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Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Oils

Breastfeeding may be the most natural thing in the world but realistically for many it is not without its difficulties. Our calming Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Oils support both your body and mind with common breastfeeding problems, providing you with instant comfort and therefore enabling you to continue your breastfeeding journey.

Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Oils contain three oil blends:

“Ooh!”A blend of Geranium, Peppermint, Cypress and German Chamomile essential oils to soothe tender, full and heavy breasts, engorged breasts or the symptoms of mastitis. “Ooh” will also calm, relax and uplift any new mummy exhaustion.

“Aah!”A blend of Fennel, Lemon Grass and Mandarin essential oils to support with milk production and flow and relieve any anxiety and stress – perfect for any mummies experiencing low milk supply.

“Ouch!”A blend of Lavender, Neroli, Mandarin, Frankincense and Peppermint essential oils to soothe and calm sore nipples and relax a tired stressed mind.

With the advice and guidance from your Midwife (or other breastfeeding expert) and the support from Bosom Buddies you will feel calm and comfortable in no time – we want you to enjoy breastfeeding and continue this beautiful journey.

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Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Oils Reviews

Product Tested By Louise Blackmore – Joel 3 Months

Louise Awarded The Bosom Buddies 5/5

I thought the packaging was great – definitely sums up the first few weeks of breastfeeding a newborn! Really well thought out. I think it’s natural to want to use less chemicals and additives when you have a new baby in order to protect their developing bodies but oils and herbs can be a bit of a minefield due to lack of testing. Having something like this designed by midwives is a great idea. Instructions very easy to follow.  Really liked the bottle design, very easy to get the right amount of product.  This was extremely easy to use.  It was really easy to apply. Sometimes I used it with a compress and sometimes I massaged it in myself, particularly the Ooh one. It definitely helps soothe any soreness and was soothing. I used Ooh a lot! I think in the first couple of weeks mainly (because it arrived after my milk had started to come in) if I wasn’t feeding I had the Ooh on in some way or another! I didn’t need to use the Aah because I had a generous milk supply however I have been burning it because it smells lovely! I used the Ouch as much as possible, usually if baby fell asleep feeding and I was going to go straight to sleep with him. I noticed relief from soreness straight away however I don’t think the Ouch works as a stand-alone product of things get serious i.e. cracked nipples. When that happened I switched back to Lansinoh nipple cream.  I didn’t use the Aah on my boobs. I loved the aroma of all 3 of them. . I think the aroma + the fact that you have to take a moment for yourself to apply it all really helps you to relax for a moment. I think this product is great value for money! Not only is it an effective product to use but you get a bit of an aromatherapy feeling at the same time due to the beautiful scents. I really liked the lovely scents. If I was planning to have another baby I would buy this.  I would definitely recommend and already bought some for my sister in law. It is a wonderful product for a new Mum to use and would make a lovely gift. Breastfeeding is hard and a little isolating so having a product that forces you to put the baby down for two minutes while you apply it is a really good thing! The aromatherapy scents are gorgeous! If I could change one thing it would be that the oils didn’t have to be cleaned off before feeding because not only is that a faff when a baby is screaming at you but it also feels like you are losing a level of protection! This is why I continued to use my Lansinoh nipple cream. Louise Blackmore – Joel 3 Months

Product Tested By Mairi Mackenzie – Aisling 3.5 Months

Mairi Awarded The Bosom Buddies 5/5

The kit is in a compact but beautifully presented box which contains the three solutions which can be mixed with water. The concept of solutions to help sore breasts and nipples is a novel idea, as when breastfeeding it can hurt. The instructions were simple, clear and easy to follow. The bottle design is easy to open, and the packaging was clear for Ooh, Aah and Ouch, so not to get the solutions mixed up. The product was easy to use, just add a few drops of the selected solution to a bowl of warm water, soak a flannel and apply for 30 minutes to each breast. I found by applying the flannels between feeds the product was easy to use while breastfeeding. I received this product two months into my breastfeeding journey; however I did feel the oils helped to relieve sore breasts and provided calming moments in the early days. I use the solutions a few times a week depending on how my breasts are feeling. I found I needed a couple of applications of Ooh between feeds to relive engorged breasts and blocked ducts. My milk flow was well established when I started using the solutions, however I did find the Aah solution helped to relieve stress and anxiety. The Aah solution would have potentially helped me in the early days of breastfeeding. The aroma of each solution was pleasant. When relaxing and applying the solutions between feeds the aroma was not over powering, but gentle and calming. Only a few drops of each oil are required for each application, therefore the product will last for some time to help soothe sore breasts and nipples. I loved the fact the solutions are blends of natural products and vegan friendly. It would be a lovely gift for mums to be who are planning to breastfeed. I would recommend as it is a practical but thoughtful product for the early stages and potentially uncomfortable moments of breastfeeding.  The little trio of oils have been a pleasant surprise to help relieve the anxiety and stress of uncomfortable breastfeeding moments in a first time mum. Mairi Mackenzie – Aisling 3.5 Months

Product Tested By Leah Ellis

Leah Awarded The Bosom Buddies 4/5

This smelt lovely, was easy to apply and wasn’t overly greasy on the skin. Awesome concept; however there are many of these products in the market. Instructions very easy to follow.  I did think the bottles were quite small but the smell was pleasant.  Liked the bottle design as lovely and simple.  I found this very easy to use.  It was not difficult to apply and did not affect breastfeeding. Didn’t see any significant changes, however it was less sore. I would use this twice daily.  It took about 4 days of use to notice improvement and helping me to breastfeed comfortably.  I really loved the aroma.  I also found using the oils very calming when applied.  I do feel this is good value for money.  The smell was lovely and the feeling it is very soothing and stops chapped nipples.  I would say maybe I would buy this.  However, there are plenty of other options. Maybe if it was in a well-known supermarket?  I possibly would recommend if it was available in local stores.  The experience was OK, this worked well but was not overly impressed but the smell was nice.  Leah Ellis




I would definitely recommend and already bought some for my sister in law. It is a wonderful product for a new Mum to use and would make a lovely gift. Breastfeeding is hard and a little isolating so having a product that forces you to put the baby down for two minutes while you apply it is a really good thing! The aromatherapy scents are gorgeous!


Louise Awarded The Bosom Buddies 5/5

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