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BooBoo Baby Top-to-Toe Wash

Only kind & gentle ingredients make it into our top-to-toe wash. Even our cleansing agent is derived from apples making it ultra-mild on your baby’s delicate skin. Blended with soothing oats and softening olive oil, it helps leave skin and hair silky, conditioned and moisturised.

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BooBoo Baby Top-to-Toe Wash Reviews

Product Tested by: Joanne Dall - Baby Thomas 8 Months

Product Tested By Joanne Dall – Baby Thomas 8 Months

Joanne Awarded The BooBoo Baby Top-to-toe Wash 4/5

Nicely packaged with clear and informative labelling and pretty design.  Easy to use and pleasant.  While using this wash it was very effective and gentle on Thomas’s skin.  Very easy to apply and I would use it on a sponge which produced loads of bubbles (great fun for Thomas).  Also found this to be a very effective shampoo and no tears.  Thomas never complained or cried while using this wash.  His skin was also left feeling quite soft and smooth.  I really loved the bottle design.  It has a very practical flip top lid and easy to pour spout, resulting in little waste.  Perfect design for taking on holiday.  Contents unlikely to leak, and bottle sturdy and unbreakable.  I do think it is a little expensive for such an everyday baby product.  For those who prefer natural baby products and want a gentle baby wash then certainly would recommend.  A very gentle baby wash to use every bathtime.  Joanne Dall – Baby Thomas 8 Months.


Product Tested By Paula Young – Baby Oliver 5 Months

Paula Awarded BooBoo Baby Top-to-toe wash 5/5

The name of this product conjures up an image of a freshly washed baby in the fluffiest white towel and the fragrance is divine.  I used the top to toe body wash at bath time and it was perfect as a shampoo, soap and a bubble bath.  The cleaning agent in the product is made from apples and you can’t get more natural than that.  It proved to be tear free and Oliver was very clean after his bath.  His hair was lovely and clean and his body was soft too.  It didn’t appear to dry his skin out at all. Paula Young – Baby Oliver 5 Months


Product Tested By Louise Runge – Baby Molly 2 Months

Louise Awarded BooBoo Baby Top-to-toe Wash 4/5

When I bath Molly I lay her in an inch of water and rub her all over with the top to toe wash and then rinse her off – it saves trying to hold her and squeeze products into my hands at the same time.  I think top up the bath a little and let her have a kick in the water and rinse off!  Her hair smelt lovely after her bath and was very soft.  The bottle is great and I love the design of the labelling.  It gives you all the information you need on the label assuring me that the product was mild and gentle enough to use on her.  The product is very good and I have been recommending it to my friends.  I will continue to use the product and will buy it again in the future.  I enjoyed using this product as I haven’t seen it before and I love trying new products. Louise Runge – Baby Molly 2 months

A very gentle baby wash to use every bathtime.  


Joanne Awarded The BooBoo Baby Top-to-toe Wash 4/5

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