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Bloom Alma Crib

alma’s folding design makes it perfect for storing in smaller living spaces, transporting to second homes for the holiday break or setting up at grandma’s house and then storing away. it’s also ideal if parents or children are sharing a room, as it can be easily folded away to create space.
The all in one alma store is a customized protective storage bag that allows you to stow away alma and its bedding, providing extra portability and mobility through use of the castors provided with alma. made with commercial grade, robust and water resistant fabric, alma store is a durable carrier that protects your entire alma package against dirt and damage. with specialized compartments, this carrier neatly stows away all the components you need; base board, mattress, bedding and other essentials, so you can simply roll it all into storage, or into your car for those trips away. 
Dimensions: Folded 9 3/4"L x 19 1/2"W x 32 3/4" H – Open 19 1/2"W x 37 1/4"L x 32 3/4" H

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£300.00 (+£100 for the mattress) - Available in John Lewis, Harrods & Kiddicare or click online to find local stockist

Bloom Alma Crib Reviews

Product Tested by: Jenny Bray – Josh 11 Weeks

Product Tested By Jenny Bray – Josh 11 Weeks

Jenny Awarded the Bloom Alma Crib 4.8/5

Before seeing the product I was worried that, as it folds away, it might be flimsy but it’s not. It is a nice, sturdy item in a high gloss, bright finish. It comes ready assembled and just needed the castors putting in and the mattress base then mattress in for it to be ready to use. This was great for ease of starting to use it with a new baby in tow when the last thing you want to do is put furniture together. The crib is well made, sturdy and all the hinges are safely set in to the wood. The item looks and feels like it is a high quality product. I love the design and the look of this crib. I love that it is in a stylish high gloss finish and does not have any fancy or frilly bits. The size of the crib and the fact that it is on castors makes it great for use in the bedroom, next to the bed. The gaps between the slats are the ideal size to be able to fit your arm through to be able to comfort your baby without the need to get up. The fact that it is slatted and the height it is at means you can also look over and see your baby through its sides without getting up, unlike a Moses basket with solid sides. The fact that the crib is on castors is fantastic. I have minimal space by the side of my bed and this enabled me to move it next to the bed when in use but then move it away when required. This item is ideal for people with limited space as it can easily be folded away either to be stored when not in use or to be moved and used in another room. It is very easy to fold to move. The size is ideal to use from newborn. The size of the crib meant that we had options of where to place it in the bedroom, unlike a larger item that would only have fitted in one place in our room. As it is quite narrow and my son likes to splay his arms out in his sleep he often ends up with his arms through the gaps in the slats at the side, although this hasn’t caused any problems. It is nice and sturdy so its stronger and safer than using a Moses basket or a travel cot. I wouldn’t have considered this product before trying it. My reason for this is because they don’t do the crib in natural wood, which I feel eliminates some of the potential purchasers. Having now tried it I love the funky, bright color. This is definitely a talking point when in use in the lounge and we have friends round who see it for the first time! However, I do feel it is expensive for what it is. I would recommend it from birth instead of considering a Moses basket. I would not recommend it as a transition from a Moses basket where one has been used as I feel they would not get enough use out of it to make the cost worthwhile. Now I have this crib I wouldn’t be without it. We were planning on using a pram carrycot at first before moving to a cot bed but we’ve been using this crib rather than the smaller carrycot since it arrived as it is so much more practical due to its size, height and the fact it is on castors. I love the fact that it is portable and, although it is bulky to travel with, plan on buying the bag for it so I can take it with us and use it when we stay over with family and friends. I wouldn’t now consider using a flimsy pop up travel cot when I can take this and know my baby is completely safe in it. I love the ethical side of Bloom; that they use sustainable wood and don’t use unnecessary chemicals when making their products. I really like this crib apart from points already mentioned. The only other down side to this product is that the top rail will not accommodate a mobile as it is too thick (from the top to the slats) for the mobile clamp. Due to its size it will be outgrown fairly quickly, but I guess this could be said about most baby items! It’s ideal to use from birth but if moving a baby to it from a Moses basket before then moving on to a cot bed it may not last for very long. This is a great, sturdy, funky colored crib that is excellent for using in the bedroom next to me at night and for then moving it to use in another room during the day. Jenny Bray – Josh 11 Weeks

Product Tested By Georgia Owen – Baby Isabelle 8 Weeks

Georgia Awarded the Bloom Alma Crib 4.8/5

Very stylish, modern yet retro design in a great color. Very easy to put up because it comes fully assembled! Very nice quality, smooth, sleek, shiny and stylish. Great contemporary design, just what I was looking for. It’s just the right size to fit beside our bed – very neat! Because of the castors I can easily move it from our bedroom to our living room to move from night to day use. It also means I can have it up against the bed at night and then move it out if I need to get up. At first Izzy looked really small in the crib as it is bigger than a Moses basket but the size means she won’t outgrow it so quickly so she will be able to stay in the same bed for at least the first year of her life rather than having to change beds and possibly confuse her. Izzy moves her arms around at night and as the crib isn’t very wide she does sometimes hit her hands on the sides. I would have liked it to have been slightly wider for as she gets older and bigger. It is much stronger than using a Moses basket. We live in a flat where space is limited so this has been ideal as it means we’ve only needed one crib because it can be wheeled between our bedroom and our living room for 24 hour use. The width of this crib is the only thing I can fault. I love the look and feel and it is very practical. I love that this crib is not your boring, run of the mark out of 5 /5 mill wood cot. It is designed to stand out from other products in both style and color. This crib is super stylish and I love using it. Georgia Owen – Baby Isabelle 8 Weeks

Product Tested By Tracy Thompson – Sam 10 Months

Tracy Awarded the Bloom Alma Crib 3.3/5

Looks very nice, love the color and the fact it is on wheels! Very easy to put together as it came almost fully assembled. Very solid cot, very well made and a very nice mattress. I liked the look of the item but, as it is quite narrow, there is not much space for my son’s arms to move around. But it was on wheels which was great because I could bring it right up to the side of my bed. My child even when very small used to sleep with his arms out wide and he used to bash the sides. I would therefore have preferred something wider to accommodate this. It is a very strong looking product but for the price I would want it to last much longer and accommodate the growth of my Son. It is perfect for a newborn but as the child starts to move at around 5-6 months it just isn’t big enough. Excellent product but a baby would outgrow it very quickly. Tracy Thompson – Sam 10 Months

This is a great, sturdy, funky colored crib that is excellent for using in the bedroom next to me at night and for then moving it to use in another room during the day.


Jenny Awarded the Bloom Alma Crib 4.8/5

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