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Bloom Coco Go

This lightweight lounger has a unique 3-in-1 design so it can also be also used as a rocker and bouncer, making it ideal for playtime and naptime. With 3 reclining positions it’s suitable from birth and there’s a concealed vibration unit to help little ones drift off to sleep. The unique fold-flat design and carry bag make it ideal for travelling as it can be stored neatly and compactly. Additional Features: machine washable seat pad, 5 point safety harness and anti-skid base.

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£140.00 - Available in John Lewis, Harrods & Kiddicare or click online to find local stockist

Bloom Coco Go Reviews

Product Tested by: Stephanie Hull – Lily 3 Months

Product Tested By Stephanie Hull – Lily 3 Months

Stephanie Awarded The Bloom Coco Go 4.5/5

Plain, Simple, Modern & Comfortable Looking. Good sturdy chair with a lightweight steel frame, very easy to assemble with lovely soft fabric and good padding. Very big harness that is a bit big but does give you the reassurance that the baby is safe from falling out. My baby was sick on the chair a couple of times and with a wipe of a cloth it came off with no effort and left no stain. My baby is 3 months old and is at the stage of wanting to sit up quite a lot to have a nose about and this chair is fantastic for this as it has 3 seating positions from lying flat to sitting fully upright. She was very comfortable, safe and happy in all positions.  It has a good rocking motion as well as a nice bounce to it. It has a very good upright position where you can clip the bottom to the base and little retractable feet at the front and rear to make it more stable. Doesn’t slide on my wooden floor. Has a two speed vibrate feature which baby loves but it drained the batteries quite quickly. It came with no accessories. Would have been nice if a toy was attached. Can fold it flat and easily slide it behind the door or sofa when not in use. It comes with a bag for you to carry the chair around which was very handy when wanting to transport it and is very lightweight so not heavy to carry but a little bit too wide so I would have preferred it to be a little smaller when I also have the baby, car seat, pram (Chassis & Carry Cot) changing bag etc. to fit in the car. My daughter did enjoy being in the chair, it is quite wide and deep so very comfortable. Also being able to sit upright at times was a bonus for her. The only thing I would criticise is the size of the harness. My baby is only a wee one (nearly 9lbs when we first tried product) so it covered most of her body and she looked a bit drowned in them. I ended up not using them and just spread them out under her unless she was put in the upright position, which I didn’t try until she was nearly 10lbs and it was fine. I wouldn’t have used the chair when she was a newborn unless she was over 9lb at birth. I will continue to use this chair as it has become a very handy and essential piece of equipment when I need to do daily tasks like cooking the dinner, cleaning, washing etc. or when she needs a nap in the day. I also love the fact that you can sit our baby upright so she can see what I’m doing and take in her surroundings. Some family members have already commented on how nice the chair is. They will be trying for a baby in the near future. The only downfall that I think will put people off is the price. It would have a 5 if there was a toy bar of some sorts, the vibrate feature didn’t drain the batteries so quickly and the harness was a little smaller. A lovely light, handy and essential piece of equipment that every parent needs to keep your baby comfortable and safe when you need some hands free time or for when they have a nap in the day. Stephanie Hull – Lily 3 Months


Product Tested By Vicky Hunter – Jessica 1 Month

Vicky Awarded The Bloom Coco Go 4.2/5

Box is quite plain but as soon as you open it you can tell this is a well-made product. Good quality solid chair with a very nice finish. I have already had to wash one of the shoulder straps and simply put it in the machine and it came out fine. Not sure how easy this would be to do with the whole chair though. It is a suede type material so not wipe clean.  This has a good range of seating options which I think would suit babies at different stages. A very versatile chair. The chair does not come with a toy bar and there does not seem to be anything available from Bloom as an add on. This is fine for younger infants like Jessica but as she gets older I think she would prefer a chair with toys for stimulation. We do not fold up the chair it is so beautifully designed that we are happy to have it in the lounge even after baby is in bed. The travel bag is a very useful addition but the chair is still quite bulky even when folded. Jess loves the chair and will fall asleep in it very quickly particularly with the vibrate setting on. However, as Jess gets older we may need to look for a chair with toys or find a way of attaching a toy bar to this chair.  I would recommend if they are looking for something to fit in with their interior rather than something to entertain baby. Lovely chair, beautiful to look at, very comfortable for baby bu tlacking in any toys or accessories for entertaining older infants.Vicky Hunter – Jessica 1 Month


Product Tested By Lucy Smith – Cullan 2 Months

LucyAwarded The Bloom Coco Go 5/5

I was very impressed with the Bloom Coco Go chair. It arrived extremely well packaged and even the outer box and wrappings gave the impression of the chair being a luxury product. The chair itself is beautiful,very well made, the design is thoroughly thought through to be practical and stylish; it also looks incredibly comfortable. The overall quality is very high, it’s sturdy and strong. The seat is nicely padded and the quality of the materials and production seems very high. The fabric is lovely and soft, it has an almost suede like feel to it whilst being entirely practical for use with a small baby. I have machine washed the cover with no problems or damage to the fabric. There are several seat positions, at the moment because my son is so tiny we have it on the fully reclined position which is very comfortable for him. I’mimpressed with how many different positions there are and with how easy it is to change. There is an extremely secure 5 point harness which is well padded to ensure comfort and safety regardless of the position the chair is in. Having several seating positions from upright to nearly fully recline the chair is very versatile.  It also has little stops which can be put down to prevent the chair from rocking if you wanted it to stay still. It manually rocks on two curved legs and also has a vibrate function which soothes my baby to sleep. Included with the chair is a handy carry bag which also keeps it clean and dust free when not in use. The chair is very easy to store, it neatly folds down and stores away in a handy black carry bag. Being portable we have taken the chair with us when visiting family and plan to take it with us when we go on our son’s first holiday. It folds so its flat meaning it doesn’t take up much precious space in the boot of our car. The carry bag means it can be transported without getting damaged or dirty along the way. Cullan loves his rocker, we had purchased another make of chair, one which bounces and has a toy bar but he far prefers the rock and bounce of the BloomCoco Go. It is really the only place he is happy to be other than in my arms as he has reflux so the movement and position of the seat helps him. In fact he’s sitting in it now bouncing it himself by kicking his legs happily. I will definitely continue to use the rocking chair, it’s one of the best baby items we have! I hope to use it until Cullan grows too big and will then store it in case we have a third child, it’s brilliant! I would recommend Bloom products especially the chair to my friends and family, I am extremely happy and impressed with the style, quality and effectiveness of the product. I’d give this product a 5/5 overall, our other chair has become redundant in favour of this one! The Bloom Coco Go rocking chair has been a joy to test, my son loves it and I love it; it’s practical, lovely to look at and will compliment a stylish living space with its modern design and muted colours but most importantly of all its comfortabl eand relaxing for my baby to sleep and play in! Lucy Smith – Cullan 2 Months


 A lovely light, handy and essential piece of equipment that every parent needs to keep your baby comfortable and safe when you need some hands free time or for when they have a nap in the day.


Stephanie Awarded The Bloom Coco Go 4.5/5 

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