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Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor V1

Finding your feet as a new parent isn’t easy, especially cracking that all-important routine. The Bluebell Smart monitoring system takes away the guesswork by tracking you and your baby 24 hours a day. Designed by doctors, it’s the only wearable made for both baby and you. A personalised planner and real-time prompts will help you settle into your sleep and feeding routine, so you can parent confidently with peace of mind. 1 year warranty.

  • REAL-TIME ALERTS: Monitor baby’s breathing, temperature, movement, crying, sleep and if they roll on their tummy. Get real-time vibration alerts on these to your Parent Wristband and Mobile App. Stay connected to your baby 24/7.ack, monitor and plan nappy changes, feeds, pumping, medication, bath-time and sleep. Get reminders so you can lock down that all important routine. Invite friends, family and babysitters to the app, so they too can monitor and follow baby’s routine.
  • ROUTINE SORTED: Track, monitor and plan nappy changes, feeds, pumping, medication, bath-time and sleep. Get reminders so you can lock down that all important routine. Invite friends, family and babysitters to the app, so they too can monitor and follow baby’s routine.
  • GET MORE SLEEP: The Smart hub has everything you need for a restful night’s sleep for baby and parent – from lullabies and white noise, two way audio and speaker, handy nightlight for changes and feeds, room noise and temperature monitoring. All of these can be controlled from the app (from the comfort of your own bed). It’s all your parenting essentials in one!
  • 24/7 MONITORING, IN AND OUTSIDE HOME: identify baby’s patterns and trends and translate them into simple parenting insights. These insights can even be shared with healthcare professionals. Your baby monitor even works on the go, without WiFi, it’s convenient, hands-free, wireless and reliable!
  • Suitable from Birth

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Price £299.00 Available John Lewis, Amazon, Argos and online 

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2021 Monitors – Sound, Vision & Movement Categories 

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Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor V1 Reviews

Product Tested By Stacy Scott – Eifion 6 Months

Stacy Awarded The Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor 4.6/5

When the product arrived, we thought it looked really professional and something we would definitely consider looking at in a shop. The box was very sturdy and the compartments the products were placed in were snug so they looked like they would be safe in transportation. The simplicity of the logo was also good. I thought the concept was brilliant. I always have my mobile phone with me and the thought of being able to monitor my baby at all times really gave me piece of mind. As a first time Mum, I know I am quite nervous in the evenings when my little boy goes to bed, so the thought that I could be downstairs, but still be able to monitor my little boy fully, was a concept I really wanted to explore. The design was all it needed to be – simplistic. As a parent, I haven’t the time to ‘mess about’ with lots of different gadgets with many pieces. Therefore, the simplistic design was great for us. The watch looked very smart looking as well and I liked this as I could wear it without people asking lots of questions about why I was monitoring my baby in such detail (which I really liked about the product). The instructions given in the box were not the clearest and it took us a couple of goes to get the monitor set up. The QR codes on the written instructions are too small and too close together and this caused some issues in set up. The instructions given online were much clearer and (as they are able to be more detailed) were much easier to use. I often referred to these if we needed guidance. Once we looked at the instructions online, we found it easier to set up. It took a while for us to get it connected to our internet system (we have excellent fibre optic internet service – so we know it wasn’t that). It struggled a little to find the ‘Bluebell Home’ connection. Once found though, we were away to go and we had no issues once it was set up. The breathing alerts were great as we were able to look at it on the app. We loved the way that BOTH my husband and I could have the app and the information on our own phones – as many things you buy can only be connected to one phone which is not great when both parents would like to use it. Therefore, the fact that my husband and myself could look at the app and check on him at any time, was something we really liked. It was always effective and worked really well. During the trial, we had a heat wave, so the ability to monitor the baby’s temperature was brilliant as we were able to check if he was getting too hot when he was sleeping. We also used it, for the same reason, out in the garden at this time and it was beneficial then to check on his temperature in the sun. It was very effective, as we checked his temperature using a thermometer and it was the same as what was displayed on the app, so we were impressed by this. We absolutely loved sleeping position feature. You hear so many nightmare stories about SIDs when children have rolled onto their tummy during their sleep. So this feature gave me real peace of mind. Luckily, our little boy enjoys sleeping on his back, so we never used the feature ‘in real life’, but we tested it whilst he was awake (to check the feature was working), and it worked fine. A  cry alert is brilliant feature as we go to bed later than our little boy. Therefore, he is upstairs sleeping on his own in his room for about two hours whilst we were downstairs. This feature often informed us our son was upstairs before we were able to hear him, so we could attend to his needs quicker. Therefore, we absolutely loved this feature. The track baby sleep cycle is an interesting part of the app, but I wouldn’t say it was the most beneficial aspect. It was lovely to read about and a lovely feature, but the safety of the baby is what should be the most beneficial. This has a great battery life. The app worked well, but the watch did not work as well without being connected to our home wi-fi and often said it needed to be closer to my wi-fi signal. This was a bit inconvenient as I really wanted to be able to just quickly look at my watch whilst we were out for the day, rather than getting my phone out and looking at the app all the time. Much better coverage within the house with both the app and the watch. I loved checking on my baby’s progress whilst we were downstairs. Before receiving the monitor to test, we were quite stringent on routine anyway (as we felt this was important), so this feature was a great added extra and I liked filling in the details and looking back, but it wasn’t the feature we used the most. However, I feel that for parent(s) who may not have a routine set yet, a monitor like this would be a huge benefit (especially the reminders). Absolutely LOVED the wrist band as I loved the thought of being able to keep an eye on my son without having to carry a monitor around the house and making sure I had the monitor with me in every room and not have left it somewhere. Being a busy Mum, this feature seemed like it solved all those issues. Most of the time (80%), the watch worked perfectly. It was very effective and informed us when our baby needed us. I also loved the fact that I could check to see if my son was still sleeping, or if he was having a wiggle. The watch was very comfortable to wear, easy to use, and the features were a great asset. However, a few times I had to ‘Restart’ the watch using the app as it had disconnected itself from the baby monitor. This involved connecting the watch back u to the hub and restarting it using the app. This only took 10 seconds each time, but when it happens quite a few times (like it did with us), it can get quite time consuming. Also, during the trial, the watch display shifted to the left and half the image was in the wrong place. I contacted Bluebell via email and they replied with an automated response saying they would be in touch within 24 hours. Within 10 minutes, they had contacted me and within 1 hour the problem was solved via email and the watch was back to normal and worked perfectly again. This movement in the display happened a few times afterwards too though, but I followed the email I was sent previously, and righted the problem myself. The representative at Bluebell (Romi Mathew), was absolutely brilliant and very helpful. We were very impressed with the quick service. However, I do feel that maybe the watch needs a little tweaking. The Smart Hub 2-way audio worked very well and a great feature. Myself or my husband would speak to our little one to say we were ‘on the way’ when going to see him upstairs. This helped him stay calm and not get more upset. The room temperature feature was  great during the heat wave as it helped us keep track to see if we needed to open or shut the window in our sons bedroom – a great feature. We did not use the lullabies or white noise feature as our son settles himself and doesn’t need any music to sleep. However, I can see how other parents would find this very beneficial so is a great feature. This was very useful as our little boy does like a nightlight. What I liked about the monitor was that it wasn’t just a baby monitor, so the nightlight was an ‘extra’ that saved you money as you didn’t have to buy a separate gadget. It also means there are not too many gadgets in the baby’s room. I really liked the mobile app  aspect as it means the monitor looks after baby and parent. I was more interested in the ‘activity’ aspect as I always wanted to know how many steps I was doing whilst walking the baby. This way I could wear my watch whilst I was walking and monitor this. Another great added extra. The track and plan routine again is a brilliant feature, but we haven’t used it yet as we haven’t been anywhere without the baby yet – so only we have used it. But it will be great when we can use it. We used this every evening when our little boy went to bed. On walks in our local area with the baby (most days) and a couple of times out in our garden. We mostly used this monitor every night for bedtime. Absolutely gave us piece of mind. The app was vital and (even though the watch didn’t work 100% of the time), the watch was great and I LOVED it. I loved the watch especially when it’s 100% working, it is brilliant. Very important this comes with a one year warranty as it gives peace of mind. Superb quality. Would have given 5/5 if the watch had worked as expected. At first people may look and think it is a lot of money (which it is, especially for new parents). But when you look at the many features the monitor has and how many gadgets it combines into one (therefore you don’t have as many gadgets in the child’s room – which I agree with), then the price is actually quite reasonable. I would buy this, especially if the watch works 100% of the time. We would definitely recommend the product. If the watch worked 100% of the time, then I would definitely have awarded 5/5. We thought this product was great and loved all the additional features it offered. A great product for parents. We have thoroughly enjoyed using this product and look forward to more products from this company.  Stacy Scott – Eifion 6 Months

Product Tested By Kim Pearson – Archie 4 Weeks

Kim Awarded The Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor 4.5/5

My first impression of the baby monitor was it is a good size, not too big, not heavy. I did think that it had a fair bit of cardboard. I can see why as it was used to separate all the parts. Maybe there could have been a way to separate without so many little bits. Everything was labelled great and that was helpful.  The concept of this Product is innovative and informative, giving you insightful information about your baby when you need it.  At first, The design wasn’t working for me on the parent wristband, as it would connect and stay docked. I then found the video telling you what to do to keep it docked, it was then fine. The design of the hardware is simple but effective, a device for baby, mum and a dock to charge. The design for the technology was not so effective, if you are not tech savvy, it could have been really tricky as some people are used to a more old school form of monitor.  I am fairly tech savvy, but I found  The instructions quite confusing. I had to keep coming back to them to set it up. A big part of this could have been sleep deprivation in the first few days. Setting up the baby device was straight forward but as I didn’t set up the parent device straight away there was no explanation how to do that at a later date. It was cleared up Very quick as I just asked a question on the chat and they got back to me straight away to tell me what I had to do. The concept of this idea is fantastic, but as it’s a new product it needed tweaking. Baby’s breath really fast and every baby is different. My breathing alert kept going off constantly throughout the night, which at first was incredibly scary on the first night as I didn’t know any better and thought there was a major issue, but realised that the baby was fine. I spoke to customer service about it and they told me how to tweak it so I won’t get alerts constantly but will if there is an issue with his breathing. The temperature alert is a great feature if baby has one layer on, with buttons.  I’m Using in summer so he only has a layer. Every mum worried about a baby’s temperature, especially getting too high, this is one of the main reasons I use this monitor. If you layer baby up in winter, I’m not sure if it still has to touch his skin. That could be an issue as if it goes underneath sleep suits will but you won’t be able to do it up if it went underneath a vest top. If it doesn’t need to touch skin then there is no issue though. Sleep alerts are a great feature when your baby can roll. My baby cannot roll yet so I don’t need to use it, as soon as he can roll it will be worth its weight in gold as baby’s need to be on their back so you can get to him and change his position. This is a great feature. The crying feature was not good for me. I had to turn it off as it constantly notified me my baby was crying when he was not crying. I don’t use this feature now. Tracking sleep cycles is beneficial so you can go back to it and see what kind of routine your baby has, how long he sleeps and where there needs to be improvement. The longevity of the battery and the short charging time is one of the best features. I don’t know of any other product that goes that long and only has to charge for a short amount of time. Incredibly handy. This is a great feature, to be able to use it outside the house is invaluable, I haven’t needed to use it outside the house yet but knowing I can, fills me with positivity about it.  I have only been using the monitor for 4 weeks as my baby is 4 weeks old, I set up the dock in my bedroom and I get coverage all over the house and in the garden, this is exactly what you need so I was pleased it worked. This aspect is incredibly useful when you are trying to establish a routine. At the moment I haven’t used these features, but as the weeks go on and I start to find my routine more, I will be noting them down on this and making use of this great feature. The wrist band is fiddly to put on charge, unless you watch the video you wouldn’t know that you have to bend the straps the opposite way and do it up to put on Charge, even then it can be a little temperamental. I have not used the Smart Hub 2-way audio yet as I mainly use the monitor at night and my baby sleeps in my room. I love the temperature feature, I am extremely paranoid about the room temperature and the appropriate clothing for my baby, it’s incredibly useful to know the temperature on the app if you don’t have an room thermometer. I don’t use the lullabies as my baby prefers white noise to anything, the white noise aspect is incredibly handy as this soothes my baby when trying to get him to go to sleep. I found the nightlight incredibly useful, I use this every night. I try to set the president that when the night light is on, my baby gets ready to sleep. I often check the sleep Chart for myself but nothing else, I mainly use this for the baby’s purpose at the moment. I have not used the track and plan routine yet as Archie is only 4 weeks old and we are stilly trying to establish routines and we haven’t been out the house much. This will be something I will use in the future. I use the baby monitor every night. This is kept in our bedroom at night as baby sleeps in our room. It gives me great peace of mind to know that I have access to my baby’s tracked movements on my phone and on my wrist.  The monitor is expensive, it’s important to have a warranty as most can’t just buy this off the cuff, there needs to be some kind of guarantee and warranty, so good to know it comes with a 1 year warranty.  The quality is very good and it is very well made and well thought out. The technology has been meticulously designed and it shows. I do think this is on the expensive side. It’s not really affordable to a standard household. I would consider buying this product as it has most things I would want in a baby monitor. I would recommend this product to family and friends. Although it’s expensive the product and it’s technology are great and when it’s all set up it’s a great product. It’s worlds away from the monitors people are used to. That’s not necessarily a bad thing just different. It’s features and technology make it a great monitor.  My experience with the product started off quite negative, I couldn’t get the technology to work, I think that may have been a little more to do with  sleepiness nights. Once everything was set up I had more of a positive experience. I have given my hats off to customer service as I couldn’t get 2 things and just asked them on the chat on the app and they got back to me ASAP and even phoned me on the weekend. The customer service for this product is fantastic and couldn’t fault it. My main reason for wanting a monitor is to monitor his breathing and heart rate and temperature, this monitor  does so much more with its innovative features and great technology design it’s  a great find. Kim Pearson – Archie 4 Weeks

Product Tested By Angharad Mair Johl – Lily 6 Weeks

Angharad Awarded The Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor 3.8/5

Pleased that it looked fairly simple to start using without too much effort which is really helpful with a young baby who does not want to be put down! Really excited to try it out as I am one of those very anxious Mum’s and also like to document everything and have a plan! Nice simple design and I like how everything fitted nicely onto the hub – the parent’s watch looks a bit plasticky and not something I would want to wear out regularly. The instructions were very easy to follow. It was easy to set up, however when connecting to the internet it would time out and although it had worked and connected it would not tell me it had worked – this may be an internet issue my side, however I have not had any other issues with the internet. This was my only real problem with this item which is such as shame as this was something I was really interested in having the data for particularly whilst we were sleeping – unfortunately one evening it detected that my little one was not breathing and did this a few times – my little one was breathing perfectly. I did contact the Bluebell team online for some support on this to see if there was anything I was doing incorrectly, known faults etc. and received an automated response to let me know someone would be in touch. I have not had any further follow up and this was a few weeks ago. The Skin temperature alter is a really useful aspect and one of the reasons I was excited to use this – my little one refuses to sleep unless fully swaddled and in the recent heat wave is was particularly useful to check she was not too hot. Being able to monitor baby’s sleeping position again a really useful aspect of this and for reassurance – the only issue was if my husband took her down for nappy changes in the middle of the night it would keep alerting me whilst he was changing/swaddling her – thus not letting me sleep whilst we were trying to  take it in turns. The crying alert me this was the least useful aspect but only because baby was sleeping with us so we were definitely aware when she was crying – as she gets older this will become far more effective and useful when she sleeps in her own room but I would suggest putting a caveat that this feature may not be useful whilst baby is sleeping in the same room! To be able to track baby sleep cycles was a really useful aspect – only slight issue was that when she was feeding it assumed she was sleeping – if there could be a way of recognising she is feeding through the app that links through and deducts that supposed sleeping time – that would make it even more useful. This had a good battery life compared to other devices used.  Being able to use without Wi-Fi and outside the house  is useful for the temperature and again theoretically for the breathing – I did however forget to keep switching it to outside the house mode as so many other things to think about! This did delivery good coverage throughout the house and did give me peace of mind. Being able to track routine for feeds, nappy changes, bath time etc., is great.  This  is a great app and think it is a great asset. The only way that this would be even better would be if the feeding aspect could use a timer which another app has and is incredibly useful. A way of deleting alerts that were incorrect would also be useful. The wrist band was fairly easy to use.  The buttons could be a bit stiff but that is just me possibly. My sleep and steps were not accurate but I was not using it for this aspect – it did mean I was wearing two devices though. I did not use the Smart Hub 2-way audio as Lily was sleeping with us. Being able to track room temperature is a really useful aspect – good to know if windows need opening/closing – more blankets etc. Did not used the lullabies and white noise feature as I tended to us other devices already bought. The smart hub was kept downstairs as already had a room temperature device and light upstairs – will be useful when she goes to her own room potentially. The mobile App did not track that accurately for me, no device seems to register sleep that well and assumed when I am feeding that I am also sleeping (my Garmin included in this occasionally!) the steps were quite inaccurate so I stopped looking at this aspect. We have not used the plan routine for babysitter or friends taking care of Lily as she is feeding and sleeping on demand at the moment. We used this consistently for over 2 weeks unless battery died. Mostly used this at night time. This really did give me peace of mind until the breathing issue outlined above. The app is brilliant pulling everything together for baby and I think this is an added bonus over competitor pieces – if the timer could be added this would make it a truly one stop shop app. Having the warranty provides trust that the company think this is a good product and have trust in it which would make me more inclined to buy. Apart from the watch I think the pieces are good and the idea/concepts are really clever. This is quite expensive and I am aware of other products on the market for a lot less so it would price a lot of people out – particularly as it does not have a camera. I think it is a great product and great concept (once the breathing bit is explained to me for what I did wrong or is sorted) however I would want a camera device as well – to add to that all in one.  I would not recommend until I am reassured around the breathing aspect. Potentially a fantastic product that will really help anxious parents and also help with planning – a few tweaks would help this significantly. The baby monitor itself is a lot easier to use than other competitor products – stays on well and no need to undress baby to put on/off. Customer service could be better – responding to queries even if there is no solution, an acknowledgment from a human rather than just the automated response. The online user guide is really useful – there is a typo I think – on the breathing aspect it states 20 seconds (section 3.1 bottom of breathing rate in how does it work) but later on it states 30 seconds (in-between the breathing rate thresholds table and the temperature thresholds graph). Angharad Mair Johl – Lily 6 Weeks



Very important this comes with a one year warranty as it gives peace of mind. Superb quality. Would have given 5/5 if the watch had worked as expected. At first people may look and think it is a lot of money (which it is, especially for new parents). But when you look at the many features the monitor has and how many gadgets it combines into one (therefore you don’t have as many gadgets in the child’s room – which I agree with), then the price is actually quite reasonable. I would buy this, especially if the watch works 100% of the time. We would definitely recommend the product. If the watch worked 100% of the time, then I would definitely have awarded 5/5. We thought this product was great and loved all the additional features it offered. A great product for parents. We have thoroughly enjoyed using this product and look forward to more products from this company.


Stacy Awarded The Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor 4.6/5

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