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Breast Vest From Mamas Boobie Box

Breast vest is an award-winning breastfeeding vest that sits directly underneath your nursing bra, designed to keep your tummy covered when lifting up your top to breast feed.Breast Vest makes any top a breastfeeding top, and is a wardrobe staple for every breastfeeding mum. Simply lift up your top to feed, no need for any other breastfeeding clothes. If buying 2 or more vests a 15% discount will automatically apply. Available in White, Black and Pink, and from sizes UK8-UK18. This piece of clothing is essential for any mum breastfeeding in public, who wants to feed with confidence and with ease.

View our demo so you can see how breast vest can work for you whilst feeding.

Made from 95% Viscose and 5% Elastane
Original UK design, now owned by Mama’s Boobie Box since April 2023.

If you like wearing your tops loose we advise to go one size up.
Breast Vest have won various awards including Bizzie Baby, Loved by Parents and Prima Baby and Pregnancy.

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Breast Vest From Mamas Boobie Box Reviews

Product Tested By Vicky London – Evelyn 9 Months

Vicky Awarded The Breast Vest 4.5/5

When the product arrived, the packaging was really clear and showed the product in a really presentable format. The concept of the Breast vest is brilliant, especially now we’re entering the winter months. It is great not having to get any skin out when feeding in public in dropping temperatures! Really clear on how to use, just like a normal vest! For me, the straps cut in under the arms a little but isn’t too bad after a while. I am more on the petite size so it might just be my build. The fabric was really soft and comfortable and does ride up like some tops do. Good fit around the body, doesn’t ride up. Just a little wide at the top of the vest for me which is why I think it was cutting in. I think this was really effective. Easy to wear with a nursing bra and it was great that I didn’t have another thing to unclip like you do with most nursing vests. Really easy to use! No bulky fabric to get in the way which I find with other nursing vests. I really liked the soft fabric and the fact that the fabric grips to the body. Makes you feel secure and confident. I used the vest at least once a week since I received it. I often wear something under my jumpers or tops when breast feeding for modesty and this went into my normal rotation! I used the Breast vest most under jumpers, for everyday wear. I liked that it was tight to the body and made me feel confident when breast feeding that I wasn’t going to expose anything extra! Quality was really good and it washes really well. There is no bobbling or shrinkage and the fabric is really soft. I think the product is quite expensive for what it is. It is lovely quality but I think it should be two in a pack perhaps. I unfortunately wouldn’t consider buying but only because I think it is quite expensive for one vest. Perhaps if they were to offer a two pack for the vest, this could be more attractive, especially when on maternity pay! Despite not wanting to purchase the product myself, I think it is a really well thought out product which would be great for a new parent. The quality of the product and ease of use is a really positive. I would like to give this product a 4.5. I think it is a brilliant product which makes a new mum feel confident. The only downside would be the price for me. I was really pleasantly surprised by the Breast vest. The product worked really well for me and helped boost my confidence in breastfeeding whilst in public. As for most new mothers, breastfeeding in public is a bit of a juggling act and not wanting to expose parts of yourself, the Breast vest solves this problem, making it easy to access what is needed by your baby quickly. The vest itself was really comfortable to wear, with the soft fabric being a real bonus. I would definitely recommend this product to other new mums! Vicky London – Evelyn 9 Months

Product Tested By Charlotte Padmore – Margot 7 Months

Charlotte Awarded The Breast Vest 3.7/5

I liked the idea of only having to pull down one thing in order to feed and thought it was a god idea especially to keep covered up when wearing jumpers in the colder weather when our and about. The concept I think is good, and the design makes sense for its intended purpose. Instructions simple and easy to understand. The picture on the box tells you everything you need to know. I found that one strap kept falling down and the top itself kept bunching up underneath my jumper. The size itself was ok (10). However the size does not account for differences in height. The vest was incredibly long and the straps were also a little too long for my height and had no ability to adjust them. It was effective in keeping my torso covered, which was really nice. However the vest itself I did not find entirely comfortable due to the strap and length of the vest. Very easy to breastfeed with this vest. It was good only having to unclip one item of clothing rather than two. Quality good as it was nice and soft to the touch. However I found it a little too stretchy when it didn’t need to be. I would wear this once or twice each week. I would wear this when going out and wanting to wear a jumper. I liked the fact that this would keep my tummy covered up. I think the quality is good, the material is nice and it achieves its purpose. I think it is quite expensive considering it is a vest. Although a normal vest top may not offer the complete ease of breastfeeding for a quarter of the price I think I would rather buy a normal vest top. Although I like the idea of it, the practicality of the sizing for a short person isn’t great. And the cost of it is excessive when I spend the whole day pulling the straps up due to their length. I would not recommend as feel the cost makes this product too expensive for what it does. I like the concept of the product and in theory think this is a great idea. However the price is far too expensive for a vest, and I find that would deter me from buying this product. I liked the concept of this product and found it useful to put under jumpers and it made it easy to feed my baby. However the long straps and long length of the top for me made the vest uncomfortable and annoying to wear at times. It would be great if there was an ability to alter the strap length or have different lengths of the vest. If you are tall this vest would be perfect. The vest washed really well which is always a positive. However for me, I don’t think I could justify the price when a £5 vest top would do the same job with only a minor extra inconvenience. I think if this vest was cheaper I would definitely consider it being a part of my must have breast feeding wardrobe. Charlotte Padmore – Margot 7 Months

Product Tested By Ruth Smith – Charlotte 2 Months

Ruth Awarded The Breast Vest 3.5/5

Arrived in fully recyclable cardboard box with clear picture of the product on it. I thought it was a sensible concept. I already do similar with 2 tops. I normally just wear a larger standard vest top and pull it down to feed while lifting my over layer up. Top doesn’t really need instructions. Washing instructions were clear. I found the straps would not stay up. They kept falling down which was frustrating. In the end I had to clip them into my feeding bra to keep them up. The fabric was lovely and soft and comfortable to wear. Yes true to size fit. This does provide comfortable layer and support for tummy as covers skin well, but it didn’t offer extra support. As said above the straps kept falling down. The top sits below your bra so easy bra access to feed. The fabric is lovely and soft and washes well. I used it twice as the straps constantly falling down made it impractical to wear. So I went back to wearing a standard vest top under my over top which does the same job. I wore it both at home and out at the shops/cafe etc. I really liked the nice soft fabric and it was true to size. I also loved how well it washed. Although nice fabric and well made the issue I had was straps kept falling down so affected my overall score. I feel it is expensive as I can buy 3 normal vest tops from next for £15 which do the same job and you can just pull them down to feed. As I found the strap issue frustrating I personally would not recommend or purchase this item. Overall comes with clear recyclable packaging. Nice soft fabric. Washes well. Doesn’t offer extra support but covers skin well. Straps fall down. Overall I stopped wearing this product due to the issue of the straps falling down which made it impractical. Ruth Smith – Charlotte 2 Months

As for most new mothers, breastfeeding in public is a bit of a juggling act and not wanting to expose parts of yourself, the Breast vest solves this problem, making it easy to access what is needed by your baby quickly. The vest itself was really comfortable to wear, with the soft fabric being a real bonus. I would definitely recommend this product to other new mums!


Vicky Awarded The Breast Vest 4.5/5

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