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Choose your own speed on any terrain
The running and skating approved REVOLUTION PRO turns the world into a playground. Cruising the streets, getting up speed on the flat, tackling the muddiest puddles – this everyday active stroller is able to cope with any challenge, on any terrain. With a lockable swivel front wheel, drum handbrake and adjustable handle, comfort and safety are built into its DNA. So you’re free to enjoy family life without limit.

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£555.00 Available Amazon, Boots, Halfords, Uber Kids or online

Revolution Pro Reviews

Product Tested by: Jennie Dale – Noah 8 Months

Tested By Jennie Dale – Noah 8 Months

Awarded The BRITAX BOB Revolution PRO Pushchair 4.8/5

A large but
functional pram. Sturdy build with large wheels. Easy to put up. For its size
takes up little space when folded. Good quality product. Easy to follow instructions. A little confusion when it came to putting
the wheels on for the first time. Maybe more diagrams in the instruction manual
would have been useful. However, after a few times putting the pram together it
was extremely easy and quick to do. Very easy and quick to erect. Minimal effort and not a convoluted system.
Can be done single-handed, a positive, as with a baby in tow you often need an
extra hand to hold things. Again very
easy and quick. Folds up very small in comparison to the size of the pram. I
drive a Fiat 500 and we have struggled to find a pram that fits. Taking the
wheels off meant the pram fit into the boot with space for the wheels to fit in
as well. Folding the pram and removing
the wheels can be done in a matter of minutes. Very quick and easy. Our son
seems to be very comfortable and content in the seat. Has padding and supports
the child during travel. 5 point harness
is incredibly secure. Easy to fasten and simple mechanism for tightening and
releasing. Padding around the shoulder straps provides your child with further
comfort. Size of pram feels bulky in smaller shops. However, it has a good
turning circle that aids manoeuvrability. The storage area under the pram is a good size
for storing shopping when out and about.
The shopping basket is spacious although can be awkward to get items in
and out of when pram is fully erected. Excellent coverage with the canopy fully
opened. Option to have in various positions. Window on top for checking on
child provides reassurance without having to walk to the front of pram. For size of pram folds up small. Fits in my
small boot (Fiat 500) with the wheels off. Space of the wheels to fit alongside
in the boot as well. My husband’s car (Corsa) the pram fits in with the wheels
attached. Again the ease of dismantling the pram makes this a quick and easy
process. Fabric appears durable and of
high quality. Comfortable material on the seat and is easy to clean. Very easy to manoeuvre with a good turning
circle. Sensitive to your movements. The front wheel can be locked in place for
running although this does restrict movement slightly and I wouldn’t recommend
that setting with general use. The
pushchair reacts well to different surfaces. In fact there is barely any
difference in the feel to steer and push on different terrains. Very impressed with how well it adapts to
different situations. Well designed and
fit for purpose for a multi-terrain pram. Impressive ergonomic design with the
handles allowing for multiple positions depending on the height of the user. A
smart, stylish and practical pram. A
reasonable price for a premium product. An impressive pram overall. Only
downfall was how easily one of the tyres punctured given it is a multi-terrain
pushchair. Comfortable and easy to use. Save for the issue with the tyre
thepushchair appears durable. If they were looking for a multi-terrain,
jogging pushchair this would be my first recommendation. A smart, stylish and
practical pushchair that has been a joy to use. Jennie Dale – Noah 8 Months

Tested By Heather Catherine Rees – William 11 Months

Awarded The BRITAX BOB Revolution PRO
Pushchair 4.5/5

quality and build. Appears comfortable for both child and parent to use. Instructions
Very easy to follow although uncertain how to adjust brakes. Although I was quite cautious how to operate
at first, this was likely because it was not my pushchair and it was new so I
didn’t want to cause any damage. However, once I had done it a couple of times,
there were no problems at all. Very easy
to fold away, with just a few steps. My current pushchair requires quite a bit
of precision to fold (have to get it to a certain position to ‘click’ and then
fold in an opposite direction). This pushchair folds in a simply fluid motion. There
doesn’t appear to be much in the way of padding on the seat, however the almost
‘hammock’ style certainly doesn’t appear uncomfortable and child seemed content
and fell asleep without issue when being pushed when tired. The safety harness
is Very safe and simple to adjust. I
have recently started using an “umbrella style” buggy which is much narrower and
shorter than this pushchair which I do find to be easier to manoeuvre in narrow
spaces. In spite of the above, the
shopping basket is much larger and so storage is much better. I did, however,
find it difficult to put in larger items.
The shower hood/sun canopy provides significantly more shade than other
prams/pushchairs I have used and I was incredible impressed with
this.Much better to use than a parasol that one would typically have to
use to provide similar shade. I have a
large boot and so this wasn’t a problem at all and fitted into car with
ease. Quality appears high although my
current pram provides a smoother surface where the child sits. In the normal
mode (rather than Sports) this is incredibly easy to steer on pavements. The pushchair steers without problem on all
terrains used; much better than the pushchairs/prams I am currently using. Very good design and very practical in the
most part. The only exception is that I found that when the canopy was fully
down, I could not see the front of the pushchair and, because I wasn’t used to
the length of it, I did find I bumped into things. Whilst there are cheaper alternatives in the
market, these don’t offer the flexibility and quality of this pushchair. Very good quality product although slightly
too cumbersome for my everyday needs. I
would consider purchasing this as an addition to my umbrella style pram. I would recommend as high quality product
which can be used to get fit again after pregnancy. A joy to use in all
environments and situations. Heather
Catherine Rees – William 11 Months

Tested By Suzanne Ann Hazledine – James 8 Months

Awarded The BRITAX BOB Revolution PRO
Pushchair 4.9/5

to push and steer and excellent canopy to provide shelter/shade. Instructions very easy to follow and online
videos available on website are extremely helpful. Very easy to put up in comparison with other
prams used, especially after watching online video demonstrations. Very easy to
fold away, much simpler than other prams used.
Provides a spacious, well-padded chair. When the canopy is folded back
it does seem close to grandson’s head so unsure if this will cause problems
with headroom when he gets taller. However, he doesn’t show any signs of
concern at the moment. Very secure
safety harness and very easy to adjust. I
found it quite cumbersome to shop with due to the length of the pushchair. The
width of the handlebars is less than the width of the pushchair as a whole.
This did make it prone to bumps. Very large storage basket although quite
difficult to access. The shower hood/sun
canopy is one of the best features of the chair. Provides excellent shade and
has numerous different positions depending on requirements. I drive a small car and so it does only fit
in the car if the wheels are taken off and everything is placed in a very exact
position. However, for the size of the pram when it is put up, it does fold up
to a much smaller size. The fabric seems
good quality although it may be difficult to clean as it does not come off to
wash. The pushchair is extremely easy to
steer and is very responsive. Due to the size of the tyres, the pushchair is
very easy to steer on all surfaces. Very
well designed – especially in respect of the tyre size and canopy. For the quality and multi-purpose use I do
think it does offer very good value for money. However, there are pushchairs
that allow for use from birth that this does not which arguably provide further
value for money. Excellent product that
has been well designed for a variety of uses. I would consider buying
this pram should I need one in the future for caring for grandchildren. I would
definitely recommend this to friends and family. Very satisfied with the pushchair and enjoyed
using it, especially over the summer months when the canopy has been very
useful. Suzanne Ann Hazledine – James 8

If you are looking for a multi-terrain, jogging pushchair this would be my first recommendation. A smart, stylish and practical pushchair that has been a joy to use.


Jennie Awarded The BRITAX BOB Revolution PRO Pushchair 4.8/5

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