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Bramble & Smudge Bed-e-Bag

When one Bed-e-Bag just isn’t enough. Baby can be snuggled up warm inside one while the other is in the wash or drying. Bed-e-Bags stylish and safe. They provide comfort and warmth without the need for additional bedding. Bramble bed-e-Bag features luxurious cord with soft velour and large embroidery of Bramble Bear. Product Details:100% Cotton-100% Polyester Filling – Size: 0-6 months. Please note, not suitable for babies less than 7lb. Popper fastening, side to bottom zip, makes nappy changing easier.Bed-e-Bags prevent the problem of covers being kicked off whilst sleeping. Approximately 2.5 Tog, suitable for all year round except for high summer. It is recommended that baby wears a long sleeved sleep suit in the Bed-e-Bag. This is always dependant upon the temperature of the nursery. Fully machine washable and tumble dry friendly.

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Prices Start From £21.52 for 0-6 Months - Availbale to purchase online

Bramble & Smudge Bed-e-Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Lisa Bowyer – Baby Ed 7 Months

Product Tested By Lisa Bowyer – Baby Ed 7 Months

Lisa Awarded Bedebyes Bramble & SMudge Sleeping Bag 4.3/ 5

The product has subtle packaging that wouldn’t immediately have caught my eye in a shop. However, it was very informative containing all the information that I needed to ensure it was the appropriate size for my baby and that he was dressed correctly for the temperature. Also the product has good care instructions. It looks and feels like a high quality sleeping bag and it was extremely easy to wash and dry.  I swaddled my baby when he was smaller, but always use sleeping bags now. I prefer sleeping bags that have poppers on the shoulders, as they are easier to get on and off of my baby – especially when he is tired. I would have found it easier to use if the zip fastened from bottom to top, as when Ed was struggling it was hard to get the 2 ends of the zip lined up and fastened. A high-quality sleeping bag that would be perfect if it had popper fasteners on the shoulders and the zip fastened the other way round. I would recommend this to other parents. Lisa Bowyer – Baby Ed 7 Months


Product Tested By Stephanie Kostilek – Baby Alfie 6 Months

Stephanie Awarded The Bedebyes Bramble & Smudge Sleeping Bag 4.9/5

Looked like it would keep Alfie really warm at night.  High quality material and really soft to the touch.  Even maintained its softness after washing, which is perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. Packaging could be made recyclable but the clear plastic lets you see what you are getting.  Instructions Very clear and easy to follow.  This was superb at keeping Alfie warm on cold nights.  Did not have the chance to check out the website but will have a look at some stage in the future.  We were very happy to test this item as I am a fan of sleeping bags.  I was also aware of the SIDSandKids safe sleeping recommendations, but did not know they do not endorse any baby care products. The item does what it’s supposed to do and a lot better than the cheaper ones available.   Buttons can be a little stiff, but they loosen up over time.  This was absolutely perfect for Alfies needs.  High quality, good value for money and works.    All mums should buy one for baby.  Does exactly what you want it too – perfect.  Stephanie Kostilek – Baby Alfie 6 Months


Product Tested By Moira Finley Landry –  Baby Bethany 11 Months

Moira Awarded Bedebyes Bramble & Mudge Sleeping Bag 4/5

This is a lovely product, with a cute design and it’s good quality. It is suitable for boys or girls. There is minimal packaging (which is good for the environment), clear & concise info. The instructions are clear & concise. The outside material is soft and good quality, I would prefer the inside fabric to have been softer as it goes next to baby’s skin (if bare legs). I have used sleeping bags with both poppers and zips and was happy to see that this had a zip (along with a popper at the top to stop the baby unzipping it). I much prefer zips as they are easier to put on both wriggling and sleeping babies. The zip was nice and smooth and didn’t catch at all. I found this to be at the higher end of the price range for similar products. I would have preferred the inside material to have been softer, but overall I liked the design. Cute unisex baby sleeping bag, Good quality design with a zip for easy quick use and a top popper to stop the little one from unzipping it! Moira Finley Landry –  Baby Bethany 11 Months


Lisa awarded Bedebyes Bramble & Smudge Bed-e-Bag  4.3/ 5

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