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Bonbaby Gro Smart Bluetooth Growth Tracker

Bonbaby Gro Smart Bluetooth Growth Tracker – Highly Accurate Digital Scale and Ruler with Free App (iOS&Android) to Intelligently Track Kid’s Weight and Height

Accurate: The BonBaby Gro  scale has a division value of 50g and the measurement ranges from 3 to 150kg; the Growp ruler is accurate with a division value of 2mm and a measurement range of 1-180cm. It can measure children aged 1-18 and can help parents accurately record their growth. Intelligent: In conjunction with the Bonbaby App, the data are automatically uploaded to the APP via Bluetooth to generate a personalized growth curve. The scientific and professional growth suggestions help to care every step of the children’s growth.  Convenient: 312mm*312mm*23.5mm. The two-in-one Growp measures and tracks children’s height and weight. No button design, auto ON/OFF, data can be transmitted via infrared/Bluetooth automatically, and measurement units can be switched between IN/CM and LB/KG in the app.  Multiple family members management: APP can manage the growth of multiple babies and record various health data such as sleep, body temperature, poop, diet, etc., help mothers record the growth of babies , never miss any detail.  Good after-sale service: We provide after-sale service, one year from the date of receipt for quality problems and permanent technical service, you can buy with confidence. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at: [email protected]
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Bonbaby Gro Smart Bluetooth Growth Tracker Reviews

Product Tested By Helen Anslow – Isla & Harrison 16 Months

Helen Awarded The Bonbaby Gro Smart Bluetooth Growth Tracker 5/5

A smart looking gadget. A great colour. Packaging was ideal and well protected.A clever device. Gives parents peace of mind that their child’s growth is on track. Instructions are easy to follow and straightforward. Our twins are 16 months old. We struggled to get them to stand on the device when trying to measure their height. I found the BonBaby Grow App very useful. As before, it was very good, other than us sometimes struggling to get the twins to stand on the device to measure weight and height. I did find the Free Smart App very effective. This is very versatile and I used it on my 16 month old twins and my 13 and 12 year old. It was easy enough to set up for my other children. Our plan is to use this monthly. This will give me peace of mind that my children are growing at the correct rate. The quality is very good. Definitely good value for money. I loved this because it is good quality, smart looking and effective way to track growth. I would buy this. Having twins and being a working mom, I’ve found it hard to attend weigh in sessions at clinics. This will be the perfect way for me to monitor the children’s growth. I would recommend as it is effective and gives you peace of mind. Perfect for working parents who can’t attend weigh in clinics, also for parents who have more than one child as they don’t have to take all the family out. Helen Anslow – Isla & Harrison 16 Months

Product Tested By Emily Sheperson – Sienna 5 Years

Emily Awarded The Bonbaby Gro Smart Bluetooth Growth Tracker 4.6/5

I thought it looked like a really interesting concept. You can link the device with an app on your phone to see how your child is growing and developing. Really well packaged in a cardboard box but also the scales were encased in polystyrene type material to prevent it moving around. Instructions easy enough to understand but did have to read it a few times to completely understand what everything did. Very easy to use so much so that my daughter could grasp the concept with ease! I liked the way the BonBaby Grow app monitors the weight and height. This would be ideal for younger children especially when needing to know weights for car seats. The weight scale and height aspect of this is very efficient and was easy to use. I would imagine that if you used it over a longer time it would show even better results. The Free Smart app was really easy to download and use. My child has just turned 5 years. My older children though loved having a go with it too! I think it was because it is so tactile and fun. The measuring tape is great with the magnetic feature. I also set this up for 2 of my other children Alyssa 11 and Harvey 8 years. They both thought it was an amazing product and had wished they had it when they were younger. We used it daily! Not for any other reason but they actually wanted to see if their weight has changed or they had “grown over night”. Very interesting how the app worked and I can see how useful it would be overtime. I found it useful for the tape measure part especially! Great item! I found it was really well made and sturdy. Really vivid bright colour too. It is quite expensive for what is effectively a scale and tape but I did like the interactive side with the app. I liked how it can link with the app so it is recorded all in one place. Great for multiple children too. It would have been perfect for when my children were even smaller as I would have thought it would be better value as could have kept it for longer I would recommend especially if they had just had a baby or a toddler as would be a great way to keep a record of their growth. It is quite expensive though! Fun to use and my children actually enjoyed using it. I liked the app and how it recorded things. It was an easy to use app and I liked how it could also be paired with other devices if you had them. A pretty nifty gadget and the price is the only downside. Emily Sheperson – Sienna 5 Years

Product Tested By Danielle Mclean – Alfie 3 Years

Danielle Awarded The Bonbaby Gro Smart Bluetooth Growth Tracker 4.1/5

I was impressed with the product, I liked the sturdiness of the scales and the colour is a lovely bright yellow. I wasn’t very impressed with the packaging to be honest, it was a bit dull and very much the same beige colour with a splash of watered down yellow which I don’t feel represents the true colour of the product. I think it’s a great concept, the idea of being able to keep track of your child’s growth and weight at home is very appealing to me. The instructions were very simple and to the point, not pages long and can easily be kept for future use. It did take me a few minutes to set up, I couldn’t get it to work immediately and couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t switch on, I eventually realised it only works when you actually stand on it and use it, once I’d sussed this out the product was very easy to use, you only really need the instructions for initial setup, after that it’s pretty self-explanatory. The data uploaded to the complimentary BonBaby Grow app was very useful. I enjoyed seeing if my son had grown over the weeks, so for this reason I would say it was beneficial, it’s good to keep a good detailed track of growth. Being a weight scale and outlining height growth is great. I found this very useful when looking back to monitor both weight and height, it’s good to see them both together and they’re easy to read. The app is very useful, it keeps all the measurements in one place and you can easily access them to look back on older height and weight inputs. My child is 3 years old and I also used this on my 5 and 7 year old girls. I would use this once a week. I found a useful item to have, I often notice them having a growth spurt but I can now see exactly how much they’ve grown, it’s great!A very sturdy well-made product, I feel that it will last which is a huge plus in our house!I think the product is very good and I’ve enjoyed using it, but I wouldn’t pay £89.99 for it. I liked the ability to digitally check your child’s height; it was so clever and very easy to read. I’m in two minds; I enjoyed using the product and would perhaps buy it after using it but wouldn’t necessarily buy it from seeing it in a shop or magazine. I would recommend as I have a few friends who, like me, enjoy charting their child’s height and weight. Overall the product is very good, very useful and fun to use, however it is a luxury more than a necessity. I did find it a bit confusing at the first start up when I couldn’t work out why it wasn’t working as the instructions were a bit unclear, once it was up and running it was easy to use and quite fun. Danielle Mclean – Alfie 3 Years

Having twins and being a working mom, I’ve found it hard to attend weigh in sessions at clinics. This will be the perfect way for me to monitor the children’s growth. I would recommend as it is effective and gives you peace of mind. Perfect for working parents who can’t attend weigh in clinics, also for parents who have more than one child as they don’t have to take all the family out.


Helen Awarded The Bonbaby Gro Smart Bluetooth Growth Tracker 5/5

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