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breastvest is a unique piece of breastfeeding underwear, designed to be used in addition to your nursing bra, to provide a comfortable layer of support and coverage for your postnatal tummy.
Available in six colours: black, white, cream, grey, royal blue and hot pink, breastvest comes in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes.
Invented, tested and approved by breastfeeding mums, breastvest is shaped to sit comfortably just under your nursing bra and is held in place by shoulder straps, specially designed not to interfere with your bra straps.

Winner of the Bizziebaby Silver Award 2009, 2011/12 and Gold award winner 2012/13  

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£15.00 Available to purchase online

Breastvest Reviews

Product Tested by: Mandi Morrison – Viggo 1 Month

Product Tested By Mandi Morrison – Viggo 1 Month

Mandi Awarded The Breastvest 4.7/5

I thought this was very soft and comfortable; lightweight. The packaging was nice but not very eye-catching, doesn’t jump out at you. I loved the quality of the Breastvest, it is such a soft material and feels lovely against the skin, you don’t even realise you are wearing it. It sits at the right height to not hinder breast feeding but covers up my wobbly belly. It is very comfortable to wear, you are not aware of it even being there, which is a great sign of being comfortable. I have never had a problem breast feeding in public, but it did give me more confidence as it covers my not yet back to pre-pregnant belly. It does assist in being more "ready” to feed;  I didn’t have to juggle the clothes I was wearing to try and keep my stomach covered especially now it is getting colder weather. It’s great to launder and doesn’t really need ironing. This gave me more flexibility when it came to choosing what I was going to wear; I no longer had to find longer tops, because it made my shorter ones look like it was a double layer. It gave me extra confidence; it hid all my wobbly bits! I think it is a great price, especially as it will be used probably for the next 18 months. I have already been checking out what other colours are available. I have already recommended to three new mums. I love it, there are so many products on the market to help with breastfeeding, but most are to help with positioning or covering up baby in public, this product is actually for mum. It is a very light and comfortable top that fits under your clothes to enable you to breastfeed without exposing your newly shaped tummy, giving you warmth and more body confidence. Mandi Morrison – Viggo 1 Month


Product Tested By Sacha Harris – Alexandra 3 Months

Sacha Awarded The Breastvest 4.8/5

My initial impression of this product was that it was a fabulous idea!! Great quality; lovely and soft, natural feeling fabric. The packaging was simple, yet effective. It displays all the information needed. The quality is excellent; lovely and soft, natural feeling fabric. Fabric has a nice stretch quality, and breathes well.  As it is an under garment style isn’t too important. The key is that it provides sufficient tummy cover which it does. My only negative on the style is that the straps mean you can’t wear it with a vest without the straps showing. It is very comfortable to wear especially due to the softness and quality of the product. However the worst thing about the product is that I found that the straps kept slipping down off my shoulder. This became annoying. I was 100% more comfortable when breastfeeding in public! Tummy is completely covered, and as you pull your normal top up, there is maximum coverage at top and bottom. This is definitely the quickest piece of clothing for breastfeeding. Simply pull up your top, and undo one clip (on your maternity bra).  No double up of clips and no trying to find the hole to put your boob through! This couldn’t be easier to launder; straight in the wash with all the normal washing. This definitely gave me more flexibility when choosing clothes to wear. It saved me a fortune on buying lots of frumpy, unstylish nursing tops. Could wear all my normal tops (except vests, as per above).  Perfect. It also gave me confidence too as it completely covers your tummy. It is also quite long, so doesn’t ride up throughout the day.  It offers great value for money; at the end of the day it is only a vest. But the quality is good and it does save you a lot of money as you don’t have to buy multi nursing tops. I would buy this again;  in fact I’ve already brought a white one. I have already told all my breastfeeding mummies about it. This is the only breastfeeding top I’ll now ever use. Sacha Harris – Alexandra 3 Months

Product Tested By Hannah Igoe – Peter 17 Months

Hannah Awarded The Breastvest 4.9/5

I really liked the design of the Breastvest, the colour is bright and fun. It looks like a normal vest except that it fits underneath your bra making it comfy to wear and it doesn’t get in the way when you are breastfeeding. I felt really confident using it to breastfeed in public, and Iliked that it kept my tummy covered and because of its longer length it didn’t ride up.  Overall I have been impressed so far. It came in a simple plastic bag packaging, to keep it protected as it travelled. It was well marked and really clear as to what it was. The quality is excellent, it seems very well made and the material feels nice to wear. The style is lovely; it worked very well, and the colour I received Blue was very vibrant and didn’t look out of place in my wardrobe. It fitted well, and I liked the adjustable straps so that you could adjust it to the size to fit you personally. It was very comfy to wear, and the material felt soft on my skin. It also worked really well and was comfortable when feeding too, and didn’t get in my way.  Wearing this made me feel very confident because it didn’t get in my way, but did mean that my tummy wasn’t on show. I think I sometimes feel very awkward feeding in public and the breastvest meant that my tummy was not on show making my feed even more discreet. It also meant that I could feed anywhere. I often don’t feed outside because of the cold wind on my tummy being uncomfortable; however with the breastvest on this wasn’t an issue, so allowed me more freedom with where I could feed too. It was really easy to wash and put it in with my normal washing load, hung it out to dry and because of the material as long as I dried it without wrinkling it up it didn’t need ironing. This gave me some flexibility with choice of clothes and I was able to wear some shorter tops that I haven’t been able to work because they don’t fully cover my stomach because it created the extra length that I needed. I was confident when wearing this; I knew when wearing it that I didn’t need to worry about my flabby tummy being out on show. I thought the price was right and I would pay that for it. I wished that I had, had this product from when my son was a new-born, and I would definitely buy this product again, in a different colour so that it matches all of my different outfits. It’s a great product and I would recommend to friends and family but in particular to new-born mums as it helps you to feel more confident when feeding that you aren’t showing too much off. It’s an excellent product, does exactly what it claims and was very comfy to wear. A comfy product that gives you confidence to feed anytime, anywhere without the worry of what’s on show! Hannah Igoe – Peter 17 Months

It is a very light and comfortable top that fits under your clothes to enable you to breastfeed without exposing your newly shaped tummy, giving you warmth and more body confidence.      


Mandi Awarded The Breastvest 4.7/5 


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