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BIBaDO Original Green Bib

BIBaDO is the only coverall you will need for your little one’s whole weaning journey!

Your BIBaDO is lightweight, stain resistant and waterproof, making it ideal for messy meal times. Now your little one can enjoy meal times even more, whilst keeping clean and dry.
Bizziebaby Silver Award winners 2018 Feeding – Bibs category

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£19.95 Available online website and Baby Lurve,, Babi Pram Shop, Just-Jonah and All By Mama

BIBaDO Original Green Bib Reviews

Product Tested by: Stephanie Rolfe – Freddie 11 Months

Product Tested By Stephanie Rolfe –
Freddie 11 Months

Stephanie Awarded the BIBaDO Bib 5/5

Great packaging, really colourful product. Great size
for the product, bright and colourful. Easy to follow
instructions. Great design,
lovely colours and easy to use. Almost fit for my son, arms just slightly too long.Very
comfortable for him to wear, nice material, just had to roll sleeves up
slightly as too long. Very effective, easy to clean up and wash
and my son stayed clean and dry. Perfect. This will definitely grow with my
son, but I would like to see a variety of sizes on offer. Lovely soft feel too material and easy to
wash. Very easy to clean and washes well leaving no stains or
discolouring. I think this is a fantastic product. Although
slightly expensive for a bib I think it is worth the money especially for those
occasions when you need to keep your little one clean during mealtimes. Great
all round product and does what it says. Especially liked the material as not
plastic like most all in one bibs. Material is very soft and comfortable for my
son to wear. I would purchase this as I think it is great value. I have already
recommended. Great product that’s comfortable, bright and easy to clean. Really
light and easy to fold/roll up to pack and take with you. Makes mealtimes so
much easier with less mess and keeping little ones clean. Stephanie Rolfe – Freddie 11 Months

Product Tested By Jane Hoyles –
Lizzie 18 Months

Jane Awarded The BIBaDO Bib 4.7/5

Was surprised when it arrived
looked like it would do a good job and certainly be ideal for my messy
eater. Good packaging with lots of
information about the bib. Easy to
follow instructions. Really liked the
design. Good fit for my little treasure,
the arms were just right which is normally a problem for us as she does have
long arms. This fitted onto our
highchair without any problems and caught all the food, dribble and drink. No more trying to get down the side of the
highchair to clean out those bits of food that dropped down. What a treat.My daughter found this comfortable to wear. It also kept all her clothes clean which is a
godsend as I have the washing machine on 24/7.The material used is high quality and so easy to wipe clean. It also packs up small, so we have taken it
on a few trips with us as well as a restaurant all ready to use. I also like the fact this is adjustable so
will be able to use for a while to come.It has also been great for play time with finger paints on her
highchair. Great idea and very effective. I do think this is expensive as we go through
a shed load of bibs, but this is effective and does keep her clothes dry and
clean and also my highchair clean. I
really liked the design and how well it fitted on the highchair. I would purchase more and have already been
recommending. I would also like to see
it available in a wider range of colours too.A great design worked so well and would highly recommend. Still using and still brilliant as makes
mealtimes so much easier and less Messy. Jane Hoyles – Lizzie 18 Months

Product Tested By Terri Cottom –
Reeva 17 Months

Terri Awarded the BIBaDO Bib 4.5/5

This looked very good thick material but an ugly pattern and colour. Packaged really well in a box that explains exactly what the product is
Very simple instructions so made it
easy to use
. The
pattern is really ugly. Either nicer designs or just plain would appeal to more
. It fitted
really well especially on the arms which on similar types of bibs are usually
quite short.
didn’t pull at it or look uncomfortable in anyway so I assume she was
comfortable. Very effective! It saves food from falling down the dreaded gap.
It would be absolutely perfect for taking to special events like Birthday
parties, weddings etc. to save nice clothes.
I will
continue to use for as long as she is a messy eater so yes it could be a while ha-ha. Very
strong but soft material but stained very easily on its 1st use so it is now
stained with orange. That is the only negative which really annoyed me
.It is easy to get off the child whilst
holding all of the food but like above it did stain with the very 1st use so it
now has orange stain all down the front. This really disappointed me (it was an
Ella’s kitchen spag bol).
It is a really nice quality product. Apart from staining I think this
product is fantastic! I spend a fortune on clothes so it is perfect
I really liked how long the arms were on the bib. I would buy this bib as it did its job
perfectly. Yes I would recommend.
I get laughed at because I am obsessed with keeping my daughter looking clean
so when they saw me using this product I got lots of questions on it. It would have been full marks if it had not
stained. Fantastic product did its job
well. Ugly pattern and colour. Stained with 1st use. Nice long arms so
will last a while. Good quality. Terri
Cottom – Reeva 17 Months



Great product that’s comfortable, bright and easy to clean. Really light and easy to fold/roll up to pack and take with you. Makes mealtimes so much easier with less mess and keeping little ones clean.


Stephanie Awarded the BIBaDO Bib 5/5

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