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Bioskin Junior Bath Milk

Our Bioskin Bath Milk has especially been developed for those little ones who have dry and sensitive skin. This natural, non-slippery, Bath Milk will hydrate, nourish and support the severely dry skin when bathing. Especially for those kids with sensitive skin, bathing can be a trying time with the water further dehydrating the skin. Having a product containing ingredients like Lavender, Chamomile and Lavender allow the skin to regain strength even when bathing.

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Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2019 Baby Bath Toiletries & Child Health Category 

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Bioskin Junior Bath Milk Reviews

Product Tested By Samantha Archer – Max & Amelie – 3 years 6 months & 7 Months

Samantha Awarded The Bioskin Junior Bath Milk 4.2/5

The bottle was well presented and labelling was clear. The product smelt nice in the bottle.  I liked the concept that it was used for washing in the bath but also had healing components for sensitive skin. Well presented, clean and fresh looking. This was very easy to use. I personally prefer a bubblier soapy product, but I understand that this is bath milk rather than soap. It doesn’t froth up on the sponge. It smells of natural ingredients and I wouldn’t say it was slippery. Very kind to my children’s skin. My youngest had dry skin on her head which is no longer there after using this product. Their skin was very soft and smooth after using this product, and smelt great. We would use this every other day. After using this dry skin on my daughters head cleared up after using this product. I would say it is slightly on the expensive side. I loved the smell. Perhaps if my daughter suffered with dry skin again I would buy, but I wouldn’t personally spend £9.99 on bath milk when there are other products on the market that are slightly cheaper. I would recommend if they wanted to clear up a skin condition. Smelt great, cleared up dry skin. However didn’t feel like it was cleaning as well as other products because it doesn’t froth up, and is a tad expensive. Samantha Archer – Max & Amelie – 3 years 6 months & 7 Months

Product Tested By Nicola Cantwell – Daisy 2 Years

Nicola Awarded The Bioskin Junior Bath Milk 5/5

Nicely packaged, all of the product info is written clearly so easy to follow. I think it’s fantastic to have natural products that are not only gentle but also help to restore & soothe skin especially for children.  As a mum it’s not always easy to know what products are best to use on your child’s skin so having a natural product like this is that actually works is great. The design of the bottle is fairly simple; my only criticism is that I think perhaps the illustrations could do with being slightly bigger to make it a bit more eye catching for the kids. This was very easy to use and was a good bath wash. I love there are no nasty chemicals used, if you were to pour some onto the palm of your hand it would just feel like water between your fingers. It’s not at all gooey or slippery. It was very kind to my daughter’s skin which is very sensitive; I noticed a difference in her skin after the first week of using this product. This left her skin feeling lovely and soft. I used the product twice weekly. My daughter like me has very sensitive skin & she quite often gets a mild nappy rash, I bathed her before bed & by the morning her rash had cleared & her skin looked a lot healthier. Noticed an all-round difference in her skin after using for a week. Great value for money, this is a 300ml bottle and it does last, after using it for 4 weeks I still had about half a bottle left. I loved the smell of this product, with some natural products you don’t really get much of a scent off of them but this had a nice Lavender scent. I would buy this product again as it’s really worked well for my daughters skin. There have been no signs of eczema since using this and it’s also helped with her cradle cap. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a child with sensitive skin. I can’t really fault this product, it helped in areas that it said it would e.g. Eczema, nappy rash etc. and I have noticed a difference in my child’s skin since using this at bath time. Fantastic product smells great & leaves skin feeling smooth & looking clean & healthy. Works really well on eczema prone skin and well worth the money. I would highly recommend. Nicola Cantwell – Daisy 2 Years

Product Tested By Charlene Pearce – Emma 3 Years

Charlene Awarded The Bioskin Junior Bath Milk 4.2/5

Arrived safely and bottle looked clean crisp and easy to use.  I liked the concept behind this bath milk. Liked the bottle design and was easy to use.  Not used to using bath milk normally Emma loves her bubbles but was surprised this worked well enough.  This was nice to use once we got used to it.  It did leave Emma’s skin feeling a lot softer as she does have quite a few dry patches and this cleared them up.  Also rally liked how lovely it smelt. We used this every few days.  This helped improve her skin condition and would say it took about a week to see improvement.  For a bath wash bit expensive.  I liked how well it worked on her skin and left her clean and skin soft.  I buy a lot of bath wash and this would be too expensive to buy regularly (have 4 children) but would buy it as a treat every so often.  I would recommend as good product. Worked well, left skin feeling so soft and helped with dry skin patches. Charlene Pearce – Emma 3 Years

I would recommend if they wanted to clear up a skin condition. Smelt great, cleared up dry skin.


Samantha Awarded The Bioskin Junior Bath Milk 4.2/5

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