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As the successor to the Boba 3G Carrier, the NEW Boba 4G (4th generation carrier) retains all your favourite features with key enhancements made to the infant support system that allows the user to fit different size infants (from 3.2kg) with even greater ease. The insert adjusts to two different positions allowing children to grow into the carrier – when snapped, the integrated insert lets newborns (7-10 lbs) sit higher up, while the second position leaves the insert unsnapped so a slightly bigger child (11-15 lbs) rests lower in the carrier but still higher than the base.  The Boba 4G Carrier also comes with numerous savvy features including a smartphone pocket, a removable sleeping hood and a breastfeeding buckle.Compatible to most body types, the Boba 4G fits heights 5’0-6’3, has a waistband range of 25” to 58" and consistent with all Boba products, creates a nurturing and calming environment for both parents and their children – 


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£99.50 Available to purchase online

BOBA 4G Carrier Reviews

Product Tested by: Natalie Burch – Autumn 3 Months

Tested By
Natalie Burch – Autumn 3 Months

Awarded The Boba 4G Carrier 4.9/5

first impression of the product was that it looked nice and was very well made;
I imagine that it would last a long time. The box is very sturdy; I am using it
to safely store the carrier in between uses.
I like that it has a window so that you can see the design on the front
of the carrier. I also felt that it was the right amount of packaging, there
was nothing to throw in the bin so the environmental impact was minimal (or
nil, as I am still using the box). The
instruction booklet was clear and I did
refer to it a couple of times to check my baby was in the right position,
however I did this after having put the carrier on and tightening the straps, I
found the design of the carrier itself was very simple to figure out. The
online videos weren’t so good though, the lady was explaining something about
the buckles and holding them in front of her, she was also wearing a black
t-shirt so it was difficult to see what she was trying to demonstrate. Then I realised I didn’t even need to watch
the video as it doesn’t apply to the 4g.
That wasn’t very clear from the website.
I was very impressed with the quality of the product; it feels very
strong but is not stiff or uncomfortable.
The padding on the straps and waistband was nice and thick and offered
brilliant support. Having tested the
product I feel that it is good value for money, however I feel the price may
put people off buying it if they have no experience of baby wearing and the
pricing of these types of products. I would definitely consider purchasing this
carrier. I have carried my child since birth and have
used a Moby wrap, Close Caboo and a Close Caboo NCT. I also have some woven wraps. The 4g is so much easier to use than a woven
wrap but I would put it on a par with the carriers I had from Close in terms of
simplicity. I think the 4g will last
much longer though and will make back carrying a lot easier. Carrying my baby was brilliant with this
carrier, I felt no pulling or strain on my back or shoulders. The handbag strap is great, as is the mobile
phone pocket; I use both of these features every time to go out with the baby
in the carrier. The bag strap means I’m not constantly fiddling with my bag and
not fighting to keep it on my shoulder, it means I can remain truly hands free. I would love to see sucking pads come as
standard. The very first time I put my
baby in this carrier she immediately sucked on the strap and has continued to
do so every time we use it. I have had
to purchase some pads elsewhere to use as I am worried about staining/damage to
the carrier. However I couldn’t find any
to match and it would look lovely if the sucking pads were the same pattern as
the front panel. I have already
recommended this to friends. Easy,
comfortable, stylish and practical baby wearing. Natalie Burch – Autumn 3 Months

Tested By
Maria Gilbert – Aurelia 5 Months

Awarded The Boba 4G Carrier 4.5/5

packaging well-made product. Very pleased with the appearance and design on the
sling itself. Packaging not too bulky
and easy to store for future use. The instructions for the back carry are not
as clear as the front carry. The quality
of this carrier is Excellent. Similar
price to others on the market that I have been looking at. I use a wrap sling. This is the first buckle
carrier I have tried. My baby sits better in it and I know that I have got it
fastened correctly whereas with a wrap there is always a judgement choice to
make. It is as comfortable as carrying with a wrap and baby feels as close. I found this very comfortable to carry my
child in. The hood that allowed my baby
to sleep undisturbed and with her head supported was one of my favourite
features. I struggled to do the sling up
myself in a front carry and always had to ask someone to help reach the buckles
at the back. They are just a bit too high to reach putting my arms behind my
back and too low to try and reach behind my head. If I was alone I only managed
to do the sling up once myself and caught my hair in the buckles. If it was
easier to fasten for myself without having to reach behind me with baby in it I
would have given it a 5. Lovely sling
which is very comfortable to wear, I love the fact that it can be used from new
born but disappointed that I can’t do it up for myself. Maria Gilbert – Aurelia 5 Months

Tested By
Gemma Ridel – Leonard 2 Months

Awarded The Boba 4G Carrier4/5

thought the packaging looked lovely and I really liked the look of the carrier
– it looked classy and sturdy. Packaging was very appealing. The written instructions were fairly clear,
although I did have to look at them several times to understand it. The video link was not for the 4g, it was for
an earlier version of the carrier which was a little confusing but it was still
helpful. I think it is good quality – it is well made and comfortable. However, when my child was in between the
newborn and front carry holds – at about 15 lb, it seemed a bit uncomfortable
for him, as he was too big for the newborn position, and seemed too small for
the front carry, but hopefully as he gets bigger this will be okay. Although it is a good quality product I don’t
think I would pay £99.50 for a carrier – I think I would pay up to about £70
for this product. I would, but only if
it was slightly less than the RRP. I
have used the Moby wrap and the baby Bjorn.
I find the slumber roo easier to attach than the Moby wrap and I like
how the slumber roo allows you to have very close contact just like the Moby,
which the baby Bjorn doesn’t do. It was
comfortable, although sometimes it gave me a sore back, but this is most likely
the case with any front carrying sling. I loved the design and got lots of
compliments when I wore it. I also liked
the hood. Some way of it being more comfortable when child is the in-between
newborn and front carry – it felt like he was very uncomfortable at 15lb as his
legs seemed really stretched in the front carry. I have already recommended. A stylish, comfortable and sturdy carrier
which keeps the baby nice and close to you.Gemma Ridel – Leonard 2 Months

I have already recommended this to friends. Easy, comfortable, stylish and practical baby wearing.   


Natalie Awarded The Boba 4G Carrier 4.9/5       

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