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BikyBiky Kids Cycle Safety Vest

Kids Cycle Harness – Ergonomically designed with soft to touch materials combined with padding to comfortably support and help your child find their own balance on a bike and boost their confidence learning to cycle.
You can simply walk or run, in an upright position, alongside your cycling child holding onto the padded handle on the back of the vest securely.
In the event of any major wobbles or incidents you can simply lift up your child safely preventing any painful scrapes and falls and avoid them getting tangled up with the bike.

Bizziebaby GOLD Award winners Bicycle Accessories Category 2018

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£24.95 Available Bikybiky website, Argos, Amazon, Evans Cycles & good independent bike shops & outdoor centres

BikyBiky Kids Cycle Safety Vest Reviews

Product Tested by: Rob Fauvel – Daughter 5 years

Tested By Rob Fauvel – Daughter 5 years

Rob Awarded The BikyBiky
Kids Learn to Cycle Bike Harness 5/5

Looked good
quality and keen to try out. Packaging
ideal for the product. Instructions simple and easy to follow. Specific safety instructions which is good. Liked
the design lightweight and colourful.Very easy to use and fitted daughter well and she didn’t seem to mind
wearing it. Very easy to put on my daughter
and comfortable fit all over. She did
feel comfortable wearing this and wants to wear it again. Certainly does make you feel more confident
and your child is safe. It just takes
away the worry. Definitely helped with
her confidence. She thought it was a super hero’s harness (that’s what
we told her!). Good quality. Well made. Yes this does offer good value. Peace of mind is worth the price alone!
I really liked the fact it was easy to put on. Didn’t rub or irritate our daughter. I would purchase because it is an essential safety product that boost
both mine and my child’s confidence.Yes I would recommend. Everyone
should use one when teaching their child to ride a bike. Great product all round. Rob Fauvel – Daughter 5 Years

Tested By Jacqueline Thorn – Daughter 2 Years 10 Months

Awarded the BikyBiky Kids Learn to Cycle Bike Harness 4.5/5

When this arrived was not too attractive looking but loved the
certificate on the hanger.The hanger was fab, with the certificate on the back- great idea. Instructions
very clear, not much explanation really needed anyway product quite self-explanatory.
Good practical design but could look nicer. Maybe flower, train designs
something like that. Product was simple to use. Simply put on child and hold
handle on the back. The harness was easy to put on but did not come up that
big.Once she had this on no complaints at all, although not that big on. I
feel certain that the product is safe and wouldn’t hesitate to use it for my
younger daughter when the time comes. The vest is very secure. Absolutely
great as gives my daughter confidence when riding bike. My
daughter (nearly 3) loves it and now loves going on her bike whereas before she
wasn’t too interested. It makes her feel like a big girl.Very good quality. Especially the Velcro and buckle systems,
seems very secure. Due to the
confidence it gives the children and that I believe my daughter won’t need to
use stabilisers soon I think the product is very good value for money.I like how safe the product is.
And the handle… it’s a back saver- fantastic! I would purchase, because it removes the need for
stabilisers, gives the children Confidence to be riding their bikes alone sooner
and could be used for other activities (possible roller skating?). I would not hesitate to recommend this
product. Fab product, I think if it was made slightly bigger (my
daughter is nearly 3 and definitely won’t be able to use it at 7 years old) and
prettier designs maybe it would be 5/5. Very positive experience, would definitely
recommend to family and friends- although I do feel a range of sizes and
designs would make this a 5. The idea of children not needing to use
stabilisers and learning to ride a bike alone much quicker is fantastic. The handle on
the back means no more back- breaking for parents. Very clever product. Jacqueline Thorn – Daughter 2 Years 10 Months

Tested By Michelle Lyons – Logan 5 Years

Awarded The BikyBiky Kids Learn to Cycle Bike Harness 5/5


When the harness first arrived I thought it looked bright and
simple to use.The packaging is minimal, but effective. You can see
what the product is for and how it is used. It is eye catching.The instructions
are simple and easy to follow.The harness itself is simple to use as
well. It is lovely and bright which also helps me convince my fussy five
year old to put it on. It was easy to hold whilst my son was
on his bike, and aided in his confidence. The harness was simple to put on and take off. Nothing too fiddly.Occasionally my son complained he
was a bit hot wearing the jacket, but we were having some lovely weather to be
fair. I do think it’s a small price to pay for the advantages of the item.He felt safer and more confident,
as did I. I felt I could keep him from falling, whilst also being more visible
with the brightness of the jacket part. Logan felt he could ride
without the fear of falling, so could instead concentrate on his technique to
start with. The item is made well, and attractive to look at.The price is reasonable for this
product, and comparable to other products if this type.I like how easy it
is to use, and the added confidence it gives Logan. He is quite nervous of
falling, as he can be clumsy in general, so this just gives him the little
extra security that he really needs. Yes I would consider buying this product. The extra help in getting
such a key skill is invaluable. I
would also recommend this to others for the same reason. I love the security this product gives
me. It works well and my son is happy to wear it.Logan was
reluctant to wear this at first, but written I explained what it would help him
to do he was excited to try it. He found it comfortable to wear, and liked how
bright it was. I liked this aspect to, as I felt it made him more visible
alongside the road. I was able to keep him upright while he practised riding
his bike and staying balanced. After a while I felt I needed to help him less
and less, but he still felt assured I was with him all the way. Michelle Lyons –
Logan 5 Years





I would purchase because it is an essential safety product that boost both mine and my child’s confidence. Everyone should use one when teaching their child to ride a bike. Great product all round.


Rob Awarded The BikyBiky Kids Learn to Cycle Bike Harness 5/5

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