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Bioskin Junior shampoo

Our Bioskin Junior Shampoo has especially been developed for those little ones who have dry and sensitive skin. This natural, low-foamy, Shampoo will hydrate, nourish and support the severely dry hair and scalp when washing. Especially for those kids with sensitive skin, taking a shower or bath can be a difficult and unpleasant time with the water further dehydrating the skin. Having a product containing ingredients like Lavender and Calendula allows the skin to be nourished and soothed even during hair-washing time.

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Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2019 Baby Bath Toiletries & Shampoo Category 

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Bioskin Junior shampoo Reviews

Product Tested By Chantel Slicker – Brecken 5 Years

Chantel Awarded The Bioskin Junior shampoo 5/5

It looks clean, fresh & a natural product for my child to use. It looks good and is unique to be specialised to children with sensitive skin which my children have always suffered from. It looks natural, natural ingredients and child friendly without being filled with all the rubbish/ harsh chemicals that other branded products are.  This was very easy to use and apply.  Was a very good shampoo. My son has long curly hair and it was perfect for his hair which tends to get tangled easily!  This was a lovely shampoo that really nourished his hair. We used this every day, once daily. Took about 2 weeks of using this shampoo before I noticed an improvement in his hair condition.  It can seem quite expensive compared to similar products but when it’s effective it’s worth spending the extra. I loved the smell, smells fresh and clean.  I would buy this as it maintained my child’s long dry hair. I would recommend as a lot more children suffer with sensitive skin these days and this is an effective product to prevent this. Chantel Slicker – Brecken 5 Years

Product Tested By Kayley Budd – Emilia 14 Months

Kayley Awarded The Bioskin Junior shampoo 4.3/5

Nice packaging looked a good quality product. Exited to use.  Good idea as common for children to have dryness and people are conscious of using less harsh shampoos etc. on children.  Design suited the product well, liked the graphic and colours, it made it obvious what kind of product it was. This was very easy to use.  Applied like a typical shampoo. Washed hair well and was clean and smelt nice. Childs hair felt lovely after and was very soft with a nice smell. My daughter had a little bit of cradle cap and the shampoo did help to clear that. She doesn’t suffer from dry scalp otherwise so can’t really much more on that.  However my husband suffers with scalp psoriasis and dryness and he used the shampoo a few times and said it was soothing for his scalp and dryness. I have been using this shampoo 3-5 times a week since we got it. Only dryness was a tiny bit of cradle cap and this cleared within a week. Noticed improvement is hair condition instantly. It’s probably more than I would spend but it is a good product and is lasting well.  I loved how it left my daughters hair very soft and smelt lovely. The shampoo seemed gentle and helped clear the last of her of her cradle cap. Personally I would not buy this as a bit too pricey for me. I would recommend as a nice product and helpful for dry scalp me. A nice product and left my daughters hair soft and shiny. I haven’t given full marks as the price is a little high.  Nice packaging, easy to use. Gentle on my daughters scalp and eyes. Left hair feeling soft and shiny and smelt lovely. Helped to clear cradle cap. Was soothing on a dry/psoriasis prone scalp. Kayley Budd – Emilia 14 Months

Product Tested By Samantha Young – Millie 13 years

Samantha Awarded The Bioskin Junior shampoo 4.2/5

Professional packaging looked high quality. A great concept in order to treat children who are suffering from scalp problems. I loved the design of the product as it was very salon professional looking and child friendly with the images.  This was very easy to use and very easy to apply.  A really good shampoo. It was difficult to lather on first wash but overall left my daughter’s hair soft and shiny.  This was very effective as nourished and helped with dry scalp condition. We would use this 3 times each week.  Noticed an improvement in scalp condition after 2 weeks of use.  I would by this product as it does improve dry scalp conditions. A much nicer product than others I’ve tried on the market.  I loved the fresh smelling scent.  I would buy this as it was effective in treating dry scalp conditions.  I would recommend if they were looking for a treatment shampoo for their child.  It was difficult to lather on first wash so sometimes too much product was applied.  A clean, fresh scent that improves dry scalp conditions leaving hair soft and shiny. Samantha Young – Millie 13 years


I would buy this as it maintained my child’s long dry hair. I would recommend as a lot more children suffer with sensitive skin these days and this is an effective product to prevent this.


Chantel Awarded The Bioskin Junior shampoo 5/5

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