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Bin Buddy Fresh Citrus

Fragrances Bin – For Indoor & Outdoor Use – Protects Your Bin

How To Use:

Shake regularly into your bins and bin bags to eliminate bad smells and soak up excess liquid.

Suitable for most bins and bin bags.

Dispose of contents and container in accordance with national regulations.

PRICE: £3.49 Available online or click online to find local stockist

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Bin Buddy Fresh Citrus Reviews

Product Tested By Adeela Hussain

Adeela Awarded The Bin Buddy Citrus Fresh 4.5/5

I thought it looked really funky and cool. Really exciting design- shaped as a wheelie bin- so creative. Love it. It makes those pesky smells a bit more bearable.  Instructions clear and easy to follow.  Very straightforward and simple to use. I have used in my kitchen bin and it has worked really well. I have seen an insta famous house cleaner use this and was so excited when I was sent this to review. It helped make the bin smell more pleasant. I wasn’t a great fan of the aroma. I used this every day some days and other days it would be every other day. Just depended on what was going in the bin.  I follow Mrs Hinch so was aware she loves this product.  Good quality item- something that has made a difference.  Good value as a little goes a long way. I loved the design and concept. The fact it opens and closes easily.  I would purchase this and I will look out for other fragrances too in this range. I would also recommend.  I have enjoyed testing the bin buddy- it comes in a nice compact little wheelie bin. The powder is easy to dispense and smells ok.  Adeela Hussain

Product Tested By Maggie Goffin – Jessica & Alexander – 5 & 2 Years

Maggie Awarded The Bin Buddy Citrus Fresh 4.4/5

Box of 3 tubs came. The actual product itself looked good and felt a good weight/size for the price. The design was good as it was made to look like a little bin. Sensible colour scheme for it. The concept is a very good one as the outside bin can get quite fragrant as it is only collected every 2 weeks. The inside bins can also get smelly and with two children, one in nappies it can get quite potent quite quickly and the thought of not getting a whaft of bad smell every time we used is appealing.  The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Gave a dosage suggestion for each use of the bin, this was in weight or spoon size. Maybe a number of shakes could be helpful as didn’t want to measure out but you get a rough idea of how much to use by experimenting.  Very easy to use, open and shake. The holes in the lid were a good size so no problems with it getting clogged up.  No flies or insects around at the time of using (not sure if this is the product or just the weather).  No excess liquid present in the bin so does seem to dry up but would be difficult to really see without digging around in the rubbish. It did change the smell of the bin however, think we would have to experiment more with the amount to put in to fully eliminate the smell. It did eliminate the bad bin smells but not quite fully.  The aroma of the pot was fine but once in the bin no we didn’t like the aroma. It wasn’t unappealing but we found it a bit of an off putting smell. An improvement on the bin smell of course though. I used at least once a day, probably every other bin opening for bin inside. I also used for outside bin. I do not follow Mrs. Hinch so was not aware she loves the product.  Was a good quality product which did do the job it was said to do. The tub was secure and easy opening and closing. No fiddly catches or risk of spilling when opened.  A good size tub for the money it costs.  I loved the easy to use size and ease of dispensing product. The tub was a good size which meant it was easy to hold without risk of dropping and only had to use one hand. The holes for dispensing the product were a good size so it was quick to dispense without having to keep bin open for too long. I wouldn’t consider buying; it is a useful product if the bin smell bothers you. I think for myself I would prefer to just change the bin more often as the smell of the product in the bin for me was off putting. With the outside bin the smell never really bothered me enough to pay money to stopping it smell. I would recommend for people who would be interested in using or wanting to keep bins fresher and cleaner. Good overall idea and the packaging was thought out well with a great design. Product easy to use and I don’t think anybody would have problems using or understanding how to use. I was a little put off by the warnings to use gloves and eye protection when using as it concerned me about how safe it was around children as it was a powder did it become air born?. Hence we used it only while the kids were not around, just in case. The company could enlighten about whether the dust becomes airborne when dispensing.  Overall impression is that it is a good product which is useful for keeping bins fresh and it does do its job but it isn’t for our household. I think the cost is good for what you get and certainly if bin smells etc. bother you then worthwhile but we aren’t too bothered as bins tend to get changed regularly inside that it wouldn’t really make too much difference to us. Outside bin we are lucky to not really get too many flies etc. and aren’t bothered by the smell as doesn’t get bad enough that we would feel the need to buy a product to eliminate smells. Also I do admit the warning of gloves and eye protection does put me off a little using inside when we have small children who like to put things in and taking things out of the bin (mischievous 2 year old boy and helpful 5 year old girl). Maggie Goffin – Jessica & Alexander – 5 & 2 Years

Product Tested by Agnieszka Parchimowicz – Hannah 6 Years

Agnieszka Awarded The Bin Buddy Citrus Fresh 4/5

Arrived nicely packed. The container was suitable for the product.  Good idea to help maintain fresh bin outside your house. Clear instructions on how to use product.  This was very easy to use. Depending on type of rubbish you are disposing if lots of meat/ fish packaging it helps as delivers strong lemony smell. It is a good idea to use in the outside bin to reduce any bad smells however I think it should be tested in the summer to provide more relevant feedback. I found the citrus aroma of this too strong for me to use for our indoor bin. I used this every time when disposing item which could cause a bad smell (meat packing etc.).  I was not aware Mrs Hinch loves this product.  Quality is good. I would say this is a bit expensive as requires regular use so runs out quite quickly. I personally would not buy this.  However, I would recommend for outdoor bins. Good idea for outdoor bin however not very practical indoors and quite expensive if intended for regular indoor use. Agnieszka Parchimowicz – Hannah 6 Years








I would purchase this and I will look out for other fragrances too in this range. I would also recommend.  I have enjoyed testing the bin buddy- it comes in a nice compact little wheelie bin. The powder is easy to dispense and smells ok.


Adeela Awarded The Bin Buddy Citrus Fresh 4.5/5

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