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BooBoo Miracle Oil

Wave goodbye to stretch marks with our special blend of luxurious oils. Argan oil, rich in Omega 6 and 9 nourishes, firms and helps put the elasticity back in your skin while passion-flower and sweet almond oils gently soothe and soften. Also great at reducing the appearance of healed scars and damaged, uneven skin tone.

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£13.99 100ml - Available to purchase online

BooBoo Miracle Oil Reviews

Product Tested by: Emma Attree – Baby Not Born Yet

Product Tested By Emma Attree – Baby Not Born Yet

Emma Awarded the Booboo Miracle Oil 4.3/5

The packaging is really nice & if I were paying for this sort of item I would be enticed by the way the product looks. The oil is easy to apply but comes out of the bottle a little too fast. Not greasy oil compared to other oils I have used. The oil does absorb into the skin, the instructions say to use twice a day and I was unable to do this as the oil doesn’t absorb quick enough to get dressed afterwards. I am now 40 weeks pregnant and have been using the product for 4-5wks…I don’t have any stretch marks on my belly/breasts but I do have one each side of my thighs. Good quality, better than other oil products I have used. Would have been nice to apply twice daily as specified but would have had to get up an hour early everyday for work in time to get dressed, for the oil to dry. I am now due so wouldn’t buy this product but would recommend to other pregnant people. Great product, lovely looking packaging, good value for money. Emma Attree – Baby Not Born Yet


Product Tested By Kauman Yau – 35 Weeks Pregnant

Kauman Awarded the Booboo Miracle Oil 3.5/5

Very pretty packaging, which looked attractive and girly. Lots of natural ingredients which is appealing too. Extremely easy to apply, in oil form, squeezable bottle. It does take a little time for the oil to absorb but its light and natural. It wasn’t quite moisturizing enough, did not prevent stretch marks for myself. Quite expensive for 100ml. Compared to other brands of oil/creams targeted at mums to be and the prevention and improvement of stretch marks. The product didn’t give me any special results so would not consider buying due to cost of it. Nice product but did not give myself the desired results that I was hoping for. Kauman Yau – 35 Weeks Pregnant

Product Tested By Louise Clelland – 37 Weeks Pregnant


Louise Awarded the BooBoo Miracle Oil 4/5

The product looks and smells lovely, I am positive that it can be used whilst breastfeeding as it has no chemicals. The packaging has a clear purpose and the packaging looks quite pink and girly. The miracle oil is very easy to apply to the skin, you simply dispense into your hand and massage in. It’s easy to over-do it and use too much oil. This can make it difficult to absorb.  Once you know how much to use, it is fine and absorbs well. I found it to be much nicer than other, similar products.  Smells fresh, a bit like lemon.  Unfortunately, scent doesn’t stay on skin for long. The oil had no real effect on stretch marks, though this may have been because I received the product towards the end of my pregnancy and already had some fairly large ones and have continued to grow and develop more.  I plan to continue using it after the birth to see if it reduces the appearance of them when my skin is under less stress. Quite expensive for me to buy for myself but it does moisturize well and would make a nice gift.  Also lasts well as not much is needed. Great moisturizer, no effect as yet on stretch arks but will continue to try it after the end of my pregnancy. Louise Clelland – 37 Weeks Pregnant

Great product, lovely looking packaging, good value for money


Emma Awarded the Booboo Miracle Oil 4.3/5

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