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Bioflavia Powder

Bioflavia™ organic red wine grape skin powder is a totally new and innovative product which boasts a host of health promoting benefits.The making of Bioflavia™ starts with organic red wine grape skins which are sourced solely from the Niagara, Ontario Wine Region.The grape skins are put through a comprehensive drying and separating process and then are milled into a fine powder.- See more at:

There are many ways to enjoy Bioflavia and one of the most common and easy ways is to make delicious, healthy and quick smoothies. Have a look through our recipes page for information on how to use your Bioflavia. If you have any of your own recipes please feel free to pass them along to us. – See more at:
Bioflavia Available in skin powder or capsules

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£20.00 Skin Powder 150g or £20.00 for 60 x 600mg capsules online and also available online Amazon

Bioflavia Powder Reviews

Product Tested by: Leslie Pearce

Tested By
Leslie Pearce

Awarded The Bioflavia 4.9/5

was very interested to see how this worked and how it would taste. The
packaging was good; it had all the information I needed to know which. The instructions were simple and straight to
the point. I used this in Smoothies. The quality seems good. It claims to help
with health issues but I would have to use this over a longer period of time to
see whether it works for me though. It does offer value for money as mentioned
above, it help increase your health. I
will continue to use this product. I have recommended this to friends who I know would benefit.Overall, this is a great product that
hopefully after using it for longer will benefit my health. Leslie Pearce

Tested By
Jeanette Pearson

Awarded The Bioflavia 4.9/5

this arrived looking through all the information I was keen to see if this
worked. This arrived well packaged and
in nice size plastic bottle which was easy to open and easy to store. I had read about this before it arrived as
was keen to see if it would help my digestive system and also liked the fact it
can give you an antioxidant boost which is a great health benefit. I personally did not like the smell of this
but read up on different ways to use this.
I have used this in smoothies, honey yogurt as hides the taste and also
used it in some baking as put this in a chocolate cake (something full of
flavour) and you have an added health benefit.
I have been using this regularly for over a month now and I have seen an
improvement with my digestive system. I
also feel like I have a little bit more energy and also my skin is looking
healthier. Not sure this is due to this
but seems to have made a difference since I have been taking this
regularly. My mother also suffers from a
lot of food allergies and I have persuaded her to try this and she has said she
is feeling better and not suffering from so many upset stomachs. I think this is high quality, easy to use as
can disguise the taste in so many foods.
I have also noticed a difference too.
I have purchased some for my mother and already recommended. I was unsure about this when it first arrived
but now I will be purchasing this as part of my healthy living routine. I also
noticed online you can purchase this in capsule format which is easier to take
compared to the powder. A high quality product
and does have a wide range of health benefits.Jeanette Pearson

Tested By
Adeela Hussain

Awarded The Bioflavia 3.9/5

impression was I as happy with the product. Looking forward to trying it. Comes
in a small plastic tub type bottle. Small and compact. Easy to store. Instructions Really easy to read and
understand. I mixed the recommended dose of tbsp. into a yogurt; I found this
really gritty in my mouth but managed to eat it thinking of the benefits. The
smell was really powerful to me and this was slightly off putting. I also tried
this in shakes and soft drinks such as cordials. This is a very high quality product. You
get a lot of the powder for the price and I expect it to last a while so yes,
good value. I found this really hard to
swallow even though I mixed in with my food. I also experienced headaches each
time I had this product. Everyone is different and so I have recommended this
to others and some have even gone on to buy their own and had better
experiences than me. I personally didn’t have a pleasant experience. It has
helped lots of people from what I have read but it just wasn’t for me. I was really looking forward to trying this
powder as I had read a lot of positive things about it. I used the powder in
yogurts and shakes but found it too gritty and strong smelling. I experienced
headaches as well. Having a smaller dose
in my yogurt was better but then again that leaves the question of whether it
would still have same benefits if I used less than recommended. Adeela Hussain

Overall, this is a great product that hopefully after using it for longer will benefit my health.


Leslie Awarded The Bioflavia 4.9/5

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