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BooBoo Baby Soothing Bottom Butter

Bottom butter is packed with nature’s goodies to help protect baby’s delicate skin from nappy rash. Active ingredients form a protective layer to help keep irritants away from delicate areas. Cotton seed oil, Tahitian Monoi and lavender oil all work to soothe, moisturise and help keep little bots peachy and free from nappy rash. It also comes in a handy flip top jar.

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BooBoo Baby Bottom Butter £6.99 50 ml Available to purchase online

BooBoo Baby Soothing Bottom Butter Reviews

Product Tested by: Joanne Dall - Baby Thomas 8 Months

Product Tested By Joanne Dall – Baby Thomas 8 Months

Joanne Awarded The BooBoo Baby Soothing Bottom Butter 3.8/5

Very impressive high quality product.  Wonderful neutral fragrance (not at all ‘girlie’ for my baby boy).  Comes in attractive and sturdy container.  Fun, cute label and clearly states natural ingredients.  This cream was really easy to apply and kept my baby’s skin soft for ages.  It did not soak in quickly, but provided long-lasting moisture.  I did not think this was too oily as I expect this sort of cream to be rich, and it was.  Did not use as nappy rash cream as Thomas has been nappy rash free.  Found it a very effective deep, all-over moisturiser for Thomas.  Also used it as hand cream and was effective.  The pot is well designed.  Sturdy plastic and no concerns about breakage.  Flip top lid easy to use without spilling contents.  I really liked the ‘keep for travelling’ inlay.  Ideal for travelling and small enough to fit in my change bag.  Personally would not buy this for nappy rash as would rather use as a medicated cream.  Quality good but very expensive.  I will continue to use this bottom butter as a gorgeous smelling hand and foot cream.  Lovely rich moisturiser with a gorgeous fragrance.  Joanne Dall – Baby Thomas 8 Months.


Product Tested By Paula Young – Baby Oliver 5 Months

Paula Awarded The BooBoo Baby Soothing Bottom Butter 4/5

This looked superb quality and loved the tub.  Really impressed with the consistency of this and also great it is a natural product.  Like to make sure use natural creams on Oliver.  Nice fragrance.  Container is durable, easy to open as has this superb flip top which I loved.  Nice design and label clearly states natural ingredients.  Very easy to apply and absorbed quickly and easily.  Kept Oliver’s skin soft and smooth.  Great as nappy cream and also as hand cream as I found out.  Super nappy rash cream, but also a great moisturiser.  Just loved the design of the tub, and ideal for travel.  Very easy to use with flip top.  Good all round cream and versatile.  Pricey, but you do not need to use much so will last.  Will continue to use this and also loved the smell.  A effective nappy rash cream, moisturiser and natural so ideal for sensitive skin.  Paula Young – Baby Oliver 5 Months  


Product Tested By Louise Runge – Baby Molly 2 Months

Louise Awarded The BooBoo Baby Soothing Bottom Butter 4.3/5

I had not heard of this make before, so was keen to try it out.  Good packaging, liked the container and was eager to give it a go.  Had a lovely natural fragrance and Molly seemed happy too when using this cream.  The container is a good size, nice design and very easy to use.  Also ideal to pop in you change bag or take on hols. Information on the label clearly lists ingredients which is very good. Easy to apply, sinks in quickly and left Molly’s skin smelling gorgeous and feeling soft.  Ideal as nappy rash cream, hand cream, moisturiser and even my hubby tried this once or twice.   A rich creamy cream which is effective and natural.  I loved the design, and the container had a flip top which was very easy to use and also meant cream did not come out while on your travels.  This is a luxury item as price is high.  Then again you pay for high quality item. Certainly lasts a long while and would make perfect gift.  Lovely product, price a bit high, but well worth trying especially if you are fans of natural products.  Louise Runge – Baby Molly 2 Months

Lovely rich moisturiser with a gorgeous fragrance.


Joanne Awarded The BooBoo Baby Bottom Butter 3.8/5

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