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Sleepy Wrap and Boba have always been part of the same family and in September 2011 joined together as one brand ‘Boba Family’ … freedom together! The Boba Wrap has all the excellent features of the original Sleepy Wrap but now comes repackaged with additional educational materials including a babywearing safety guide and a benefits of babywearing brochure. The Boba Baby Wrap is the perfect wrap style carrier – with its unique fabric blend (95% Cotton / 5% Spandex) and the no-guesswork tying, the Boba Wrap is a great choice for beginners and advanced babywearers alike. The simple design, free of buckles, straps or buttons makes it perfectly comfortable for both you and your baby. By evenly distributing the weight of your child, there is no time limit to how long your baby can stay in the wrap, so you may calm and sooth your baby with your warmth, your voice, your movement and your heart beat as long as you are both content!95% cotton 5% spandex (high quality French Terry material)suitable from premature/newborn to toddler (35lb)one size fits all, secure, comfortable fitfront & infant holddistributes weight evenlygreat for breastfeeding on the gohands-free walking, hiking & shoppinghigh quality, tested materialswrapping instructions includedsimple ‘no-guess’ tyingmachine washable EN13209-2 Soft Carriers Certified

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£38.00 Available to purchase online

Boba WRAP Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicola Golding – Emily 7 Months

Tested By
Nicola Golding – Emily 7 Months

Awarded The Boba Wrap 4.4/5

I was dubious as to how one piece of material would hold my 6 month old wriggly
daughter in place especially as we do a lot of walking and she loves to look around.
I also thought it would be complicated to tie. No unnecessary packaging and the
box clearly advertises the product and looks appealing. The box is compact and
contains only what it needs to. The linen carry case is a nice touch that keeps
the wrap compact and stops it unfolding.
Instruction booklet is informative, well laid out and makes good use of
both written step by step instructions and diagrams. However I feel more emphasis needs to be made
on how tight the wrap needs to be. It
would also be useful if diagram 5 showed you how to twist the wrap at the front
as my Husband found it confusing when following the written instructions and
the diagram did not correlate and was already a step ahead showing the straps
from behind. The material feels nice and soft especially compared to the
other baby carriers we have used. It is very simple in its design which means
very little can go wrong other than user error.
The wrap is easy to manipulate and stretch into place and has coped well
with being washed and hasn’t lost its shape or gone bobbly. I think it is quite expensive for what it is
but it is a great idea and does offer everything that it claims to. I definitely would buy this product and have
bought one of the coloured wraps as a gift for a friend with a new baby. I wish I had used this when my baby was
younger instead of the more structured carriers as it is much more comforting
for a younger baby in my opinion. Prior
to testing this product I used a three way baby carrier that clipped her into
position. I found that this carrier was more bulky to transport but it held her
securely and she appeared comfortable. The negative was that it did make my
back ache after about 30 minutes when walking the dog. With the Boba wrap carrier
on the same walk I find that baby does start to shift out of position and the
whole sling drags down and I need to support her in place with my hands.
However on the plus side I find that she is very comfortable and my back does
not ache at all. It is also easy to transport and is great for discreet
breastfeeding in public. Carrying her
with this sling is more comfortable for me and her than other brands we have
tried. I also tested the sling at a Zumba class with her and after a vigorous
hour of moving the sling had drooped but at no point was she at risk of falling
out which I found impressive and my back ached far less than with the other
slings. My favourite feature is that
fact that I can fit the wrap in my changing bag so can always have it on me and
not always need to use the cumbersome pushchair to go out. I also like the fact
that it easily allows for discreet breastfeeding. I would like is to be able to have my baby
facing out as she likes to look around. It would also be useful to have some
sort of band to go round my waist and under her bottom to support her further
for the longer walks. It isn’t practical to take her out and tie the wrap again
if out alone on a walk. I would definitely recommend this product. Once you get used to tying the wrap it is
very simple to use, easy to transport and comfortable for both me and my baby. A simply designed and comfortable baby
carrier to settle a restless baby and entertain a curious one. Nicola Golding – Emily 7 Months


Tested By
Lillian Adams – Charlie 6 Months

Awarded The Boba Wrap 4.8/5

had seen these before and was looking to purchase one so was delighted when
this arrived for me to review. Packaging
was ideal for the product. This comes
with its own carry case which is a nice bonus for when you need to keep it safe
ready to be used. Instructions were very
clear and easy to follow. The material
is good quality and lovely and soft to the touch so nice against baby. The design is ideal for when you are walking
about a lot with baby, as keeps them close, safe and snug and very easy to
wear. This is simple to wash and it
comes out great each time (has been washed a lot and still looks good). The price is comparable to other similar
carriers but I do think this is of higher quality and well worth the
money. I would purchase this wrap as
found it invaluable for my lifestyle and safe for my baby. In the past I have used standard baby
carriers but loved the ease of use for this one and am now a convert. Charlie always seemed happy and that makes me
a happy mummy. I never had any aches or
pains using this wrap and we do a lot of walking. I also found it handy when needed to breast
feed baby in public, was easy and discreet.
I just love this wrap and wish I had purchased this for my first
born. It is easy to put on, safe and
comfortable to wear, Charlie was always happy in his wrap and loved the fact
you could fold this away in its carry case and ready to use when you needed it. Much better than some of the other cumbersome
carriers I have used in the past. Loved
this and me and hubby have enjoyed many lovely walks with Charlie safe and snug
in his wrap. I would highly recommend
and will be purchasing one for my sister who is due to give birth in June. Lillian Adams – Charlie 6 Months

Tested By
Fiona McLaughlin – Ellie 7 Months

Awarded The Boba Wrap 4.5/5

this looked a stylish baby wrap and was eager to try out. Packaging very good, could clearly see item
and also comes with own little pouch to keep handy in change bag. Instructions very clear and precise and also
comes with diagrams to show you how to use, which was handy. This is very well made, good quality strong
material which is also nice and soft to the touch, so ideal for baby. I think the price is a bit high but you are
paying for the quality and versatility of this wrap. I have really enjoyed using this wrap and would
purchase this. We live by the coast and
in the past I have used 3 way carriers and back carriers which all worked
well. However, this is so easy to put
on, kept Ellie safe and comfortable and I really found it very easy to use for
our regular walks along the coast. I
found this very suppor6tive and gave me more freedom when on our regular walks
compared to other carriers I have used in the past. Found it a lovely baby carrier/wrap to carry
Ellie around in and she always seemed happy and content. I just loved how easy this is to use as made
life easier for me. The design and
concept of this product is ideal as it is.
I have already purchased one for my best friend and have told all my
mummy club members about it too. A very
simple design which is very effective. Really
enjoyed testing this and it has been ideal for me and hubby to use when out
with Ellie. Fiona McLaughlin – Ellie 7

Once you get used to tying the wrap it is very simple to use, easy to transport and comfortable for both me and my baby. A simply designed and comfortable baby carrier to settle a restless baby and entertain a curious one.                


Nicola Awarded The Boba Wrap 4.4/5     

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