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Product Tested by: Sirpa Makinen - Baby Aaron 8 Months

Product Tested By Sirpa Makinen – Baby Aaron 8 Months

Sirpa Awarded The bibi Bib 4.4/5

Looks nice and good size bib.  Velcro fastening easy to use and it also holds well.  Bib is made of good quality material which is strong and will last.  The size of this bib is perfect for our current needs – Shape good – gives good coverage and protection.  I was very surprised how absorbent the bib is and it washes very well. You purchase these bibs individually, and as a mum we always need a few more extra bibs so would like to see them available in packs of 2 or 3. A quality bib that is effective and good value for money.  Would recommend as so absorbent and soaks up the drawl and baby food.  Aaron drawls an awful lot more than our other two children did so he’s really the first one with whom we have had to use bibs almost constantly.  This bib keep his tops clean and dry, a fact I was doubting because they don’t have plastic backing.  Surprisingly absorbent, soft and comfortable to wear, easy to use and easy to wash.  Sirpa Makinen – Baby Aaron 8 Months

Product Tested By Adele McCutchen – Baby Joshua 19 Weeks

Adele Awarded The bibi Bib 4.8/5

First impression very nice.  Bib had velcro fastening, so easy to do up, good neck room and not too big.  This is made of lovely thick towelling material and very good quality.  I was surprised at how long the bib was and it looked huge, but after using them a couple of times, it does make a difference having a longer bib to catch the sick!!  A good shape as covers the shoulders as well.  These come in individuall packs and would be better value for money if they came in packs of 3, as you can never have too many bibs.  Fabric used for bib is very absorbent towelling, really does catch a lot.  My baby has Reflux and this is a great big bib so ideal for us.  Just washed this bib with my whites in 60 deg., the red trim around the edges doesn’t run and I did tumble dry it too (by accident initially, but they tumble well).  Good value for money.  Design is great.  I normally use plastic backed bibs as I have a sicky baby, but this has changed my mind, as it is very absorbent and Joshaus clothes remained dry underneath.  Definitely will continue to us this and recommend to friends & family.  A great bib, washes well, dries quickly and is very long, wide and does a great job.  Adele McCutchen – Baby Joshua 19 Weeks.

Product Tested By Amarjit Myers – Baby Milan 7 Months

Amarjit Awarded The bibi Bib 4/5

Nice large size bib – seems perfect for messy feeding times.  The velcro fastening is easy to put on baby, not fiddly at all and secure.  I liked the bib as good quality towelling bib.  This has been washed a few times and comes out very clean.  Good size and gives very good coverage.  It is a large bib and certainly saves staining the clothes of my very hungry and extremely messy baby.  Shape is good as fits quite snugly around the neck and then covers all the chest and most of the front of the baby so a lot of coverage.  You purchase these bibs individually and I woul prefer to be able to buy pack of 3 as better value.  You can put one in travel bag and have a couple on the go at home.  Fabric is absorbent but personally would have preferred a plastic backing as any water or liquid food just soaks through to the clothes.  This does not happen often.  Very easy to wash, but sometimes you need a stain remover for really stubborn stains. As an individual bib and taking into account the quality good value for money.  A nice large bib that does protect clothes getting dirty during partucularly messy mealtimes.  Amarjit Myers – Baby Milan 7 Months

Surprisingly absorbent, soft and comfortable to wear, easy to use and easy to wash.


Sirpa Awarded The bibi Bib 4.4/5

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