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Bigjig Figure Of Eight Train Set

A traditional toy, guaranteed to last and provide hours of fun building or playing. Mix and match with all the pieces included in the set for maximum versatility and learning development!

Size: 460mm x 1040mm

Layout Size:104cm x 46cm
Age 3+
(43 piece)

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Bigjig Figure Of Eight Train Set Reviews

Product Tested by: Michele Boylin – Kacie 4 years

Product Tested By Michele Boylin – Kacie 4 years

Michele Awarded the Bigjig Train Set 4.7/5

The packaging for the product had a handle on the box which I found useful for carrying and storing; the box is also in bright colours which are nice because it’s attractive for the children. The size of the toy was very suitable and my Daughter found it very fun. It kept my child busy for hours and I had no concerns about letting her play with it. It stimulated my Childs imagination and I think it helps with hand/eye coordination. The track is very easy to put together and can be put together in a number of different ways, my Daughter also liked this set with the other train set that she has. I think the product is of very high quality and also great value for money! We all think that the train set is very fun, and it is definitely easy enough to play with. Michele Boylin – Kacie 4 years


Product Tested By Sophie Jarvis – Keyaan 3.5 Years

Sophie Awarded the Bigjig Train Set 4.2/5

Very good, colourful and solidly made. Good packaging. Its cardboard so is recyclable and has a handle so is easy to move around if you decide to keep the train set in it when not in use. The picture on the box is simple but eye catching. Just the right amount of track I think. Good number of accessories – just right! Very good entertainment value. Lets the child explore their imagination. Included along with the track are trains, cars, trees, houses, people and buildings so there are plenty of different stories that can be made up! No concerns, age appropriate. It kept my sons attention fairly well due to having a good number of accessories, however I feel it would have benefited greatly from a better thought out range of accessories. My child likes matching up the people to the houses and cars etc. One downside of this product is I felt it would make much more sense for the product to have a person with red clothes and a red car and a red train and a red house and then yellow person, house, car, train etc then he could have matched all the colours together. Instead there seems to be a random mix of colours, no obvious way of grouping the items together. It is not too complicated to use. One big plus point that this set has over our other train set is that the bridge is in one piece so I don’t need to keep stepping in to put pieces of the track back together (which I do with our brio set). So for me I would buy this set for the bridge alone! We have also joined it onto some of the brio set we already have so it has added another dimension of play.  Very good quality. It has had a lot of use and the track is in perfect condition. I will say though that the paint on some of the people (about a third of them) is starting to peel off at the edges from constant use. I would say it is excellent value for money. It comes with enough accessories to be a complete toy but is also compatible with a very well known train track make. I would buy this product and more from the same range. On the whole very positive. Good packaging, well made, decent quality, good number of accessories. However I do feel that it would benefit from the accessories being better thought out. The little characters are also all oriental-I feel there should be a mixture of nationalities. Overall I was pleased with this product. Keyaan really enjoys playing with it. Sophie Jarvis – Keyaan 3.5 Years


Product Tested By Tammy Fisher – Hector 3 Years

Tammy Awarded the Bigjig Train Set 4/5

The train set has lots of pieces to it but it’s simple enough to put together. I think the toy was of a good size and the style of it was very simple, so it was easy enough to understand. My child found the train set to be very entertaining, my Son loves trains so I knew he would like it! I have no concerns about letting my child play with this toy, but I fear some of the parts may be lost because there are a lot of them. The train track kept my Childs attention for a long time because he loves trains, and he also liked the fact that you can change the track around. I think the product is priced very reasonably and I would have considered buying it if I had seen it in store. Overall a very good product, ideal for the younger child! Tammy Fisher – Hector 3 Years

We all think that the train set is very fun, and it is definitely easy enough to play with.


Michele Awarded the Bigjig Train Set 4.7/5

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