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Boob Fast Food Bra Striped

Nursing Bra Fast Food is a soft, seamless bra with a perfect fit both during pregnancy and nursing. It is smart and flexible in a flattering, feminine design. The bra has a deep cut with a thin lace edging and wide adjustable straps with nickel-free details. The cups are moulded and un-clip easily with one hand.The enforced section under and around the breasts offers extra support. Flexibility in the bra accommodates changing breast size, common during nursing. The size can also be altered with an additional hook & eye ribbon, supplied with every bra. Soft, comfortable and fast-drying fabric in 92% polyamide and 8% elastane. Machine washable, 40°C. Made in Turkey
Available in Black, Pink or Red
Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2011/12

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£45.00 available to purchase online

Boob Fast Food Bra Striped Reviews

Product Tested by: Tamara Poli - Taryn 5 Months

Product Tested By Tamara Poli – Taryn 5 Months
Tamara Awarded The Boob Fast Food Nursing Bra 4.2/5
My initial impression of the product was that the stretchy fabric looked like it would be comfortable and likely to accommodate a breastfeeding mother’s ever-changing cup size. I did, however think the price was high. The style is nicer than most other nursing bras on the market. I like that when I drop the cup down there is still some fabric remaining. I would have preferred more colour options. I found the size chart very confusing so may have ordered a bra which is a bit too small for me, however, the stretchy fabric makes up for this. This is the most comfortable fitting nursing bra I have worn. The support is moderate, perhaps more suited to smaller busted ladies than myself. I had never really thought about my underwear being safe for me and baby and free from harmful chemicals, but as this is an aspect of this product and it is something you start to think about. I would purchase this product and I would recommend. The bra is extremely comfortable and accommodates changing breast size, but the size chart is complicated and perhaps extra support could be included for larger busted ladies.Tamara Poli –Taryn 5 Months

Product Tested By Jennifer Keest – Joseph 4Months
Jennifer Awarded The Boob Fast Food Nursing Bra 4/5
Basic but nice, comfortable but the sizing was confusing and it is a little small. Fine as a casual bra, not particularly special but nice. Difficulty with sizing means that it’s a bit small even though I followed instructions in relation to my normal bra size. Comfort is excellent, support is ok. The Boob collection is certified to OEKO-Tex 100standards (, assuring that the garments are safe for both you and your baby and this is really helpful and important to me. I will continue to use this, particularly as I will probably go down a size when I have been feeding for longer. I would recommend but I would outline they need to be assured they have ordered the correct size required. Nice product, but needs clearer sizing instructions. Jennifer Keest – Joseph 4 Months
Product Tested By Rachel Haslam – Phoenix 14 Weeks
Rachel Awarded The Boob Fast Food Nursing Bra 4/5

Great colour, easy to use and fantastic packaging. The section that unclips to allow feeding access doesn’t keep a breast pad in place meaning leaks often occur. Very comfortable and fits well, comes with an extender which has been useful. I was interested to note this bra uses material that is safe for me and baby and that is something that I am interested in now. I will continue to use this bra. I would recommend but to feeding friends whose supply has settled so the need for breast pads has diminished. I would happily have given 5/5 if it hadn’t been for the sling section causing leaks. Comfortable, easy to use and visually attractive. Rachel Haslam – Phoenix 14 Weeks 

The bra is extremely comfortable and accommodates changing breast size.   


Tamara Awarded The Boob Fast Food Nursing Bra 4.2/5   

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