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Bin Buddy Festive

Bin Buddy Festive is simple and easy to use. Sprinkle just a little over the contents of your bin and enjoy the sweet smell of Christmas early. Available from Amazon and The Range.

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Price; £4.99  Available Amazon and the Range  or click online to find local stockist

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Bin Buddy Festive Reviews

Product Tested By Rebecca Browning

Rebecca Awarded The Bin Buddy Festive Orange & Cinnamon 5/5

A little had leaked into the box so made the product very powdery. The box didn’t seem strong enough to protect the product. Handy size, small enough to fit it one hand and sprinkle into the bin. Nice, orange is fresh and citrus while cinnamon brings the Christmas concept into the product. Instructions easy to follow.  This was so easy to use.  This was very effective; you could smell the product every time the bin opens which is a much nicer smell than the rubbish inside! I do like the aroma; however my husband isn’t a fan on cinnamon. It is an acquired taste, but it is the smell of Christmas to me. I used this every bin change and possibly a top up in between twice a week. Really good quality and great value for money. It’s a handy go-to to diminish any bad smells in your bins and very handy size to keep in your cupboard. I have actually bought this product before in different scents and found them really good. Especially in my daughter’s nappy bin, which can get really smelly.  I would recommend  if they would require a recommendation I would definitely recommend this brand because you only need a little bit of product every now and again in your bin to keep the smell fresh.  I’d definitely give this a 5, the product is versatile in that it soaks up liquid too so no leaks when changing the bag whilst keeping your bin smelling fresh, covering any bad smells.  This is easy to use, store, nice sized container, nice smell and good for top-up smells. Rebecca Browning

Product Tested By Rianna Hunt

Rianna Awarded the Bin Buddy Festive Orange & Cinnamon 4.2/5

Nice design looked simple to use. Bright and colourful design. Looked like a high quality, expensive product. Excellent concept, I always hate when our bin smells and this seemed like a great solution for that! Was unsure for a start as to whether it should be used after each time you put something in the bin or not.  This was very easy to use. Cannot comment on flies and insects as not the right time of year for them. It was effective in soaking up liquids and getting rid of smells to an extent though. It certainly made some of the smells less offensive but we could still sometimes smell that something nasty was there lurking behind.   As a personal preference, I am not fond of cinnamon type smells and I found this to be very over powering of cinnamon.  We used this every time we put something into the bin. We put a little bit more in if we thought something could be particularly smelly or with a lot of liquid.  Good quality product, would like to try different smells that I find more pleasant. Good value for money.  I loved that I didn’t need to worry about running around with an air freshener before we were due visitors as I knew that the bins wouldn’t stink in the kitchen! I would buy this as it did make a difference to the bin odours but I would like to try different smells in the future.  I would recommend for the same reason. Was confused initially about how often to use the product but we did find that it made some difference to the odours. Easy to use. Unsure of the cinnamon smell. Lovely packaging. Instructions could be made clearer about how often to use. Rianna Hunt

Product Tested By Sarah Key – Lucas 8 years

Sarah Awarded The Bin Buddy Festive Orange & Cinnamon 3.8/5

Was impressed by the smell when it arrived as could smell it through the box. Was a little disappointed though as lost some of the powder as 4 of the lids were off the tubs upon arrival. It shows that it is a festive season product but feel it could be brighter so it stands out more. It’s a good concept, I do already use bin powder fresheners and it does make a considerable difference to the smell of the bins. Easy to follow instructions.  Very easy to use.  It was effective in reducing the smell from the bin.  I found the aroma not to be as strong once in the bin, compared to the smell when in the tub. I wasn’t keen on the smell in honesty; I also found it not to be as strong once in the bin, compared to the smell when in the tub.  I used this once each day. Its good quality, the tubs are sturdy. You get a good amount of powder but due to the amount I had to use to smell it in the bin, it used up very quickly. I liked the fact it is an effective product to reduce the smell of the bins in the kitchen. I would not personally buy this due  to the reason stated above that once it was in the bin it wasn’t anywhere near as strong as other bin powders I use currently and this is £3 odd more per tub. Sarah Key – Lucas 8 years





Rebecca Awarded The Bin Buddy Festive Orange & Cinnamon 5/5

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