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Braillephun are bricks are for blind or partially sighted children or adults who are learning or have learned Braille. They have been developed with some kind help and checking from many sources including the Royal National Institute for the Blind in London. Players can make simple words and crosswords and improve their language skills as well as have games and fun. The bricks have letters or numbers printed under the transparent Braille signs, so activities and games can be shared with sighted players. Ages 5+

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Braillephun Reviews

Product Tested by: Amelia Fletcher – Brian & Rachel Ages 5 & 6 Years

Product Tested By Amelia Fletcher – Brian & Rachel Ages 5 & 6 Years

Amelia Awarded the Braillephun 5/5

I was so pleased with this; it looked like a great way to help my children with their learning. The packaging was suitable for its delivery but we luckily had a large box to store all of the blocks in after the plastic bag was opened. Both of my children really enjoy using this and I think that it has helped them also to find fun in learning together. It’s great for forming sentences and also to do math with! I think it’s great value for money and I should imagine it will be incredibly useful for children with difficulties. Excellent! Amelia Fletcher – Brian & Rachel Ages 5 & 6 Years

Product Tested By Sarah-Jayne WindridgeFrance – Archie & Jem Ages 6 & 4 Years

Sarah-Jayne Awarded the Braillephun 4/5

A superb product! The packaging was OK, but once opened we had to find a large tub. The instructions are great, though we did make up a lot of other uses and challenges ouselves too. This is truly superb for any child to promote learning. It was a little too difficult for my eldest son (who has special needs), but my 4 year old loved it and uses it heaps. We didn’t really use it as communication tool, more of a tool for developing understanding of words, spelling, phonetics and simple maths puzzles. My little boy wanted to make sentences – but we found there weren’t really enough letters, even for simple little sentences. AND 15 of our maths blocks came blanks with no numbers or signs on them!? I think it’s wonderful and I would definitely seek it out – but before I did I think the blocks need to be provided in a large sealable tub with a carry handle… and I would need a few more common letters and vowels! We’ve already been raving about it and if it was tweaked (see above) it could be a HUGE success. Sarah-Jayne WindridgeFrance – Archie & Jem Ages 6 & 4 Years

Product Tested By Laura Wright – Baby Andrew 9 Months

Laura Awarded the Braillephun 4/5

The blocks seem pretty robust; the Braille over-stickers are firmly affixed. A novel solution to letter/number blocks for visually impaired children. The packaging was suitable for delivery, but the blocks would need to be transferred to a storage box. Instructions were in print and in Adult language. I trust that when this item is distributed (eg by RNIB), instructions will also be available in Braille and Large Print. I think this is a good concept – not only for VI children, but also for VI parents with sighted children. The packaging mentions another set with “graphemes” – I assume they mean Braille contractions; this is good as it means the set can grow with the child’s education. My son is too young to use the product so I tested it myself as I have experience with working with VI parents. The blocks seemed very robust, and I liked the design of the interlocking lugs – you can always tell which the top of the block is. I think the stickers would last well too, they have been well fixed. The product is expensive compared to simple card letters & flashcards for sighted children. I would see this as a loan product from a library, rather than a purchase, or as a school product. I think the idea of combining Braille onto letter & number blocks is really good, for both visually impaired children and also VI parents of sighted children. The blocks are robust and will probably last much longer than a single child would need them; for that reason I would see this product being more popular with special needs teachers and toy libraries. Laura Wright – Baby Andrew 9 Months

I should imagine it will be incredibly useful for children with difficulties. Excellent


Amelia Awarded the Braillephun 5/5

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