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Botley® 2.0 Activity Set

Botley® 2.0 The Coding Robot is the next generation of coding fun. Botley 2.0 is easy to use with exciting new features and will have kids as young as five coding in minutes. Programme a sequence of up to 150 steps in six directions, watch it put on a light show, set it new challenges, unlock cool features, and more.

Suitable children 5-10 Years

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Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2020 Educational Toys, Toys 5 Year Plus and Gadget Toy category 

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Botley® 2.0 Activity Set Reviews

Product Tested By Anthony Devaney – Annabelle 6 Years

Anthony Awarded The Botley 2.0 The Coding Robot 5/5

When the product arrived I thought the packaging looked great. It clearly shows the robot and some of its features. It was bigger than expected and I was excited to get it open. I think the concept of the coding robot is great. It teaches young children coding in a fun and interactive way. There are several ways to play with the robot that help to build up skills, from simple step by step commands, to loops and using all the robots functions. It is simple and fun. The robot looks fun. He also looks friendly. The accessories are easy to use and well thought through. I like that it comes with cards with the commands on so your child can plan out their instructions and then input them. The “road” pieces are great to build a track so your child can visualise where they want Botley to go. The extra bits such as arms and blocks make the robot fun to use and mean that it’s easy to add challenges and create your own fun. The instructions were really easy to follow. I have not used a coding robot before and I found it easy to understand. It explained in a way which built up stage by stage so your understanding developed as you try each challenge. I was impressed with the instructions. My daughter is 6 and does not have much experience with coding or any kind of computer games. She has learned how to give him basic commands and enjoys planning a route for him. She also likes building a track with the line for him to follow. Each time we get Botley out she learns a little bit more. As she gets older she will get better at it so I think that is great. She was not frustrated and is happy with the things that she can make him do. I would not expect her to understand every function at 6 and this is why a toy like this is great as they can learn more and more each time they play. This is brilliant for first timers as it is so simple to start off and get Botley to follow instructions. One negative however is that on occasion, Botley will travel slightly off track and if the route you set is complex. I think a very flat surface is essential. An uneven surface builds up to a large incorrection as he travels further. Having said that, the coding cards really help beginners understand that they are planning an action and creating a code for Botley to follow. A more advanced coder has the opportunity to create loops, get Botley to light up and move blocks from space to space. The more they can code, the more fun it is. There are some secret features you can unlock as you progress like turning Botley into a ghost. But as I said, it’s important to ensure your play surface is flat and clean. My daughter has picked up the basic idea of making a plan, creating a code, and getting Botley to follow it. She really enjoys doing this and she laughs and giggles a lot when she is successful. At times even more so when she makes a mistake! This is great for problem solving. You can challenge your child to get Botley to reach a certain location. They need to then solve the problem. If they go wrong they will need to re-think the process and try again. Or come up with a new route altogether. There are endless challenges that you can give your child and they can also challenge themselves. This does introduce STEM through play. Botley is very much a fun toy. My daughter gets a lot of pleasure playing with him but at the same time she is using her brain and challenging herself to use science, technology, engineering and math to plan and succeed with coding. The remote worked well and with the coding cards you can track your instructions. I much prefer this to using a screen as first of all you do not need to spend time setting up technology and it also teaches children to use different types of technology. It also makes it suitable for those children who do not have access to phones/iPad or tablets. The remote is easy to use and I prefer batteries as I do not have to worry about charging before play. I also think it reduces the distractions involved with using a screen. My daughter cannot unlock Botley hidden features herself. This is her first experience of coding and she is just getting confident with the basics. I have had a go and can unlock the features. I like turning Botley in to a ghost and the police car is fun too. My daughter does love the light show but she still needs help to work this function. I do not mind helping her as it’s a nice way to play together and I have enjoyed learning new skills too. At 6 years old my daughter is at the lowest end of Botleys age range so as more skill develops, more features will be available for her. Again my daughter needs help with this function but we have used it. She really enjoyed watching Botley avoid objects and it made her laugh a lot. The instructions are easy to follow and if you do it correctly Botley avoids objects well. My daughter did enjoy personalising him but she would have been happy if this was not possible too. She was very eager to get going and make Botley do stuff. I do agree this is ideal for 5-10 year olds. My daughter has just turned 6 years old and she was able to understand the basics and with help is expanding her knowledge every time she plays. Her older sister is 11 and also got great pleasure out of playing with Botley. She was able to do some of the more advanced things like object detection and enjoyed programming sequences that were as long as possible. This is a fun device for anyone who would like to learn the basics of coding so plenty of children would enjoy it who are older than 10. It does require adult help initially to get your child started. Also as I’ve mentioned earlier, setting up a nice, clean and very flat area is very important if you are to get Botleys behaviour perfect. Especially the more directions you input into him. This definitely kept my daughter entertained. my daughter was happy to play for over an hour in each play session. She really enjoyed new challenges and seeing what Botley can do. She does still require adult help and supervision as sometimes she needs help or something explaining. This is mainly due to reading, and planning long lists of directions, as well as the aforementioned mistakes that happen if a surface isn’t really perfect. The quality of Botley and his accessories is great. Botley seems good quality and so do his accessories. The path pieces are thick and the coding cards robust. The extra pieces all seem like good quality and nothing has broken. It’s a great, solid kit. My daughter has used this most days. She is eager to get it out but it does need to be when I can supervise. Botely requires a good bit of floor space in order to give him room. We did initially play with him on the kitchen table but he was at risk of falling of the end. She would probably play with him more but I like to supervise to make sure that she doesn’t get frustrated and pieces are not being lost. Annabelle’s older sisters, 11 and 13 had great fun playing with Botley. They were able to make him do some of the more complicated actions. They would often play once she had finished. Both myself and Annabelle’s mummy had a go too and really enjoyed playing with him. None of us have any experience of coding so it was good to learn something new. This is 100% educational. As much as it is fun it requires thought and critical thinking to play with. When used properly is teaches basic coding. The play is structured too so lots of planning goes into play with Botley. I like that you can build on the basics of coding. At first it is fun and challenging just to get Botley to go where you want him to go. Then you can add in loops or object detection. You can put Botleys arms on and have him move things as well as play a light show. Each stages builds on the previous. I really like that he grows as you learn! My child thought he was cute and got a real thrill out of making him move and controlling him. She was happy when she got the code right and he ended up where she wanted him too. She also enjoyed making him move things! Also as much as 150 actions is a lot, and as much as making a mistake on move 102 was extremely frustrating… getting a successful succession of 100+ moves was incredibly rewarding. Over all i think the quality of this product is great. It is well designed, simple to use and fun to play with. Initially I though £85 was a lot. I wondered if Botley would offer enough education and enjoyment for the cost. Having had the opportunity to use Botley, well, he is definitely worth the money. My daughter has spent hours playing and I feel it has benefitted her educationally too. I would buy this and I will recommend it to others. I had not seen a product like this before. Having had chance to use this I am very impressed at what it offers. It can be hard to find toys that are different and even harder to find good educational toys. My daughter really enjoyed playing with Botley and concentrated hard. She has a good few years where she will enjoy using him so I would buy. I will recommend Botley as my daughter liked it so much. I was not aware that a toy like this existed so i would be more likely to tell people about it. And I have already. I have given Botley 5/5 because he offers so much. He is easy to use, the instructions are clear. It offers a lot for the money and is good quality. Most of all my daughter loves playing with it and as a bonus it is educational. Over all I am thrilled with this product. Although a fair amount of adult supervision is needed for younger children, it is a lot of fun. I believe my daughter will enjoy this for several years and it will help her build coding skills that she will be able to apply in the future. I believe it’s fair priced, suitable for a huge range of youngsters and plenty of grownups, and it aesthetically lovely and fun. I don’t believe I’ve ever judged a product to be 5/5 for everything before!! Anthony Devaney – Annabelle 6 Years

Product Tested By Naomi Brown – Lucas & Oliver – 10 & 6 Years

Naomi Awarded The Botley 2.0 The Coding Robot 5/5

We couldn’t wait for the product to arrive, both boys very excited and loved the design on the box, very simple design giving some ideas of what the contents were capable of. Loved it. Brilliant for the age of the children as both 6 and 10 year old keen to get it out and working but able to do different things depending on age. simple design but effective. Instructions easy to understand, youngest looking through booklet whilst I set up with batteries and he was ready to try out the secret codes (his favourite bit!) once all ready with very little input from myself. My children did find this easy to understand as easy explanations in booklet and once read and used as guide first few times able to use independently. My youngest has never used anything like this before and got the hang of it very quickly. My eldest has used similar concept at school and was able to challenge himself and try out some of the other features. My youngest found this very easy to pick up yet a lot more it can do if you read through the instructions. My youngest loves the secret codes, showing everyone who comes into the house! My eldest however has been using the coding cards and challenging himself. Brilliant concept for STEM learning and think we still have things to learn together! The gaming style remote programmer worked without any problems. Did need to remind children to cancel old moves a couple of times but the quickly got the hang of it. First thing my youngest wanted to do. We had to try all the secret codes including finding a dark spot to try the light shows. They loved the light show and dance to the beat aspect and would often take up to a den they have made under beds as its nice and dark! We tried the STEM challenges together but not on their own. Preferring to use in other ways currently. Face plate they liked, stickers frustrated them as no instruction on where to stick them! I agree ideal for 5-10 year olds as younger children would be able to use but not to its full potential. This certainly keeps then entertained and continues to do so. Very happy with it all, especially like the large puzzle pieces to make Botley follow the lines. When it first arrived it was used daily for around a week. Now it comes out roughly 3 or 4 times a week. I have certainly enjoyed having a go myself! Definitely much more than a toy and great educational aspect to it. I loved the fact it was something that appealed to both children. They loved the secret codes and the little sounds it makes. Fantastic quality and can see it lasting well.  I believe it does offer good value for money. There is so much to the robot (things I’m sure we haven’t even used to its full potential) and although my eldest on the top end of the age bracket I can definitely see it being a good investment if bought at the lower end. I potentially would buy this. Eyeing up some the accessory packs ready for birthday/Christmas gifts. I would recommend. my youngest has been getting it out to show all his friends who have come round to play! I have already recommended it to some friends myself. We as a family love Botley. He has so many features and challenges for both children so a range of abilities. We have enjoyed having Botley to explore. Both children have played in different ways and can see it really growing with my youngest has be becomes more confident with exploring all the different features he has to offer. Naomi Brown – Lucas & Oliver – 10 & 6 Years

Product Tested By Frances-Anne Lees – Lochlan 7 Years

Frances-Anne Awarded The Botley 2.0 The Coding Robot 3.5/5

It looked like a fun toy, well packaged. I’m 47 and have no clue about coding, however I’ve heard my kids talking about it so I thought a toy robot was a great concept. Design was small and cute but there were lots of little pieces which could easily get lost. Lots of instructions, I found it quite difficult to understand them. My 7 year old struggled with reading the instructions and he’s a very strong reader. I don’t think it’s ideal for first timers age 5-7 as its too much information for them to process. My son did enjoy trying out basic coding skills for the first ten minutes then lost interest. It didn’t engage him enough to encourage critical thinking.  This is ideal for introducing STEM learning but would aim the age bracket to over 8 years. Due to my son not taking to Botley the gaming-style remote did not work well for him as he lost interest in the coding robot. My son did not get to the stage of finding the hidden features. He did enjoy the light show and dance to the beat aspect of this toy. The activity set creating STEM challenges and object detection worked well. My son enjoyed personalising his Botley and using stickers.  However his sister age 9 has a phobia of stickers and she wouldn’t touch it afterwards. I think age 5 is too young as kids don’t have the concentration needed to program it. I think it would suit age 8+ better. Unfortunately for us this did not keep my son entertained. It was well built, no sharp edges and everything is very colourful. he used it a few times the first couple of days, then we had to encourage him to play with it again. His older sister played with it a bit too and she seemed to get it to do more things, although as mentioned earlier, the stickers put her off a bit. It might be better to have the stickers in place already to avoid this scenario. In the right hands it’s definitely an educational toy, however it just didn’t hit the mark with my kids. I did like the bright colours and sounds.  My children enjoyed chasing the dog with it on the floor. The quality is great, really well built and easy to put together. For us this really did not represent good value. All kids are different but my son usually loves putting things together and building. I honestly think there were just far too many pieces in the box and he got really fed up trying to use them all. For us this would not be something we would purchase. I would not recommend because I think it is too much money for a toy that doesn’t engage the kids that well. It looked great in the box, however there are so many pieces to it, it made it difficult for the kids to understand what they were supposed to do. If something is too much of a challenge then they give up. Overall for us too expensive, did not hold my children’s interest, too many small pieces, difficult to store due to the number of pieces.  A lot of batteries required to be bought before you can even do anything with the robot. Would be better if they’d been included, especially at that price point. Instructions not easily understood by 7 year old. Frances-Anne Lees – Lochlan 7 Years




Over all I am thrilled with this product. Although a fair amount of adult supervision is needed for younger children, it is a lot of fun. I believe my daughter will enjoy this for several years and it will help her build coding skills that she will be able to apply in the future. I believe it’s fair priced, suitable for a huge range of youngsters and plenty of grownups, and it aesthetically lovely and fun. I don’t believe I’ve ever judged a product to be 5/5 for everything before!!


Anthony Awarded The Botley 2.0 The Coding Robot 5/5

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