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breastvest is a unique piece of breastfeeding underwear, designed to be used in addition to your nursing bra, to provide a comfortable layer of support and coverage for your postnatal tummy.

Available in black and white and a steady stream of limited edition colours, breastvest comes in
XS, S, M, L and XL sizes and makes any top a breastfeeding top.

Invented, tested and approved breastfeeding mums, breastvest is shaped to sit comfortably just under your
nursing bra and is held in place by shoulder straps, specially designed not to interfere with your bra straps.
breastvest covers your postnatal tummy generously and discreetly, and allows to wear normal tops while breastfeeding your baby. All you have to do is unhook your nursing bra and lift your top up. Don’t worry about exposing your postnatal tummy… breastvest has got you covered. And if you’re pregnant, you don’t have to wait for your baby to arrive to enjoy the benefits of breastvest. Lots of mums have told us how useful breastvest is during pregnancy, keeping your bump nicely covered when tops ride or are just that little bit too short – as we know they are prone to be! breastvest is made from 95% viscose and 5% elastane and is machine washable.

Winner of the Bizziebaby Silver Award 2009, 2011/12,Gold award 2012/13  

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£15.00 Available to purchase online

Breastvest Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Delaney-Buckle – Evie 7 Months

Tested By
Sarah Delaney-Buckle – Evie 7 Months

Sarah Awarded
The Breastvest 5/5

I think that
this product is just what a breastfeeding mother needs. It makes breastfeeding
a lot more comfortable as when lifting my top to feed my stomach is still
covered and I didn’t feel I was showing too much skin. Packaging simple but
practical. The quality was excellent. There was plenty of give within the
material. The style is perfect for a breastfeeding mother and fits perfectly
with a maternity bra. This is very comfortable sometimes I even forgot I was wearing it and
when I lifted my top to feed I was like oh I forgot I had this on. It certainly
did make me feel more comfortable feeding in public as I didn’t have to shoe my
post pregnancy stomach and I knew that no skin was on show. It does ensure you
are always ready to feed as you do not need to un-hook anything. Once your top
is lifted you are ready to go. This did not really offer more flexibility with
clothing to wear as I would still wear most of the clothes that I did before I
tried this but just gave me a lot more confidence. 100% this gave me more body
confidence as I knew I was covered and no one would make any comments about
showing too much skin. Superb value for money and I would have paid more. I will certainly purchase and most definitely
recommend. Body confidence through the
roof. Feeling like I can breastfeed anywhere. Sarah Delaney-Buckle – Evie 7

Product Tested
Elisa Miles – Oliver 6 Months

Elisa Awarded
The Breastvest 4.5/5

Large for the
size I ordered and packaged well. The packaging clearly showed the colour and
size of the vest. I liked the quality and it has washed well. It is thin but I
like this as it means it can go under other clothes without getting too hot but
is also nice to add that extra layer now the winter is here. The style is
simple and does the job. I ordered the black one and it covered well. It took
some getting used to as it is strange to wear something under your breasts but
once I got used to it I didn’t know it was there. It is also long in length so
I didn’t feel that I needed to keep pulling it down. This did make me feel more comfortable. It covered all my stretch marks and also my
back due to the length which was a massive bonus as tops normally come up at
the back when I pull them up at the front. I did not really feel it made me
more ready to feed. It was the same as I usually do but didn’t have to worry
about people seeing my stomach and also kept the chill off a bit. I washed it
in normal clothes and hung it on the clothes airer then put it straight back on.
This certainly offered flexibility with what to wear. Especially now it’s got colder I didn’t have
to wear very long things to keep my back warm and covered. I never got on with
usual breast feeding clothes so this is excellent to go with normal clothes. I
have never been one to worry too much about breastfeeding in public, but I definitely
felt better doing it in public knowing I was covered. As I would want a couple
of each colour to wear with different items of clothing and when 1 is in the
wash I would have preferred price to be around £10. I would consider purchasing
more. I have 3 friends expecting and
have told them all about this item. I would have given it a 5 except for the
price. Easy to use and wash and makes breast feeding that little bit comfier. Elisa
Miles – Oliver 6 Months

Tested By
Kathy Wardle – Ellie 9 Months

Kathy Awarded
The Breastvest 3.5/5

A great idea,
and good design but the fabric was thin and a bit cheap looking. The image and
copy is a little bit basic and doesn’t make the product look desirable. I think
a prettier packet in feminine colours would be more appealing, like something
expensive underwear might come in. It’s a bit clinical at the moment! But it
tells you what it needs to and is compact. The breast vest is made from a
very thin fabric and in the white colour way you could see through it which
made it look a bit cheap. It was soft and felt nice against the skin but didn’t
look good quality. The style fits well and works as it is supposed to so you
can wear your normal tops without exposing your tummy. It has adjustable straps
to get a comfy fit. Yes it is very soft and comfortable and the straps are soft
and don’t dig in. – it allowed me to wear a range of tops I might not normally
wear, but I still felt people could see my flesh through the fabric as it was
so thin. It does help in making it easier to be ready to feed as you can just
lift your top up and unhook your feeding bra. It wears and washes very easily
and didn’t need ironing. This enabled me to wear a greater variety of tops than
I might normally be able to. It might have given me more confidence if I had
had the black version but the white one showed my flesh through the fabric as
it was so thin and looked unflattering. I’d be more confident in a feeding top
that was thicker. I think it should be priced lower because of the quality of
the fabric. It is lower quality than my other feeding tops in a similar price
range. I think it’s a great idea and a handy thing to have in your wardrobe,
but the fabric needs to be improved. Kathy Wardle – Ellie 9 Months


Superb value for money and I would have paid more. I will certainly purchase and most definitely recommend. Body confidence through the roof. Feeling like I can breastfeed anywhere. 


Sarah Awarded The Breastvest 5/5

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