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Bitti D’lish Snap In One

Bitti D’lish Snap In one is a divinely comfortable with the performance of a disposable, bitti d’lish will change the way you think about cloth nappies! The nappy comes apart, you can re-use the outer ‘shell’ like a cover, replacing wet booster sets with dry ones, perfect for travelling or space saving in the nappy bag. Quick drying – 8 layers of bamboo and organic cotton for a highly absorbent nappy, suitable even for heavy wetters. Additional Booster Sets are sold seperately.

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Bitti D’lish Snap In One Reviews

Product Tested by: Donna Kirk - Baby Leon 6 Months

Product Tested By Donna Kirk – Baby Leon 6 Months

Donna Awarded The Bitti D’lish Snap In One 4/5

Very cute loved the colourful outer layer not as bulky as expected.  Colour coded poppers are an excellent idea.  Loved using these at home, but would not be so keen on using these when travelling as would have to carry dirty ones in nappy bag.  The texture is so very soft and very comfortable for Leon.  Very easy to wash and could dry easily in the drier.  The fit was snugg and Leon was comfortable wearing this nappy.  I must admit I was amazed how absorbant this nappy was even without the booster.  These kept Leon dry during the day and also at night.   No leaks which is brilliant.  These are not as bulky as I expected them to be.  These are so easy to fit once you get used to them and the colour coded poppers were a great help.  These are enviromentally friendly.  Initial cost is high, but when you take into account the fact that you can use these time and time again, then they are a cost effective option.  Would certainly recommend these as just amazed how absorbant they were compared to other similar nappies on the market.  Impressive, highly absorbant, look great and snug fit.  Donna Kirk – Baby Leon 6 Months

Product Tested By Nicole Allen – Baby Rose 5 Months

Nicole Awarded The Bitti D’lish Snap In One 3.8/5

Looked very nice when they arrived.  I like to try new things and was keen to try these reusable nappies as know they are kinder to the environment.  The texture of these nappies is so soft and they were comfortable fit for Rose.  Fitted snugly and she was comfortable and happy to wear this nappy.  I would have to change these more often than disposables as did not keep Rose dry all the time.  During the night time we did have a few leaks.  Must admit these are bulkier than disposable nappies under clothing.  Very easy to put on and the whole system is simple and easy to use.  Would wash perfectly and look as good as new.  It is important to us that products we use are enviromentally friendly.  Found the cost slighty high, but then again you have to take into account the fact that you can use these time and time again.  These look good and work well.  A very good product if you want to use real nappies and look great too.  Nicole Allen – Baby Rose 5 Months

Product Tested By Dawn Francis – Baby Joe 6 Months

Dawn Awarded The Bitti D’lish Snap In One Nappy 5/5

These nappies are so soft and easy to use.  I loved them, but did not enjoy cleaning them when my son soiled them!!  Texture is gorgeous and very absorbent and the range of colours available is fantastic.  These are so soft and my son loved having them on.  With the poppers available I was able to get the perfect fit for Joe.  He is very slender and disposables sometimes slip off but I never had this problem with this nappy.  It kept him dry during the day and right through the night.  Although the nappy was full in the morning there was no sign of any leaks on his pyjamas  These nappies are easy to wash and care for.  You can use these time and time again and no throwing away which is fantastic which makes them fantastic value for money once the intial outlay is over.  I am planning on making the switch from disposable to reusable nappies and as these ones are so easy to use and so lovely to wear I shall be picking these as my favoured brand for the future.  They are great for the environment, cute designs, wonderful velvet feel.  Just great all round nappy.  I am already recommending these to all my friends.  We just loved them. Dawn Francis – Joe 6 months

Impressive, highly absorbant, look great and snug fit.


Donna Awarded The Bitti D’Lish Snap In One Nappy 4/5

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