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Bounce ‘N’ Catch Discs

2021 AWARD WINNING Bounce ‘n’ Catch discs bat and ball game, are great for play indoors or outside on the beach in the park of just at home in the back garden. The two-coloured discs have hand holes for grip and a springy material middle, great fun used as throwing and catching discs just like a Frisbee. Play and develop your bouncing skills on your own with the brightly coloured fun stringy rubber ball or play bounce and catch with a friend. The discs can bounce the rubber ball up to 20 metres or more and can adapt to play with many sports such as Volley ball, Tennis and rounders. Great all-round quality versatile product.

Develops children’s competence and confidence to co-ordinate objects and to communicate, collaborate and compete with others.

Includes: 2 discs, the Fuzzee ball

Size: 30 cm dia.

Suitable 3 Years Plus

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Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2022 Outdoor Toys, Toddler Toys & Family Toys & Games 

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Bounce ‘N’ Catch Discs Reviews

Product Tested By Theresa Schofield – Zachary & Isobel – 3 & 5 Years

Theresa Awarded The Bounce ‘n’ Catch Discs 5/5

My first impressions were they were larger than expected! But looked fun. Larger than expected but robust and the children wanted to play with them as soon as possible. The instructions were basic but straight to the point. Both children really enjoyed playing with them and I didn’t have to worry about any damage to the house. My children played with this indoors, we didn’t need to worry about damage to the house from the game at all. We didn’t play this outside but it rained a lot during the period we were testing. I think if we got some dry crisp days it would be perfect for outside games. My children are very excited to use this on our holidays planned for the summer, and they will take up minimal space in the suitcase. My children played together and enjoyed the game. They also enjoyed playing with grownups. They definitely improved their technique over the testing period. This game was played by all the family and we all had a great time. One night they didn’t want to go to bed as they had a good game going on. It definitely kept them entertained. This was played 3-4 times a week. We practiced catch, tennis, and rounders. I’m sure in the summer outside we could play every more games with it. It worked for my 3 and 5 year old well. My 3 year old improved his hand eye coordination over the testing period. My children liked the  “ball” it was funny and different. I liked fact no damage to the house and it kept the children entertained. I think a price range of £10-15 would be more appealing but we really enjoyed the toy. Nobody broke the product or anything in the house so the quality was great. I would buy more so all 4 of us could play together. We would recommend as the more the merrier to play with. The children had great fun and loved the product. I was surprised how large the discs were and that nothing got broken! Theresa Schofield – Zachary & Isobel – 3 & 5 Years

Product Tested By Kirsty Prochowski – Max & Isla – 10 & 5 Years

Kirsty Awarded The Bounce ‘n’ Catch Discs 5/5

When the product arrived in the post, I was surprised at how large the discs were and was very impressed with the quality of them. I did however consider the fact that there was only one ‘ball’ and wondered how long this would last or what could be used once my children inevitably lost it! The quality of the toy is great. It looks strong and is brightly coloured which makes it attractive to kids. The fuzzy ball is a great idea as it is soft, light and bouncy. The spaces in either side of the material on the discs made it slightly confusing for my daughter to hold, as she immediately put her hands through the gaps to grip the disc which resulted in her holding the disc at an angle in which she couldn’t hit the ball. With practice she learnt how to play. The instructions were adequate, however I don’t think the toy requires instructions. I think the distance the ball can travel would be sufficient. The game was easy to play once the kids got the hang of how to hold the discs and how bouncy they were! This game is ideal to play indoors.  The children were so excited that they both played it as soon as they opened it whilst still stood in the hallway! The game requires a bit of space, but the ‘ball’ is soft and therefore it is great as both an indoor and outdoor game. They did play this game outside. They played with the discs and a football goal to try to score goals with the ball. My son liked to see how high he could hit the ball in the air and was very impressed. I also felt assured that if the ball hit the car, it wouldn’t cause any damage due to how soft it is. Absolutely ideal to take out and about and on holiday. We take the game to the park and will take it to the beach in the summer. My son liked seeing how hard he could hit the ball in the air, however preferred playing with another person. Myself and my kids loved playing with the toy together. This did keep them entertained.  The children played with the toy for a while in the garden. My son took it to play with his friend who also liked it and had lots of fun! The kids played with the toy in the evenings a few times a week. My son uses the ball as a fiddle toy too, which he takes to school every day. The ball is very versatile to play a wide variety of games. The children use it with their football goal to see how many points they could score. My son also played keepy-ups which he enjoyed. I think a 3 year old may struggle to hit the ball and stay interested in the game for long enough to play. My 10 year old loved it and I think it’s a great family game for older children and adults, however my 5 year old got frustrated when she couldn’t hit the ball sometimes. My kids loved playing the game as a family and enjoyed how high they could hit the ball. I like the sturdy design and feel the toy is great to have in a bag when going out for the day. I think the design of the ball is great. I think the game is value for money. I would happily buy it as a present. The quality is fantastic. I was really impressed with the toy for this reason. I would buy this. I think it is a toy that will provide lots more fun over the years. I love how versatile it is and I’m sure we can think of many more ways to play with it. I would recommend the product to friends and family, and feel that it would be a good game to use in schools too. The game is great. We really enjoyed playing, it is safe and can be played indoors as well as outdoors and can be transported easily to be used on days out. I think the product was great fun and of very good quality. I feel we would have benefitted form an extra ball so that my children could play in a variety of ways together and so that there was a spare ball if we were to lose one. I would defiantly recommend the game to my friends and family and think we will use the game a lot in the future. Kirsty Prochowski – Max & Isla – 10 & 5 Years

Product Tested By Alicia Carey – Fiona & Jodie – 5 & 8 Years

Alicia Awarded The Bounce ‘n’ Catch Discs 5/5

We were very excited to receive this and looked impressive and my girls could not wait to start playing this game.  Good design, looked durable and safe and fun for the girls to use. Instructions good but this really is self-explanatory.  The game was great fun and the girls enjoyed playing in the house as this is safe and the ball is soft and squishy so will not damage anything in the home. The girls have played indoors and we have taken his to the park and used in the garden so all the family could join in the fun. I also liked the link online which gives you a wide variety of games to play so gave us more ideas on how to use this game.  We will be using this much more in the spring and summer as great to play outside and ideal to take to the beach or park to keep the girls entertained. We are also going to pack these for our summer holiday as ideal and easy to pack. The girls loved playing the bounce game and were so surprised just how high the ball would bounce. Certainly helped with bouncing skill and concentration. The girls played with each other, friends and all the family joined in the fun too. Great toy, fun game and entertaining for all. This has been used regularly every week and will be used a lot more in the warmer months. We did try volley ball with this and was very competitive. I think the age range is ideal as great for youngsters 3 plus to learn some new skills, and then as they grow older it challenges them and the games played become very competitive. My girls just loved this game and we all had fun playing as a family. For the entertainment it delivers superb value for money.  Quality is excellent cannot fault it. I will be buying more as we have a big family so this will ensure everyone can join in the fun. I would highly recommend as just so much fun and a game you can play all year round. A simple design, but so much fun and so portable too.  Loved it and especially loved seeing my girls enjoy the games they can play with this and having fun. Superb toy and great for all the family to play. Alicia Carey – Fiona & Jodie – 5 & 8 Years

Nobody broke the product or anything in the house so the quality was great. I would buy more so all 4 of us could play together. We would recommend as the more the merrier to play with. The children had great fun and loved the product. I was surprised how large the discs were and that nothing got broken!


Theresa Awarded The Bounce ‘n’ Catch Discs 5/5

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