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Breathe-Easy Vapour Stick

A new twist on an old favourite
Helps to clear a stuffy blocked nose. All-natural – Easy glide-on no mess stick – Rubs easily on to chest and back – Unlike other vapour rubs petroleum free – No struggling with jar lids and hands covered in balm in the night -Suitable from 3 months old, Smells divine and is child-friendly to use. Contains natural butters and essential oils. Melts at body temperature. Suitable for vegetarians, soy, peanut oil and dairy free 

Ingredients:Helianthus annuus seed oil*, Cera alba wax, Theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, Olea europaea fruit oil*, Citrus sinensis (orange) peel oil, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower oil, melalueca cajeputi (cajeput) leaf oil*, Lavandula hybrida (lavandin) flower oil, geraniol**, linalool**, limonene**, citronellol***Organic ingredient, **Natural component of essential oils


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£7.99 50g stick Available to purchase amazon, Tesco nutri centre, big green smile, waterloo body station or click online to find local stockist

Breathe-Easy Vapour Stick Reviews

Product Tested by: Danielle Minshall – Ruben 5 Months

Tested By
Danielle Minshall – Ruben 5 Months

Awarded The Breathe Easy Vapour Stick 4.6/5

this arrived I thought what a brilliant idea.
Simple packaging but you knew what it was. Instructions very clear. So easy to use and so much better than getting it all over my
fingers. Quality was as I would expect
for a vapour stick/rub not too over
powering but smelt enough and didn’t leave any nasty sticky feeling. It came at the right time, and was used
straight away. A little bit over priced
for my liking. would consider buying it
when on offer. Defiantly would recommend
especially those with toddlers. Really pleased
it helped my baby with his snuffles and wasn’t too over powering and didn’t get
sticky with it like the tubs. Danielle
Minshall – Ruben 5 Months

Tested By
Charlotte Wainright – Dougie 12 Months

Awarded The Breathe Easy vapour Stick 3.8/5

to use, compact and light to carry if it was in a bag. No mess! Like the colour
too. Packaging was OK, more interested in what was inside to
help my son’s cold which he had at the time of receiving the product, help
relive him. Instructions simple to the
point and exact areas were described, avoids putting the product in the wrong
places. Quality of the products was
good. The green case it is in hard wearing, avoided any breakages. Simple to
open but prevented any extra little hands getting to the stick inside. The
product is not overly greasy either, not making any mess and stayed in place. My son had a terrible cold so this arrived at
the right time. maybe a little bit expensive
for the recommended life span of it perhaps. Maybe a smaller stick and smaller
price tag? I would purchase this, but I
think there are some better alternatives available too.. This I think would be
a back up if the first few were not in stock in the shops. It ticks a lot of boxes looks good and child
friendly however did not aid a cold as much as I thought it would. it was OK, I think there are some stronger
smelling products on the market which do ease the congestion with a cold such
as Vicks. However I do LOVE the fact that it is organic and takes allergies
into consideration. I do take a lot of care in what I give to my children and I
think this is what would persuade me more to buy the product because of this. Charlotte Wainright – Dougie 12 Months

Tested By
Kate Pearse – Joe & Olly – 3 years and 6 Months

Awarded The Breathe Easy Vapour Stick 4/5

vapour stick had attractive packaging which clearly indicates what it’s for. It
smelled quite herbal and wasn’t over-powering or eye-watering. It was in a user-friendly stick, like a
deodorant, which made it easy to apply.
Packaging very good. Quite
"funky” graphics and font but easy to read and clear what the product is for. The
instructions on the vapour rub itself only mention rubbing it on chest and
back; a card that came in the envelope showed it could also be rubbed on the
soles of the feet to help ease a cough – it’s not clear if this card would be
included if the vapour rub was purchased from a retailer. It worked fairly well when my older son
had a stuffy nose. It seemed to help his
breathing and he was happy to have it applied to his chest. I tried the suggestion of applying it to the
soles of my younger son’s feet when he had a cough, however this didn’t seem to
have any effect. By a somewhat unlucky
coincidence, both children had colds during the testing period! Whilst I appreciate that the product is 100%
natural, it seems expensive at £7.99.
Although it’s a good size at 50g, the packaging shows it should only be
used for 6 months. I doubt I would feel
I’d had by money’s worth from this item by the time it should be discarded if I
were to buy it myself. It seemed to make
a difference to my son’s stuffy nose and so I might buy it if it were on
offer. If not, I would seek a cheaper
alternative, even if that were not necessarily 100% natural. Yes would
recommend for it’s effectiveness but with the caveat that it is expensive for
what it is. The product seemed effective
in use but is a little expensive. I
was glad I had this product in the house when my children were ill. Kate Pearse – Joe & Olly – 3 years and 6


Really pleased it helped my baby with his snuffles and wasn’t too over powering and didn’t get sticky with it like the tubs. 


Danielle Awarded The Breathe Easy Vapour Stick 4.6/5     

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