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Bkids Travel Discovery Gym

You and your baby will fall in love with the adorable bebee’s Travel Discovery Gym! Includes three attachable toys that are easy to detach and perfect for on-the-go play. Baby will enjoy hours of fun entertainment with the cute dangling toys. bebee’s Travel Discovery Gym grows with your child too.

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Bkids Travel Discovery Gym Reviews

Product Tested by: Laura Woodbridge – Lyla 6 Months

Tested By
Laura Woodbridge – Lyla 6 Months

Awarded The B Kids Travel Discovery Gym 5/5

packaging. Looks colourful and fun. I have seen other travel gyms that are sold
in boxes and do not look as attractive as the carry bag which the B Kids Travel
Gym comes packaged in. Instructions for assembling the product were very clear
and non-technical. Easy to understand. My child finds this product fun and
comfortable to lay on for extended periods. It keeps her occupied for decent
lengths of time. I like how colourful this product is and the cute animals
hanging from the arched bar keep my child entertained and giggling. I think the
design of this toy is very good especially in comparison to others I have
received. I prefer to shop in store as I feel that packaging would attract me
to the product in comparison to similar products and I would be able to assess
the quality of the product. The quality of this gym is excellent. In comparison to similar products I feel this
product is value for money. I would not need to purchase this item but would
consider buying it for a friend. I have
already recommended. Excellent product
that does exactly as described. Keeps my child entertained and comfortable. Laura Woodbridge – Lyla 6 Months

Tested By
Kelly Campbell – Laif 4 Months

Awarded The B Kids Travel Discovery Gym 4/5

I first opened the product it looked colourful and compact. Packaging was transparent so you can see product
inside. I think it would blend in with the other baby gyms. This is already assembled
so it was just a case of folding out feet to make it stable. My son would lay
under it and stare at the rainbow arch and looked around him. However I had to
position him with his legs off the mat for him to reach the toys at shoulder
level. I really liked the fact it was portable. The mat could be used just as a
mat without arch or toy attachment. I would suggest some changes such as have
some different toys at bottom of arch for those baby’s not quite able to reach
up. Cloth hooks for ability to add toys if you wanted to. I tend to shop online
and in store. Very well made as I have
always found B kids to be. For what you get, not really. I think it’s quite
expensive for essentially a fold up mat with three toys. I would probably not
purchase this. As I say a blanket and a few toys would work just as well. I
would recommend as it is a lovely gym for baby.
If it came with a few more features like a crinkle bit in mat or
textured materials & some extra toys I may have given a higher score. A
lovely well-made product to pick up and go. Would benefit from a few added
features or a price slash. Kelly
Campbell – Laif 4 Months

Tested By
Bernice Frost – Ryan 4 Months

Awarded The B Kids Travel Discovery Gym 3/5

lightweight, colourful product. The packaging was shaped as a semi-circle which
was unusual so I do think it would stand out in a store. The instructions were
pictorial, which was very helpful. This entertained my son for very short
periods of time but may be more to do with my son than the product. Overall I think he enjoyed it. I liked the fact you could detach the toys
for son to play with, helping him to start to grasping items. Also, very easy to transport. Initially I
liked the fact that the product was lightweight but when I opened it up the
word flimsy came to mind regarding the mat.
I would like to see better quality here. Personally when shopping for
items like this I prefer to shop online.
A nice colourful mat but a bit flimsy.
Have seen similar products with better quality for a better price so I
don’t think that it offers value for money. Although it gave an initial great
first impression I didn’t feel the quality was great for the price, I would not
have been happy to pay full price for this product but would be happy picking
it up half price in a sale. My son
enjoyed looking at the toys and start reaching for them so overall it was a
positive experience. Bernice Frost – Ryan 4 Months

I have already recommended. Excellent product that does exactly as described. Keeps my child entertained and comfortable.


Laura Awarded The B Kids Travel Discovery Gym 5/5

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