby Gift Set 4/5

It was beautifully presented and each of the creams smelled lovely. All of the packaging was eco-friendly but did look like it must have been wet and then dried out again in transit. I’m assuming this is through no fault of Beyond Organic, and I understand that eco-friendly packaging does not make for the most weather proof! It would be a nice concept for a gift, but I would just buy what I wanted individually if I were to purchase the products for my own use. It was beautifully packaged but did look like it had received some water damage somewhere along the way. The products themselves were unharmed. I believe the set is a good mix of products. My husband tried the Foot & Muscle Reviver but it was primarily tested by me. It was a nice consistency and had a lovely scent to it, but I have used foot and muscle creams before with a more potent scent that I preferred. I understand that the products containing all natural and organic scents etc. may have an impact on the strength of the smell. I have been lucky enough to avoid stretch marks throughout both my pregnancies, so I cannot attribute not getting them to this product alone (as lots of people say – its primarily genetic!) However, I have enjoyed using the stretch mark cream  on my bump when it has felt tight. It has worked as well as my usual preferred moisturiser and again has a lovely scent. I mainly used this on my bump and then the remaining bit left on my hands on my elbows, yes it has made my skin feel soft and smooth after use without too much of a residue (which I hate in a moisturiser!). I’ll certainly put the nappy rash cream in changing basket! It will be nice to have something less potent than, say, Sudocrem to try. I do usually prefer a squeezy tube for my nappy cream but I will absolutely give this a try. My son suffered with eczema as a newborn and I would be very happy to try this cream on the new baby if we are unfortunate enough that they suffer too. The foot cream has been more intermittent but the stretch mark cream/moisturiser I used until it was gone. As it was a small tester I did not get lots of uses from the little pot, so it was used relatively quickly. I noticed an immediate improvement to my skin upon using the stretch mark cream/moisturiser but only in terms of moisture, not stretch mark appearance as explained above. My favourite was the stretch mark cream/moisturiser. I found it the most versatile. It was nice to have a range of products to try, and this would make a lovely gift for an expecting family. It is definitely more high end due to the price point. If someone were to receive this as a gift they wouldn’t necessarily be expecting it to have cost so much. I would only gift this to someone who appreciates the mark up that natural/organic products have. The quality was fine. One of the products was sent out past it’s best before date, which while I know is not a huge cause for concern does make me cautious. Again as a gift for new mum or baby shower, I would only consider gifting this to someone who explicitly wanted it, or understands the price of such an item. I personally would not purchase the full sized items, but this is due to us already using and being happy with cheaper products that work for our family. If someone asked for recommendations for all natural/organic products I would certainly mention the largely positive experience that we have had. Being organic would neither draw me nor deter me from using the product. There was absolutely nothing of concern that I found whilst using these products. I appreciate the fact that they are multi use, making them slightly better value for money. The consistencies and scents in the products were pleasant. We personally are not in a position to spend so much on everyday use items but as a special gift for someone I can see that they would make a lovely present. Jessica Twyford – Henry 2 Years 5 Months & Baby on Way

Product Tested By Natalie Doble – Mum To Be

Natalie Awarded The Mama, Papa & Baby Gift Set 3/5

I did not receive what is in the attached link at the full  price. Got 3 4ml samples instead. Was disappointed. Sample sizes were only good for one use which made it hard to test and see results. I think the set is a good idea but not to everyone’s taste. Packaging is nice but simple, sample sizes had no how to use instructions on them, had to google what the samples were and how to use them. Beyond Organics sell the samples as I received them and I would recommend putting how to use them on the packaging. I think the foot and muscle reviver and stretch mark cream are a good combination but the nappy rash cream is random addition and I would rather have another product for the mum than nappy cream for the baby. My husband did not use the foot and muscle reviver.  I did use it and found it effective but took a long time to soak into skin and I found the aroma overpowering. I have not developed any stretch marks, sample pot only had enough product for one use so hard to test. Smell was strong and not that nice. I used this on my bump, was hard to apply but did leave skin feeling smooth. The nappy rash cream I will not be using on baby as product looks crystalised and hard which I feel will harm baby’s skin. Smell is also overpowering and would rather use well known trusted brands on baby. I have rosacea and eczema but was unaware it could be used for these. I may try this on my own skin rather than the baby. Due to being supplied sample sizes products were only used once. This did not really give me enough time to evaluate if the products were effective. The foot reviver was best item as felt most effective. I liked that products are organic. I would not say this was a Mama and Papa gift set but a Beyond Organics gift set. I think the full-size set is expensive, but the samples were a reasonable price once I looked up how much they were online. Quality is reasonable. I would not by as a gift, I think it is too expensive, I think it is too late in pregnancy to give at a baby shower and there are more useful presents to give. Personally I would not buy this set as I did not like the smell of the products included. I like organic and natural products and would rather use them than chemical based products. Overpowering smell, no instructions or details on packaging. Nappy rash cream looks crystallised. Packaging is simple but not detailed enough, smells are strong and not everyone’s taste, foot cream is nice but takes a while to soak in, stretch cream is hard and not easy to apply. Natalie Doble – Mum To Be

Product Tested By Bethan Anderson – Penelope 2 Years & Mum To Be

Bethan Awarded The Mama, Papa & Baby Gift Set 3/5

It looked like a nice little set. I think the concept is a nice one and a way of treating everyone involved not just things for baby. I liked the bag it came with but the box they were put in let it down I think. I think it would seem more of a set if the creams were actually in the bag. I think the combination of items included in this set works well. It gives a treat for each rather than just baby. My husband did not use the Foot Muscle Reviver but I did.  It was quite soothing but don’t feel it relaxed muscle tension hugely. I really did not enjoy using the Stretch Mark cream unfortunately. I did try it but found it was quite thick and the smell was really over whelming for me. I was only able to use this a few times as I just found the smell too overwhelming for me. When I did use it i used it on my bump. I will definitely try the nappy rash cream on the baby when it arrives. I like the fact that it is an organic product. As a family we do not suffer with rosacea, eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis so did not use the nappy cream for this. I tried to use the stretch mark cream every few days but after a few tries I just couldn’t do it. I used the foot cream once a week. I didn’t find much difference with stretch marks as I was unable to use it after a few tries. The foot cream was my favourite. I felt it was quite soothing even if it didn’t do for me what it was designed to. I really liked the fact there was something for everyone not just for the baby. I would say its value for money in that it caters for all the family. They seem nicely made and I like that they are organic. I just found the smells of them quite strong. It would be a lovely gift for a baby shower as it has something for everyone not just the baby. I was supplied with sample sizes but I would not buy the full set as for me the fragrance was too strong for my pregnant nose. I would recommend them to others though.  If I knew my friend or family member particularly liked organic products then I would definitely recommend.  If there was a choice between organic or non-organic then I would opt for organic. If the products were organic and natural certified then that would be a selling point for me and would help me choose this product over another. The main reason I couldn’t give more marks is because the fragrance was too strong and did really effect the enjoyment of this product. I enjoyed trying these products. Especially the foot cream as it is not something I would normally use. Bethan Anderson – Penelope 2 Years & Mum To Be



There was absolutely nothing of concern that I found whilst using these products. I appreciate the fact that they are multi use, making them slightly better value for money. The consistencies and scents in the products were pleasant. We personally are not in a position to spend so much on everyday use items but as a special gift for someone I can see that they would make a lovely present.


Jessica Awarded The Mama, Papa & Baby Gift Set 4/5

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