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BornFree Plastic Bottles

Bottles Available in Twin Packs -Twin-Pack 5oz. (160ml)  or Twin-Pack 9oz (260ml)

BornFree™ Bisphenol-A Free plastic bottles, complete with the new innovative venting system that helps eliminate colic symptoms. Each bottle comes with a level 1 teat and a cover. Price excludes delivery. Products supplied in a brown box.


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BornFree Plastic Bottles Reviews

Product Tested by: Louise Daniels– Baby Kai 11 Weeks

Product Tested By Louise Daniels– Baby Kai 11 Weeks

Louise Awarded The BornFree Bottles 4.5/5

Similar to other bottles available but seem easier to put together and clean. Sturdy and well made and feel good quality.  Website is straight forward and is intuitive and easy to use.  A good variety of products are available including glass and BPA free bottles, teat, spare parts, cups, soothers & sterilizers. Shipping cost seems high at £4.99.   Bottle packaging is sturdy and eye-catching. There is plenty of information about the bottle on the packaging including information about BPA and why it shouldn’t be used and how and why the system works to reduce colic and ear infections.   Bottles are available in 2, 4, 6, or 8 in a pack. I was sent a 2 pack which is adequate for testing purposes but you would need more if you were planning on using the bottles full time.   Bottle seems high quality and well made with clear measurements. There was no leakage for the neck of the bottle because everything fits together well.  The measuring gauge is very easy to read when filling the bottles. The markings have not faded through use and steralising.   It is fairly easy to fill the bottles with liquid but personally I prefer wider neck bottles.  The bottle is easy to hold while feeding my baby due to the shaping at the sides of the bottle.  The pack did not offer any additional benefits.   It is easy to assemble and disassemble the bottle but you must read the instructions first as it can get confusing.  After doing it a couple of times it becomes second nature.   The actual bottle is easy to clean but the anti colic valve takes a bit more effort.  Born Free do offer a special bottle brush on their website but do not include a brush in the pack.  I experienced no leaks while travelling.   This product is good value for money at £13.99 for 2.  As I liked using them, if I had to replace the bottles, I would not hesitate in buying these bottles again.  Due to preference, availability of a wider neck bottle would be useful.  I also don’t like the bottle being tinted a brown/yellow colour; I would prefer it to be clear.  I will continue to use these bottles but will have to buy more as 2 are not enough for full time use.  Comfortable while feeding, reduces colic, wind & discomfort, easy to use and clean when you have done it a couple of timesGood quality, well made bottles that are chemical free and reduce colic for a good price. Louise Daniels – Baby Kai 11 Weeks.


Product Tested By Kirsty  Prochowski – Baby Freya 12 Weeks   

Kirsty Awarded The BornFree Bottles 4.5/5

My first impression of Born Free’s product and packaging was that the bottles were very different to bottles I had previously used, and seen in the shops. I had never heard of BornFree, so this made me slightly apprehensive about using the bottles, but the packaging and products themselves looked to be of good quality so this soon won me over.  BornFree’s website impressed me as it is very easy to navigate around, and provides all the information you could possibly want. The homepage has very clear links to each product that the company sells, and there is also information about each one including what age they are aimed at, advantages of using BornFree products, and testimonials from customers. The companies contact details are very clear incase the website doesn’t answer any questions you may have. The packaging that the bottles come in provides very clear information about what age the bottles are suitable for, detailed diagrams and photographs of the product and also what the product is made to do, i.e. reduces colic and ear infections. The box clearly states that the bottles are "Free from Bisphenol-A Phthalates and PVC", which is one of the main selling points. The only possible downside of the packaging is that it would not immediately attract your attention if it was on the shelf next to other leading brands due to its basic design and colour scheme that doesn’t seem to match the bottle.  The pack contained two bottles, which I feel is appropriate as most baby equipment is supplied in multiples of two. This enables you to use one and sterilize the other ready for use. I personally would purchase two more bottles so there is less sterilizing to do! The bottles are available in packs of, 2, 4, 6 or 8 which allows for this.  The bottles are made of plastic which feels very strong and durable. The teat feels softer than teats I have previously used which is a plus side in my opinion. It all feels secure when assembled, apart from the lid which comes off very easily and could perhaps do with being tighter fitting.  The measuring gauge on the BornFree bottles is clearer to read, when filling the bottles, than on any other branded bottles I have used. The markings for each different unit of measurement are in different colours so that you don’t get confused when filling the bottles. The gauge seems to be scratch resistant which is great as the bottles will be used on a daily basis and need to be durable.   I had no difficulty in filling the bottles with liquid as they don’t topple over.  Personally I feel that the coloured plastic of the bottle makes it easier to see the water level, than if it were clear plastic.  The bottles have indents on the side which make them easier to hold when feeding your baby and you can get a good grip of the bottle even when shaking it.  I feel that the bottles are slightly too wide to hold for an extended period of time though.  All BornFree bottles come complete with a trademark venting system which aims to allow air into the bottle reducing the baby’s need to suck hard.  BornFree say that it is when babies suck hard that colic, gas and middle ear infections occur.  I haven’t previously seen anything like this venting system in other branded bottles so was impressed by it.  I was also sent a Breast Pump Adapter which I thought was a great idea as it fits onto most breast pumps and enables you to express milk directly into the Born Free bottles. The bottle is very easy to assemble and dissemble. It comes apart into seven different parts, which at first looks a bit confusing until you use the bottle and figure out how it all goes together.  The venting system which comes in two parts simply pushes together and then is pushed into the top of the bottle. There is an optional storage cap which fits over the venting system  if you want to store milk, or for use when traveling to prevent leaks. The teat then pushes into the screw cap and screws onto the bottle. Finally the lid is clipped on top.  Due to the fact that the bottle comes completely apart, it is easy to keep clean and to sterilize. There is a lot of detail to the venting system, which makes it slightly harder to clean than the bottle, but when using a teat brush, it is easy enough. Dirt could potentially build up in the gripping area on the screw cap but as long as the bottle is rinsed as soon as possible after use, cleaning should remain easy. The coloured plastic may make it harder to see if the bottle is thoroughly clean than if it were clear, but this is not a major problem. One downside is that it is only possible to fit two bottles in a sterilizer at once because of the number of parts that need to be cleaned.  When used with the storage cap, the BornFree bottles do not leak whilst traveling. If you are in the process of feeding your baby and the bottle is knocked over, milk does leak out of the teat quite quickly.  The Born Free bottles are priced at £13.99 for two 260ml bottles or £12.99 for two 160ml bottles. A pack of two teats costs £3.99.  In my opinion this is at the high end of the scale when it comes to prices of baby bottles. Despite this, BornFree bottles are a specialist product for which I myself would be willing to pay more for if I needed them due to my baby’s health requirements.  In my opinion the bottle could be improved in two areas. The first is the width of the bottles, which could be made slightly slimmer so that they are more comfortable to hold. The other area that could be improved on is the lid of the bottle. It comes off fairly easily so could do with being made tighter.  If I had been aware of the BornFree bottles earlier on, they would have been one of my first choices due to their health benefits.  I would recommend BornFree bottles to other parents due to the health benefits. I feel that the fact that the bottles are free from chemicals is a major selling point.   I am pleased that I have got the chance to use BornFree bottles and am happy that I have been introduced to the company as they offer a product which is different to any other on the market.  Kirsty  Prochowski – Baby Freya 12 Weeks   


Product Tested By Nicola Savage – Baby Karen 14 Weeks

Nicola Awarded The BornFree Bottles 4.6/5

First impression similar to most bottles available.  Looked good quality.  These were easy to put together and very easy to clean. Liked the website, had lots of information, easy to navigate and use. Liked the packaging and the design.  Really apprecited all the informtion which was listed on the packaging.  As a first time mum need all the information and help you can get. It told you all about the item, how to use, how it helps reduce colic and clean, all very informative.  I received a twin pack of bottles, but you can purchase more if you wish as offer a variety of packs up to 8 bottles.  As a mum you always need lots of bottles and I have since purchased the 8 pack.  I had no trouble with this bottle, good quality, measurements easy to read and never had any leaks.  Easy to clean & sterilise and quality of bottle maintained and markings for measurements did not fade. I found this easy to use and was comfortable to hold when feeding Karen.  Once you get the hang of this bottle easy to put together etc., but make sure you read the instructions as I found them very helpful and you need a few practice sessions before it becomes easy. The only thing that took a bit of time cleaning was the anti colic valve as just a bit fiddly. If they included a special brush to clean the valve in the bottle pack, then this item would be just perfect.  Good quality, easy to use, helped with colic and personally I feel they are good value for money.  Also liked the fact they are PBA free which is important to me.  Only comment would be to include the brush to clean the anti colic valve in the bottle set.  Have recommended and have already purchased more. Nicola Savage – Baby Karen 14 Weeks

Good quality, well made bottles that are chemical free and reduce colic for a good price.


Louise Awarded The BornFree Bottles 4.5/5

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