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Breast Flow Manual Breast Pump

This Natural Transitions Manual Breast Pump provides for comfortable, quiet and efficient pumping.

  • Adjustable swivel head
  • unique sheild design
  • lightweight, compact design
    comes with two 5 oz bottles with sealing discs for storing
  • BPA-free
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    £24.99 Available Mothercare, online Amazon, or or click onto for local stockist

    Breast Flow Manual Breast Pump Reviews

    Product Tested by: Jenny Lewis – Baby Ellie 8 Months

    Product Tested By Jenny Lewis – Baby Ellie 8 Months

    Jenny Awarded the Breast Flow Manual Breast Pump 4.5/5

    Looked very similar to other products on the market however I thought the idea of the handle being able to move around was a great idea. Difficult to find instructions as they were written in so many different languages, however instead of each language being in a different section each pointer was written in each language before moving onto the next so it was difficult to find what you were looking for. Also the booklet was fold out and was huge when folded out which was a bit inconvenient. Once instructions had been found they were easy to follow. Very easy to use, easy to assemble and take apart. It is strong, easily as good as an electric pump and definitely better than the manual one I currently have. Strong suction was very comfortable. Expressing was much quicker than I expected with this pump. Very easy to use, quiet, like the fact the handle is moveable making pumping more comfortable. Milk came out very quickly. Easy to clean and reassemble. I donate breast milk to my local hospital and have found this fantastic to use rather than an electric pump which is noisy, so I can watch TV and pump at the same time. It is quiet expensive but it works really well so I would definitely buy it. Very good – I am very pleased I was given this. I now use this for pumping milk for donation as I find it much better than the electric pump I was given by the hospital. Jenny Lewis – Baby Ellie 8 Months

    Product Tested By Katrina Brunning – Baby Juliana 8 Months

    Katrina Awarded the Breast flow Manual Breast Pump 4/5

    A well made pump that is very easy to use. The website is smart, simple to use and informative. I think the teats look excellent! The instructions are pretty easy to follow but it took me a little while to find the English language. This pump is simple to assemble and disassemble. It was just right. It was strong enough and comfortable. It took a while to start with but once the milk started flowing it was quick. It’s very easy to monitor the amount of milk that ha been expressed because I could see without removing the pump from the breast. I think the price is right for a quality breast pump that works well. However, it would be nice if the breast pump came with a bottle teat so that the baby can drink straight from the bottle. If I needed a breast pump I would buy this one. Of the other breast pumps I have used, this one is the easiest to use and most ergonomic. I’m very impressed with this breast pump. I find this an easy to use breast pump. I have tried 3 other breast pumps and this is the best. It doesn’t make my hand ache after use like some breast pumps. A unique feature of this one is that you can rotate the handle so that it is in a comfortable position. Katrina Brunning – Baby Juliana 8 Months

    Product Tested By Rachael Maine – Baby Elliot 3 Weeks

    Rachael Awarded the Breast Flow Manual Breast Pump 4/5

    The product looks appealing and easy to set up and use. The website is very informative about its products and has a very wide range of products to view.  I personally did not think the assembly instructions were easy to follow; we struggled to get the suction pump part out of the neck of the pump in order to sterilize it. However when they product came to be it was already fully assembled. The usage instructions were very easy to follow; I had no problems when using the pump. Very simple, a nice easy to use breast pump, I had used another one by another company and it was much harder to use than this breast flow one. The suction was good, I but found I had to press the pump to my breast quite strongly otherwise I lost suction. It was quicker than I expected to express, I could get a 60ml feed for my baby (when he was a week old) in only 15 minutes which is a lot quicker than I thought. I did not find monitoring the amount of milk extremely easy because I found it a bit difficult to read the measurements on the side of the containers whilst pumping. Very portable, the only problem would be with sterilizing it.  It did its intended job very well, I would recommend this product to someone who was looking to part time express, if you wanted to fully express for your baby however I would suggest that an electric pump would be better, as your hands and arms can get tired if you are pumping for any length of time. Rachael Maine – Baby Elliot 3 Weeks

    It is strong, easily as good as an electric pump and definitely better than the manual one I currently have


    Jenny Awarded the Breast Flow Manual Breast Pump 4.5/5

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