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Bigjigs Stacking Clock

Help your child to learn all about numbers and the concept of telling the time with Bigjigs Stacking Clock! Providing hand/eye coordination for your little ones safely. A traditional hard wearing toy that is guaranteed to last and provide your child with fun learning and development.

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Bigjigs Stacking Clock Reviews

Product Tested by: Katrina Osborne – Josie 3 Years

Product Tested By Katrina Osborne – Josie 3 Years

Katrina Awarded the Bigjig Stacking Clock 5/5

The packaging was very appealing and Josie and I were both excited to get the clock out of the box! Once Josie saw it she instantly wanted to play with it. I think the clock is of a great size and we both like the style and design of it. It is perfectly suitable and safe for inquisitive little ones and the bright colours make it fun and attractive which is a great way to teach new things softly. Building the clock is a fantastic idea too, Josie has great fun doing this and I believe it is helping her with her number learning and her coordination skills. It is definitely simple enough for her to play with without losing interest too quickly, she will play with it for a long time without encouragement or any help from me. I find the clock to be very reasonably priced and I would happily purchase it for a gift for another child as it is perfect. Fun, safe and quirky-what more could you ask for in a toy? Katrina Osborne – Josie 3 Years

Product Tested By Anji McAleer – Millie 2 Years

Anji Awarded the Bigjig Stacking Clock 4.5/5

A very sturdy and colourful product that would definitely catch your eye. The website has a good range of products and the stacking clock is easy to find on the website. Standard box, not too much packaging which I think is good. The clock is excellent in size and is very colorful. It also has very good entertainment value. My daughter loves playing with this toy. She enjoys learning about the time and also building the clock. this toy has captured my daughter’s imagination and she plays with it regularly for long periods of time. She enjoys moving the hands to the correct time of day (or time of day she thinks it is if she is playing imaginary games with her toys). The stacking feature is good for hand/eye co-ordination and it also helps with numbers. Excellent, sturdy yet reasonably lightweight. This is an excellent toy, it has my recommendation. It is well made and sturdy and looks very attractive. My daughter loves to play with it. Anji McAleer – Millie 2 Years

Product Tested By Tamika Okonkwo – Faith 3.5 Years

Tamika Awarded the Bigjig Stacking Clock 3.8/5

I thought the product looked great; it is of a reasonable size and nice bright colours. It arrived in a standard box with minimal packaging, nothing too fancy but perfectly suitable. Faith likes playing with the clock for short periods of time and it has helped her try to learn numbers better than some other products we have tried. She won’t play with the clock for hours at a time because she gets bored of the numbers. She will however, build the clock again and again for longer than she will when learning the numbers. I feel this is still a good thing because it means the product is very versatile and it gives children the option to play or learn with the same product. I had no safety concerns with this toy and I was happy to let Faith play with it and use it. I am a bit unsure of the price though, if I hadn’t have tested this before then I would not have considered buying it because I am very picky with products that I buy. But overall, very cute product with great learning benefits! Tamika Okonkwo – Faith 3.5 Years

Fun, safe and quirky-what more could you ask for in a toy?


Katrina Awarded the Bigjig Stacking Clock 5/5

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