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Bath time is at a whole new level with the new Stack ‘n’ Spray fountain from B Kids! The floating base becomes a magical fountain that can create different spray effects and patterns when the included sea animals are swapped or stacked! Bathing in the tub will never be the same again with your baby’s adorable new whale, octopus and turtle friends. This toy is fun and fascinating for all!Age from 12 months.

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Bkids Spray-n-Play Reviews

Product Tested by: April Streeton – Orla 18 Months

Tested By April Streeton – Orla 18 Months

Awarded The B Kids Spray ‘n Play 4.2/5

we thought it looked like it didn’t do much and were sceptical about how much
it would entertain our little one in the bath.
It is battery powered and I was worried at first about water getting in
to the battery compartment. The packaging was average. Bright colours and image of product, but it
didn’t necessarily stand out as being particularly striking. The instructions were ample enough to work
out how to function the product. The toy kept her entertained for short periods
in the bath. She has slightly lost
interest in the toy, after a couple of weeks of using. I think that she will be more interested in
interacting with this toy when she is a bit older and I won’t get it out to
play with every bath time. The best
aspect of this bath toy is that it sprays water in different ways, which my
daughter really enjoyed. The spinning water wheel trapped my daughter’s finger
and really hurt her. I was surprised
that the design would allow a little finger to be caught in it. I think the manufacturers should have thought
about this more carefully. When I am
looking to purchase toys I will look online and visit stores. Good quality for a plastic product. It isn’t flimsy and is sturdy when assembled. It all functions very well. The jets work well. I feel that the price is
fair for the product, as it is a good quality product and a novel idea for a
bath toy. I would buy the product.
However, knowing what I do about it, I think I’d buy it for my daughter
when she was a bit older. I think she’ll
interact with it a bit more when she is older. I
would recommend this bath toy as it is good fun, good quality and a reasonable
price. Apart from the fact that she was
hurt by the toy, I think that the product overall is good. It is better-functioning and more interesting
than the other two bath toys we had previously bought her. I think my daughter is a bit too young to
really interact with the toy; maybe it should be aimed at slightly older
children. We have had a positive experience using this product and I will
continue to use it at bath times. April Streeton – Orla
18 Months

Tested By Ellis Clayton – Harvey 18 Months

Awarded The B Kids Spray ‘n Play 3.9/5

a bright colourful bath toy. Thought it
was a good idea as Harvey loves water. Personally I feel the packaging could
detail a bit more information about how to use the product, but the style of
the packaging is colourful and bright.
Instructions were helpful. Like
all things kept him entertained for a short while. I really liked the whole ideal of this toy
but it did not float properly sometimes.
I would change the design slightly to enable it to float better. When shopping for toys and gifts I will
purchase online and in store. The
quality is good just needs to be tweaked a little bit. This has all the makings of a really good
bath toy and would be perfect if it floated better. Ellis Clayton – Harvey 18 Months

Tested By Donna Caldwell – Oliver 18 Months

Awarded The B Kids Spray ‘n Play 3/5

and colourful, would definitely catch your attention. It was clear to see
how to use this bath toy by the pictures on the box. It did keep my son
entertained when we first started using it, but it quickly popped of the ring
that was supposed to keep it together. The thing we liked best about this bath
toy was the different way the water came out. The rubber ring that holds 2
parts together kept failing so needs looked at. When looking at how to shop I’m
an online shopper but I do like to browse in stores. I think the quality needs to be improved
based on our experience. The colours are
brilliant but the quality really let it down. Great fun to play with but
disappointed to not be able to enjoy its full potential.My kids did enjoy
playing with the individual parts but got upset when the whale just couldn’t
keep the other parts attached. Donna Caldwell – Oliver 18 Months

I think that the product overall is good. It is better-functioning and more interesting than the other two bath toys we had previously bought her.


April Awarded The B Kids Spray ‘n Play 4.2/5

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