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Blade & Rose Fox Leggings

Stand out in these black and vanilla ice striped leggings with a adorable fox on the bum. Perfect for both boys and girls.
75% Combed Cotton 20% Nylon 5% Spandex Blade and Rose are the original designers of premium baby leggings, a fashion trendsetter. Perfect for cloth nappies. Award Winning. Keep your baby cosy with these adorable, fun and comfortable baby leggings
Leggings are available in sizes 0-6
months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years, 2-3 years


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£10.00 online

Blade & Rose Fox Leggings Reviews

Product Tested by: Fu Tang – Teddy 15 Months

Tested By Fu Tang – Teddy 15 Months

Fu Awarded
The Blade & Rose Fox Leggings 5/5

My wife and I
are huge fans of the fox leggings and were really happy when we saw the
product. Packaging was simple and accessible.
The quality and design of the leggings are fantastic. They look and feel
soft and easy to put on. The material is of a high quality. The sizing is great
and I felt that they fitted Teddy very well and were comfortable and not tight
on him like others we have tried with different brands. There is a good amount
of stretch available. Teddy had no problems moving around in these and they
kept him warm. We have had no problems washing the leggings. They
havekept to their original sizing. I liked the design the most
about the leggings. We love the fox image on the bottom which looks very cute
and we get commented on these whenever he wears them out. We loved pairing the
boots with the leggings and thought that they matched really well together
without being over the top. We often received compliments of the two together.
Great value for money as I can see these lasting a while because of the
stretchy waist and generous leg material. We would purchase this product. We would certainly recommend. The leggings are one of our favourite bottoms
for Teddy to wear. They really suit most tops and work great as an extra layer
for the colder weather. Fu Tang – Teddy 15 Months

Tested By Wayne Clarke – Sydney 2 Years

Wayne Awarded
The Blade & Rose Fox Leggings 4/5

Brightly coloured, nice material. Basic plastic packaging, not able to
recycle which is a shame. The design was bright and interesting. We wouldn’t
use the leggings without the boots. The quality was good, they are thick and
stretchy. They were perfect for splashing in muddy puddles. We were happy with
the quality of the material. Had no problems putting them on our daughter. They
were stretchy and easy to use. We had no complaints! She was happy putting them
on and wearing them. No problems washing and drying these. We really liked the matching aspect to the
boots. She wore the leggings when getting muddy and then we knew we had spare
trousers for her to wear afterwards so it didn’t matter. I wouldn’t have
purchased both the boots and leggings separately. If they came as a good
package then I would consider it. I wouldn’t buy the leggings on their own for
that price. I’d only
consider it if there was an offer to buy both as a set. Due to the good quality
I would tell others where the products are from. Lovely product and great idea
to have the leggings match the boots. Downside was the price and you would only
wear the leggings with the boots. Great idea for the products to be a set as
you don’t worry that the leggings are getting muddy. Wayne Clarke – Sydney 2

Tested By Vicky Clark – Cassandra 20 Months

Vicky Awarded
The Blade & Rose Fox Leggings 4.8/5

Lovely and
soft. Great colour contrast loved the different width stripes on the legs. Rather
big fox picture. Came in a clear bag in a grey bag. Did the job well product Arrived safely.
Thought the quality was very good, they were well made and seams were well
sewn. I like the fox design. But put them with dresses more than with a T-shirt. Seems very durable and well made. All the
edges were neat with no loose threads.
Didn’t snag or pull. They seemed warm and cosy for her. Material hasn’t
stretched out of shape. Seemed comfortable for her to wear. Wasn’t tight on the
waist band or legs. Did get bigger size
as that’s the size she’s in. They fitted
well all round. Didn’t sag or ride up. No complaints so were comfortable to
wear. They went in with everything else quite happily in our washing machine
and tumble dryer. No problems. I loved the design and colours. The different
width stripes on the legs made them interesting. The orange cuffs make them
stand out. Love them being different.
Both the wellington boots and leggings matched well. But the wellingtons were
tight on the calf. The leggings had to sit above them. Didn’t give the best look. They were very striking when together and were
very funky. They are a good price. The material is good; they are well designed
and well made. Hasn’t snagged or pulled
so I think they
will last. As they were well made and a funky design I would consider buying
some other designs. I would definitely recommend this product, as they seem
comfortable and would last. Good for the
money and a funky design that stands out.
I really like the leggings the stripes are really funky. I like
the contrast. They were a good fit and
didn’t sag. Not too sure
on her wearing them as leggings with T-shirt.
Looked great with a dress or skirt.
Think the big design on the bottom is a bit odd when walking would look
better on younger babies. Vicky Clark – Cassandra 20 Months



The leggings are one of our favourite bottoms for Teddy to wear. They really suit most tops and work great as an extra layer for the colder weather.


Fu Awarded The Blade & Rose Fox Leggings 5/5

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