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BooRah Digiz Kids Digital Watch

The booRah™ Digiz are a robust and chunky digital watch designed specifically for youngsters. The clear numerals come alive at night with a cool, multi-coloured light only lighting the bits you need.The booRah™ Digiz range feature a funky stopwatch and alarm as well as the time, day of the week, and date.Simple to operate the booRah™ Digiz comes with clear, one page instructions.Available in 5 eye-catching colours red, green, black, blue and purple and can be worn for school or leisure.Presentation comes in a booRah™ designed case for protection and style, a 1 year warranty and water resistance to 5ATM making them suitable for swimming.

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£20.00 Available Caposka Ltd or online

BooRah Digiz Kids Digital Watch Reviews

Product Tested by: Melanie Hancock – Eloise 10 years

tested By
Melanie Hancock – Eloise 10 years

Awarded The BooRah Digiz Kids Digital Watch 5/5

very nice well-made product in a bright red colour. It came in a good
protective case. The packaging was a very distinct orange; it caught my daughter’s
eye straight away. The watch itself was packaged well, the case felt good
quality. The letter received was a lovely personal touch from the
company. The instructions were very simple and easy to use. The quality
of the watch was great; it was a comfortable watch to wear both for my daughter
and me. We especially liked the backlight. The face was very clear, and the
buttons sturdy. It was quite robust as my 6 and 4 year enjoyed having a play
with it too. This watch offers value for money as it is a robust product
which is very nicely made. This is
a lovely watch and would absolutely purchase.
I would definitely recommend. I would purchase for other family members.
packaging very bright. My daughter says she can see the time clearly; the
colour of the backlight is good. Very easy to put on and easy to wear, my
daughter forgot she was wearing it. Eloise enjoyed its
many features, the stopwatch was a hit. It was easy and simple to use as my
daughter didn’t need instructions to use it the first time. Eloise wore it all
day when she was playing out over half term, it has been very hardwearing. Overall,
a fabulous product that is nicely designed and well worth the money. Melanie Hancock
– Eloise 10 years

Product Tested By Leanne
Taylor – Quincy 6 Years

Leanne Awarded The BooRah Digiz Kids Digital Watch 4.7/5

Looks well made, I like the packaging it comes in and the
colour range. Easy to remove from plastic case. I thought the packing was easy
to open. Stylish and good quality. In the past I have found it difficult to
open plastic watch cases and often end up cracking the case to get it open. But
found BooRah easy to open which was a pleasant surprise. I felt the
instructions were easy to read and follow. I have found with past products I
have purchased their is either a lack of instructions or an excess and you end up giving up reading the instructions and trying
to work it out yourself which often leaves the customer frustrated! I felt the
quality for the price is good. The plastic band is light to wear but seems good
quality that will last. Particularly with watch bands they are often flimsy,
thin material that breaks easily or uncomfortable to wear. You also have issues
in hot weather where the skin tends to sweat with plastic watch bands but didn’t
seem to have this issue. For the price
and quality I felt it offered a lot of features especially for a children’s
watch. Children’s watches on the market tend to be just standard clock
faces/digital watches that lack fun features for the kids use. Yes I would
purchase this item. Overall I felt the product was good value, easy to use and
of a good quality. Good colour range, lovely and bright which is what children
love. For the past few weeks my 6 year old son has been wearing the BooRah
watch he has mentioned how light it is to wear and had great enjoyment pressing
all the settings. I would recommend the product to friends and family most
definitely. It would make a lovely first child’s watch as it’s easy for them to
read, Might take younger children a while to work out the settings and would
need direction from an adult of course until they can work them out themselves.
Overall I was impressed by the product ‘ booRah Digiz Kids Watches’. As a Mum I
have always been attracted to fun, bright kid’s products and BooRah has most
certainly created this in a watch which is stylish, funky and fun. The product
is robust and hard wearing and if dropped a few times I feel it would withstand
it. Some thought has been put into designing this product and I love that the
owners children had the opportunity to get involved in the design of the
watches which I’m sure gave them a sense of achievement. My son has been given several
watches in the past that get worn over a couple of days then put in a draw
never to be seen again but we were impressed by our son enthusiasm to wear this
watch on a daily basis. The one comment he has made is the product didn’t pinch
as was very light to wear. After testing this product for the past month I
would be happy to recommend this product to any parent that has children from 5
years older as I felt children under 5 would find it a bit big and difficult to
use. Leanne
Taylor – Quincy 6 Years

Product Tested By Naomi Brown – Lucas 4 Years

Naomi Awarded The BooRah Digiz Kids Digital Watch 4.9/5

very bright and eye-catching. Easy to get into and had a lovely letter attached
giving all the information needed to get started. Loved the plastic casing
showing the full watch, son aged 4 could not wait for it to be opened! Very detailed instructions which we kept
referring to whilst setting up and trying all the different functions. Felt
very light and had lots of holes so fitted my little skinny man perfectly. There are lots of watches marketed for
children but this is the first one I have found which actually fits a small
child. Had been looking for a watch for
my son for when he starts school and all others I have looked at have been too
big or too heavy, this one is ideal. I would highly recommend. Both my son and I loved this product. We have
been searching for a watch for some time so was thrilled to be able to test
this product. We were very excited to open the package when it arrives in its
bright orange packaging and loved the look of the watch at first glance. The
watch was easy to get out of the packing and the instructions helped to
discover all the different functions (the light being the best but!) A fab
watch which had been worn daily since its arrival. Naomi Brown – Lucas 4 Years

Overall, a fabulous product that is nicely designed and well worth the money.


Melanie Awarded The BooRah Digiz Kids Digital Watch 5/5

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