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Bibs and Bobs Dribble Bibs

These beautiful handmade dribble bibs are perfect for your little princess.
Fleece backed to protect her clothes from dribble and super soft against her skin. Each bib is fitted with 2 sets of poppers so they grow with baby and fit from birth up to 3 years of age. Our handmade dribble bibs are the perfect accessory to any outfit and we are continuously adding new fabrics so watch this space for more new exciting bibs!

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£4.50 Each or pack 5 fo £20 available online Available to purchase online

Bibs and Bobs Dribble Bibs Reviews

Product Tested by: Clare Golléty – Inès 7.5 Months

Product Tested By Clare Golléty – Inès 7.5 Months

Clare Awarded The Bibs and Bobs Dribble Bibs 4.2/5

My first impression was ‘another print with pink flowers for a girl!’ but as it turns out, it’s probably one of the cutest one from the patterns available on the website and the green from the leaves actually matches one of Inès cardigan so she looks very well coordinated when she wears it. The fastenings are large and easy to fasten. The fabric is of good quality and the seams are hidden so it looks really neat. I think the bib is too large for Inès: she is a small baby for her age, which means the bib folds over her mouth due to the extra fabric. In terms of coverage it falls low on her but it did not cover the neck area properly all the time. It also meant that it twisted easily around her neck ending up with the front of the bib in her back.  I would have preferred having the choice of a smaller size, which would have been more appropriate for Inès. The shape is good, I liked the bandana shape for a dribble bib but there is nothing original here. The bib has no added feature but the flowerprint is really pretty. There was a single bib per pack, when would have bought a pack of three at least, although at a cheaper price. The fabric is of good quality but I don’t think the choice is really appropriate for a bib: the top one is not very absorbent and the bottom layer is made of fleece, which is indeed very soft but since it is against the cloth, I don’t see the need for it. This bib is so easy to launder. It’s not the price I would usually put for a single bib but I recognize that the bib is of good quality. We will continue to use this especially since it’s still very large, Inès should be able to use it for several months still. I would recommend the bib as a present, something to wear for a special occasion but I don’t think it’s the most efficient bib I’ve seen. I think the bib is of good quality but the fabric is not the most appropriate for the use; we will keep using it since Inès does look cute when she wears it and still has several months ahead of her before she outgrows it but it would take the bibs to be made of a more absorbent fabric for me to buy others. This is a pretty bib and made to the highest quality. Clare Golléty – Inès 7.5 Months


Product Tested By Nadine Dartnell – Elizabeth 7 Months

Nadine Awarded The Bibs and Bobs Dribble Bibs 4/5

Looked a really beautifule bib. Loved the design. Looked so nice on Elizabeth. The fastenings are poppers which are easy to use and fitted Elizabeth well and still room to grow. These are handmade bibs and are made really well. They are beautiful and finished perfectly. This did cover Elizabeth well and did soak up all the dribble so was effective. The bandana shape is nice as looks more like a fashion accessory than a bib but works well. We only received one bib and really if I purchase bibs I do need pack of 3 minimum as always changing bibs on Elizabeth and while some are in the wash have others to use. It states these will last up to 3 years but looking at how this fits Elizabeth now not so sure it will last through to when she is 3. However, we will have a lot more usage out of this bib for sure. The quality of the material is excellent.  Gives good coverage and very effective at soaking up her dribble. This bib is also very easy to launder and comes up great every time. Personally one bib even though the design is beautiful is not good value for me. I would purchase as a gift as so beautiful, but not as a practical bib. I would recommend for special occasions as looks adorable on and stands out due to lovely design. I will continue to use this bib as looks so cute on Elizabeth, just wish I had more in a pack so while one in the wash have another one to use. This is a really stylish, well-made bib that looks great, just not the most practical bib I have used. Nadine Dartnell – Elizabeth 7 Months


Product Tested By Georgia Stockwell – Lilly-Rae 8 Months

Georgia Awarded The Bibsand Bobs Dribble bibs 3.5/5

Looked nice when arrived but was uncomfortable around the neck for my daughter. If you have the bib on the loose stopper, the other one digs in to the neck. The material these bibs are made from are very high quality. Personally I found the size to be a bit too small for my daughter as the neck was tight. I only received 1 bib and this is not enough, would need at least 3 in a pack as you are always using bibs throughout the day .It soaks up all the dribble which is good as an effective bib. However, when the weather is hotter due to the thick material it did make Lilly’s neck a bit sweaty. Ideal for colder months. This is also very easy to launder. A nice quality bib that does work, just size was too small and price very high for one bib. Design could be improved as the concept of the bib and the quality of the material used is very good. Georgia Stockwell – Lily-Rae 8 Months










 This is a pretty bib and made to the highest quality.


Clare Awarded The Bibs and Bobs Dribble Bibs 4.2/5 

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