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Botanicals Calming Body Lotion

Botanicals pure and natural body lotion will help soothe and calm the skin after shaving, waxing or the use of depilatory products. And will support the skin’s natural elasticity by replenishing essential moisture lost during hair removal. Essential extracts of calming marigold and aloe-vera are blended with soothing lavender, and antiseptic tea tree, in this pure and natural body treatment.

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£14.75 available to purchase online

Botanicals Calming Body Lotion Reviews

Product Tested by: Maureen Young

Tested By
Maureen Young

Awarded The Botanicals Calming Body Lotion 4.5/5

bottle for the price but looked nice. Great design looks expensive love the
pump dispenser. Instructions clear and
simple to follow. Nice quality lotion
easy to apply and soaks into the skin very well. I loved that the product was
organic and the lotion was all natural ingredients. I found the aroma a bit strong but not a
horrible aroma. It worked really well I
was very impressed with the lotion. I think it is quite expensive for the size
of the bottle and for what it is and wouldn’t last that long if you used this
on a regular basis. I think it is too expensive for the size even though it is
organic would pay £9.99 for it though. I
would recommend it as it is a great product even though it is overpriced other
people may not think it is. Lovely lotion which works well on the skin and does
exactly what it states. Maureen Young

Tested By
Jeanette Philpot

Awarded The Botanicals Calming Body Lotion 4.8/5

bottle and loved the pump action as easy to apply. Bottle was smaller than I expected. Packaging is classic design and also bottle
design ideal to pop in bag and take on your travels. Instructions are clear and easy to
follow. Quality of this lotion is
excellent, not too runny or too thick and glides on with ease. The pump action allows you to dispense just what
you need and soaks into the skin really quickly. I do like the fact this is organic and uses
only natural ingredients. The aroma is
pleasant and does not linger but does leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. I found this very effective. You do not have to use much so a little goes
a long way. I suffer from really dry
skin on my legs when shaving and this worked wonders. I also found this to be very effective to use
on my arms as stopped them from looking so dry and made skin feel silky and
smooth. Just a little applied each day
and legs and arms are feeling silky smooth. I have to be very careful what I
use on my skin and compared to my other cream this is good value as still have
some left now. As soon as this one runs
out will be purchasing more. I have
already recommended and purchased a bottle for friend as a gift. This is a very high quality lotion, glides on
easily, soaks into the skin really quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft
and smooth. I just loved it. Jeanette Philpot

Tested By
Amanda Hayes

Awarded The Botanicals Calming Body Lotion 4.5/5

was a smaller bottle than I expected but nicely designed. I liked the design of
the bottle and labelling, is classical and looks classy. The pump works really
well and dispatches just the right amount of lotion. The instructions were
clear and easy to understand. Very nice quality lotion, it soaks into the skin well.
The packaging says 90% organic so not sure about the 100% statement. It would
be nice to know what the 10% that isn’t organic is made up of. I did like the
aroma although it is strong and does linger for quite a while. I found this
product to be very effective. You can use it straight after shaving or waxing
without any stinging. It soaks into the skin well and doesn’t leave a sticky
residue. I personally think it’s quite expensive for such a small bottle. Given
that it’s for use on large parts of the body you use quite a lot each time. If I saw it on offer I would buy it or I would ask for it as
a gift. I
would recommend it for those with sensitive skin prone to shaving rashes. I
like the consistency of the calming lotion, in fact it would make a great hand
cream as it absorbs so well. The pump is a really good idea although you do
need two hands to pump and catch the lotion. A really nice product that I would
recommend, it’s a shame it doesn’t come in a slightly large bottle. Amanda

Lovely lotion which works well on the skin and does exactly what it states. 


Maureen Awarded The Botanicals Calming Body Lotion 4.5/5

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